i used to swim competitively but i had to quit because of everything i was doing. i was on a team for four years during middle school then our team for high school for two years, where i did swimming and diving!(could only do one and a halfs...not that good but i loved it!)
now i jsut swim for fun..i sadly dont have a pool but my cousins do!!!


Amy Strikes Back
i used to swim competitivley and i really miss it!! although when we did swim for ucats thats the team we swam for in charleston, wv i think we hated it but now i really miss it!! and then during my senior yr of h.s. my school finally started a swim team and i swam on that!! it was great and during this season and last i helped my old coach out during the meets! i really miss it!! and my neighbors have a pool but it isnt cleaned out yet so when they do im goin to ask and see if they mind if i swam laps in the morning!! im sure they wouldnt!!
because they want to torture you!LMAO!
no...to keep in shape and your times getting better, then once you get to a meet, the meet is a breeze and you do your best(well thats what they and you hope for!) i miss swimming but not swimming 10 500's a night!lol! no dont miss that at all!
tell me about my school used to have practices at 3 a.m. and make us all swim for an hour and them go back home this was on saturdays usually before meets but still i really didn't like waking up that early.but guess what i did today that's right swim all day at the beach gotta love it