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Guests look on from the terrace of Operations Support Building II as space shuttle Endeavour launches on the shuttle program's last planned night launch. Endeavour launched from Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39A to begin the STS-130 mission early Monday, Feb. 8, 2010. Mission STS-130 will deliver a third connecting module, the Italian-built Tranquility node and a seven-windowed cupola, which will be used as a control room for robotics, to the International Space Station. Image Credit: NASA/Paul E. Alers (More at NASA Picture Of The Day)
Why are we retiring the shuttles. With all of our technology can't they be refitted for further missions? Also, in time, could the space station be reconfigured with strap on engines and a frame to alter the center of gravity so that it could be used for missions into deep space such as the asteroids and Mars and other planets? What a great platform it might make, orbiting Titan and watching the changes on that world with time. And, what a shame that we're giving our Moon to China? Yes, and whatever happened to those wonderful minds on Greece from the ancient days. America too? Captain Jason Redbeard: Gronicus