Hey all...just thought I'd pop in before I start posting a bunch so that you have an idea of who I am. :smiley:

1] First and foremost, I'm a Sarkney fan. :cool:

2] I'm from Canada! I have duel citizenship though...I'm also American

3] I'm a huge, HUGE Buffy, LOTR, SW, HP, and in general, bad boy fanatic. :blush:

4] My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings[both of them], though I'm also a big fan of Gladiator, Braveheart, Kiss the Girls, Red Dragon, Pearl Harbor, The Godfather[all 3], The Matrix, X-Men, Star Wars[original ones especially..I hate ANIKAN!!!], and many, many others!

5] I train horses in real life when I'm not at stupid high school..I also write loads of fanfic and read A LOT. Mainly fantasy, but I read most classics as well.

6] I'm friendly..and I don't [usually] bite.

Anyway, hope to see you all around here..it's good to have fellow-Alias obsessies! *winks at Sark and Sarkney fans* ^_^
Welcome to the forum fellow canadain :smiley:, i realy like buffy too! and awsome u like gladiator my fav movie apart from matrix also :smiley: i totally agree with you the originals are the best (star wars) i like ewoks :smiley: hope u like it here, its a good time
Thanks for the nice reply's you guys! :D 3ffect- awesome! Ewok's are cool.. :lol:...although, Ewan my mighty tasty in TPM...hmm...originals still better!

Ooooo...Alias premier tonight!!!!!!! Must...hold back..urge...to scream! :P
NOT ANOTHER SARKNEY FAN!!!!!! It's nice to have you here though! We'll have to convert you! I'm Dana by the way and it's nice to have you here!