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Ways you know you're an Alias fan

Discussion in 'Alias Fun' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 9, 2002.

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  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    Check out the NEW VERSION of this list!

    NOTE: Some of these have numbers, some of them don't sorry.

    NOTE: This is list was compiled by CHarlie from SD-6 HQ Boards (now at sd-1.com) by permission of the fans that posted on this thread

    NOTE: Because of the above, you cannot add to this list. Sorry.

    NOTE: I tried to edit this list for grammar and spelling, but gave up. I did edit some misspellings throughout the thing, but gave up completely on the internet slang after about entry #25...

    NOTE: This was supposed to be "The Top 10 Ways You Know Your an Alias Fan" - well, it kinda grew....

    You're reading this list.
    You've watched all the shows, more than once.
    You've taken a sudden interest in the CIA, and the world of espionage.
    You start doing the crazy stunts that jennifer does
    You drool over certain characters ::cough, vaughn, cough:: (editors note: or cough, Sydney, cough)
    You start picking up their wardrobe
    You start to balance your life around the new episodes.
    You decide that watching re runs is more important than studying for exams.
    You have an Alias quote for every situation.
    You Begin to take an interest in looking at the alias boards more then once a day and take a sudden interest in Jennifer Garners life.
    You're talking about Alias to everyone, even the people you met yesterday.
    You watch parts of Alias :::Vaughn::: over and over and over and over, until the VCR breaks...
    you drive people up a wall with random quotes from the shows
    You realize you just called you friend Francie and you boyfriend Vaughn
    You talk to your friend about something that happened to u and realize it happened on Alias.
    You hear the word "shipper" and start freaking out about some people by the name of Sydney and Michael
    You're more interested in valentines because it means possible interactions between people on the show
    The sight of a picture frame makes u oddly happy
    people are asking you why you have framed pictures of strange people all over your room, locker, house...
    when your friend goes on about the latest fling you state " yea, syd really needs to open up to vaughn"
    you offer to work hand and foot for your friends mom if she'll let you borrow the alias video
    You realize that when someone says something like "Alias is ok, but I've seen better" you already have it planned out about who Sloane is gonna send after them!
    when your thinking right now " Oh! i remember when i did that!"
    When your talking to your family at the dinner table and they ask who Alias_addict and Sid are. (Editors note: They are members at SD-6 HQ Forums)
    when your not watching alias, your on the forums here or wishing you were doing either (sounds alot like someone i know...)
    When your sitting at school and your math teacher asks you a question you answer "SD-6!!!"
    When u take classes to learn other languages and when ur frinds ask why u say it's "top secret"
    you start hating people who diss Alias
    your brain is working slower than usual, because Alias is on tomorrow, or was on yesterday...
    you start researching the various things that come out in the show (e.g. rambaldi, some of the equipment, locations, etc.)
    When someone asks u why u look so sad u say "I'm homesick! I didn't go to www.SD-6.com yesterday!"
    When u have fictional rooms, one is full of bubble furniture and one has drains in the floors.
    You put a picture of MV on your ceiling so that he's the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you see before you go to sleep. And during the night if you have nightmares - you can wake up to MV's sweet face on the ceiling...
    You cry when u see Sydney and Vaughn have a "special moment because a) It makes u SO happy to see those two kids finally connecting or b) cause u realize U now have no chance. That @#$%!
    You start crawling through the air ducts in your office building
    You search the library and video stores frantically for monkey documentaries
    You go to the CIA website and are seriously thinking of becoming an agent (maybe only to see Vaughn)
    You can't understand why ABC doesn't air Alias all the time.
    you finally get a job at the CIA but you quit once you realize that nobody by the name of Micheal Vaughn works there
    When the word swank comes up 15 times in one sentence.
    When u start yelling at people to stop lying to u.
    When u start trying to see what u can steal from people without them noticing (u'll give it back!
    U always get excited when someone calls but it's the wrong number.
    U have a friend named Anna whom u all of a sudden don't talk to and keep calling her the enemy.
    Ur friends really want to know why u refuse to believe that they really ARE going to or work at a bank.
    your friends start to say, "Oh my god! She's at it again!" and looks at you hopelessly when you start to talk about alias
    Your mom thinks its strange and looks at you funny because you get all excited, jumping around, and face at least 1 inch from the tv when alias comes on
    considering joining the CIA and hope for adventures like in Alias
    You change your middle name to "Vaughn"
    You start scoping out the blood donor vans for Vaughn
    you get ticked off every time that they don't show alias
    you become overprotective of the show
    you get ticked off of writers when they use words such as "snub" about alias
    Ur mom enters a room and u start calling her a trator and throwing things at her.
    U tell ur dad that u "need to know the truth!"
    U woun't introduce ur boyfriend to anyone incase u guys are seen togeather.
    You become very suspicious when your friend starts wearing a flower pin and refuse to talk to him/her until they take off the pin.
    You start talking to your Mom's tacky tulip dress pin - saying over and over "I am ready."
    you begin to make fanfics on the show
    you come here often
    You start staking out warehouses/storage facilities for Vaughn.
    You no longer trust your reporter relatives/friends.
    You are seriously considering some bozo red hair color.
    You start writing "Kate Jones" on your luggage tags.
    Everything, and I mean *everything* seems to relate back to Alias.
    You start checking your make-up for electronic devices.
    Every website on your "site history list" is Alias related.
    You can't tear yourself away from the SD-6.com message boards...it's happening to me right now...
    you check the SD-6 message board before you check your own mail
    you hear that someone doesn't know what Alias is, and you immediatly launch into a lenthy explenation
    your Alias tapes (and your many Vaughn pics) are your most important belongings...\
    You scour Alias fan websites looking for new picutres to add to your collection or any scoop about the show that you can post on SD-6.com!!
    you look forward to a new Alias episode more than your own birthday
    the thought of missing an Alias episode... or not taping it is crazy...
    you feel like dying when you have to wait for three weeks for a new episode
    you're always on an alias website
    you spend more time talking to online Alias fans, than your best friend... oops...
    you make a lot of fan art ::hehehehe::
    you start forecasting the future for your favorite character
    you're constantly thinking about the show
    your main goal has become to get everyone you know to watch Alias( I've gotten 12 people obsessed so far...)
    A guy shows up at your office to do repairs; you put him in a headlock and demand to know who sent him
    When you're angry with someone, you say menacingly, "Don't make me open the box!"
    After every wrong number, you try to recall where you were supposed to meet your CIA contact.
    you stop watching Mad Tv because of their stupid Alias diss...
    you watch movies like Dude where's my car, Never been Kissed etc. just because they have the actors from Alias...
    every time you see any of the actors on any guest appearance both TV and Movie, you start going nuts
    You throw a fit when someone suggests watching something else on Sunday nights.
    You insist on watching every episode when it airs, even the repeats that you have on tape and have already watched, uh, *several* times.
    You stopped watching all the Israeli local channels as a protest, as none of them has bought Alias broadcasting copyright yet / You check the TV schedules of every channel on cables, hoplessly hoping that the Indian / Egyptian / Italian / German / Russian has suddenly started broadcasting Alias.
    When watching the Golden Globe awards, all your friends suddenly stared at you When Jen won the best actress award.
    Your friends swears that if you say one more sentences with the words/names "Alias/Vaughn/Syd/SD6" on it they will never talk to you again.
    Your dad suddenly realizes that there's only 20mb of memory left on the PC and threatens to throw you out of the house if you don't get the PC to it's previous condition - 4GB free memory ("But dad! it's not my fault that every Alias episode on Kazaa is 200mb!" "Every what episode??")
    You check the messageboards every 5 minuets and wonder how come there's no new message since the last time you checked. / The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, is checking the messageboards and you keep checking them every hour till the evening, knowing that 8am - 7pm israeli time is still night time in the US.
    Your printer stopped working after you printed all the Alias transcripts so you'll have something to read in the train/bus/work.
    When they talk in the news about something that foreign goverments suspects the Mossad is involved in, you say "Yeah, right. it has SD-6 fingerprints all over it.
    You're ashamed to tell people you work as a journalist.
    You download all the music that appeared on Alias and play it constantly. When you catch your brother listenes to "Garage fight" you feel incredibely proud.
    You spend your day doing Alias related things, without watching even 1 episode of it properly (AKA on TV screen), and your current goal in life, aside from joining the ALIAS writing team, Is to be remembered as the first Israeli Alias fan When the show will finally hit the middle east and the MB will be invaded by other Israelies.
    100. You think that Syd is your lost syster because she speak Hebrew too.

    101. you can't understand how you're best friends doesn't remember the guy who played the teacher in NBK, and why they're wondering how come all the movies you watch in the cables has an acotr named Vartan in 'em.

    102. you buy a car like Sydney's...

    103. When one of ur friends say they are going on a buisness trip and u start asking questions like "So, who are u after this time?" and "Whats ur counter mission?"

    104. When ur friend askes u to come to her birthday party that is like SO important to her that only her closest friends are coming, U say only if she gets ABC.

    105. When the thought of hunting down and killing the head of ABC has crossed ur mind more then once per minute since u heard it would be 3 weeks till a new episode.

    106. when you visit this site every spare moment you get...

    107. when you start thinking about moving to Los Angeles, to look for the characters...

    108. When someone says they think Michael Vartan is hot and u scream "No! He's OURS!"

    109. When all of a sudden u walk up to two people who are not even talking to each other or know each other and tell them that they shouldn't hide their feelings and everything will work out for the best.

    110. when you scream at the thought of Sydney getting together with Will

    111. when the thought of Alias getting canceled keeps you up all night

    112. When someone asks u how many siblings u have and u reply "Wait, let me count! Alias4life, Hotaru, Sid........"

    113. When u meet someone named Marshall and ask if u could use his "super swank" glasses.

    114. when people ask you who ur friends are, you say things like....." real ones or tv ones or what?" the person tells you what they mean: real ones: "oh! michael vartan! jennifer garner!" " real friends?? oooooooh! sid, hotoru-anne, blake....."then the person looks at you funny and walks away

    115. you think of MV every single minute and when you're in class, you have no ideas whats going on

    116. you decide to go try out your "moveS" in public places, and randomally pick out your victims

    117. when you see a person holding their purse funny (its broken a strap) you walk up to the person and slap them then start hitting them

    118. everyone ignores you cause they know when you start to talk, only lines from alias come out or your opinions about abc n alias come out

    119. When u get a puppy and ur parents here u telling it "now, the attack command is only for SD-6 and K-Directorate agents”

    120. You watch an episode of "The Chair" and know that if you were a contestant the way to make you lose is to show pictures or clips of MV.

    121. You dream about this MB and remind yourself (while still dreaming) to add it to this board first thing in the morning!

    122. You start lying to everyone inclouding yourself, to see if you can be as good as sydney in that.

    123. u begin 2 learn french....

    124. he worst words u can ever hear are " no tv or internet till monday!"ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (dont worry, didn happen)

    125. When ur computer AND tv break for a whole week and u start to cry and break stuff on sunday night.

    126. You scream because your HDTV antenna isn't working and you cant't watch Alias in widescreen HDTV

    127. When people ask why you don't want to be away from your computer for 5 days, you respond "cause then my ppd (average posts per day) will do down!".

    128. You spend hours working on an Alias fan site

    129. you begin transmiting and reciving radio signals from random people and the police

    130. you cry while watching "the hug"

    131. you break your vcr

    132. you have installed a drain because lots of buckets cost too much

    133. You tell everyone that watching ALIAS increases your vocabulary (esp. that doplanger or whatever title!

    134. You say that watching ALIAS helps you make new friends online

    135. You are not just reading, but posting in this thread

    136. You are almost at 100 posts (oh, thats me )

    137. You watch a MV scene in Never Been Kissed over and over again because he says your name (even if the character is stupid and he's saying your name as if your an idiot).

    138. You set your cell phone to the Nokia ringtone, just like Sydney

    139. You fill up your car w/ gas at Chevron.

    140. Considering getting a Landrover when you have enough money.

    141. When ur mom askes u why u seem so sad u answer "do u realise how much this whole tension between Syd and Mike is breaking the whole "group" apart?"

    142. While driving you always make a point of checking the rear view mirror to make sure you aren't being followed.

    143. You start considering the names Sydney, Michael, Jack, Victor, Marshall, Marcus, Francie, etc. for the names of your future children (or pets).

    144. You put your first name and a certain actor's last name together, just to hear how it sounds.

    145. u start taking krav maga lessons, so you can kick asses like sydeny does!

    146. U watch ANYTHING (eg. James Bond) even if u don't like it just to see the Alias characters. Oh! I mean friends!

    147. The only thing you check on ebay now is Alias stuff.

    148. You start dedicating more and more VHS tapes to Alias and Alias related material.

    149. You rent movies you never thought you would see, just because an Alias actor was in one scene.

    150. When we make a list of the top ten ways to know you're an Alias fan and we have a thousand ways to tell.

    151. when you're paying for cable only to see an hour of Alias once a month(thanks ABC)

    152. When you sit at work, and instead of thinking "I have to finish to edit this piece before our live broadcast, it 10min time", you think "Will my Alias tapes arrive tomorrow"/"what else could i add to this list?"

    153. BTW - does anyone feels like compiling all the things everyone wrote into one article or something? Could come out brilliant. Blake / Sid - you can add it to the main page, and entitle it: "You must apply 80% of this list to enter".

    154. You check this board a bit too often... like every 10 minutes

    155. you hear "you were more fun before Alias" like 50 times a day...

    156. you freak out at the thought of not watching Alias re runs, every day...

    157. you toy with the thought of sending ABC hate mail for postponing the episodes so much…

    158. After two weeks without a new episode, and one more week to go, you start wondering if life has any meaning.

    159. When you watch your most precious tapes (besides your alias tapes) - your figure skating tapes - you fast forward the skating parts and watches to commercial parts. to see the Alias previews. Not like that's ever happened to me!

    160. everyone that knows you also knows that it's pointless to ask about your plans on Sun. night...

    161. You start wondering if life before Alias ever existed, but know that sometime you will be able to amaze your kids with the phrase: "When I was your age there was no Alias."

    162. the time before Alias was a scary time, that will be known as the preAlias, or preobsession time... or the "when i had a life" time...

    163. when all, and i mean all you can think about is Alias

    164. when you start scaring yourself with just how obsessed you are...

    165. you won't talk to your friends unless they tell you the password

    166. Vaughn has completely ruined "real" men for you*

    167. *alternate answer for guys: by acting like Vaughn, you now have more dates than you can handle

    168. When someone comes up to you and says "OMG! Ur guy looked SO good the other night!" and u reply "No kidding! The best part was when he threatened to kick some a**!"

    169. When u start to realise ur crush looks a bit like Vaughn, and start to check family histories of both guys (that never happened to me, but that would be funny!?

    170. When you decide to elect one of the actors as presedent!

    171. You check the mailbox (not the E-mail one) twice a second, to see if your Alias tapes arrived already, though you know that the mail had already arrived 2 hours before (you picked it up) and there were no tapes there...

    172. We have to have multiple threads to list how we can tell we're obssessed with Alias.

    173. ou get angry because another member of SD-6 forums starts a new topic before you do when you suggested it

    174. You start a Alias chat Yahoo! Group

    175. You meant #10 [editor’s note: #173 in this list] in good humor.

    176. Your best friends are all Alias fans

    177. You tell everyone to watch Alias, but you get angry when another MV fan is born... more competition

    178. You've listed so many reasons that you're running out...

    179. You say "I feel homesick". What this really means is you haven't visited SD-6.com in a while

    180. When you are given a poetry assignment for class, the teacher aks you who MV, Sid, Michael, and Will are.

    181. You are suddenly suspicious of anyone you know named Anna (although not Anne)

    182. You start referring to people who even look at MV as competition.

    183. You have a difficult time talking to your non-Alias watcher friends, because you have nothing to talk about.

    184. You see the real CIA director on the news and think, "That's not Devlin, he's an imposter." You seriously consider having an Alias party for the season finale and invite all of your friends (especially the ones who don't watch Alias but hear you talk about it almost every day) where there will be an all day marathon of the entire season leading up to the finale so that way the people invited will have at least a small idea as to what you've been obsessing over for the last few months. (I would do it, but my mom wouldn't let me live to see Season 2)

    185. You already know who you're going to dress up like for Halloween - Sydney on a mission with the "bozo hair" and all

    186. You got your family hooked with the show, though it is not broadcasted in your country... did that!!! I'm so proud.

    187. You start a religion based on one of the main characters of the show...Vartanism

    188. You begin designs for a banner that will read "Vartan for President"

    189. You design photos / sigs / t-sh*ts designs based on characters in ALIAS (you know who you are - this is a good thing)

    190. You wish you initials were MV, SB, JG or SD

    191. You wish that you had listened more in Latin class

    192. Your sitting around and realise if u take this letter out of this characters name and this one out of this name and so on it will spell your name! Just to feel "connected" to the show (no, I've never done this!)

    193. you start doing projects based on the character or show or anything related to the show...for example, i will be doing a french bio on MV

    194. You seriously consider naming your future children Sydney or Michael.

    195. You wish your name started with an S or M (M for 3 different people - Michael, Michael, and Marshall!

    196. You say hi to a picture of Alias characters on the wall each time you get home (not me)

    197. You wish you could marry a character in the show (for me, Syd, for most of you, Michael, of course!)

    198. You would spend one year of 15 more min. of homework / night to get one hour with the cast of Alias

    199. You just went two over the number of items on the Top 10s you are supposed to have in each post

    200. You know that you're obsessed, so obsessed that you're not only scaring everyone else... yourself too... It is BAD when that happens...

    201. When your friend yells at someone cause they said the name Michael. Now she's gonna have to listen to you talk about Alias, AGAIN!

    202. When someone mentions the name Micheal you yell "Bring on the drool buckets" and everyone looks at you funny. you say "inside joke" and your friends say "with who" and you say " MY FRIENDS WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND ME!"

    203. You begin to hate anyone who watches something other than Alias at 9:00 on sundays

    204. You begin to hate your parents because they say" we'll see if you can watch alias on sunday- the olympics is on! Your excuse: God, the Olympics is on every 4 years, but Alias is only on every Sunday!

    205. You begin saving up for your own tv so that you can watch Alias without your parents saying " Why are you drooling?

    206. Your friend tells you she has met a guy named Mike, and for a split second you are completly jealous until you realize MV probably doesn't live in Montana. Then you respond by "Nice name," even though your friend doesn't quite get why it's such a good name.

    207. When your friends hate weekends because they'll have to listen to you talk ALL WEEKEND about the new Alias episode that will be on.

    208. When you look forward to Valentines Day because soemthing might possibly happen between Sydney and Vaughn (I do believe we're all guilty of that one.)

    209. You start hating/investigating all the females you know with the last name "Vaughn"

    210. you always come here b/c your friends don't understand

    211. you get skittish when you haven;t watched a new episode in like, forever

    212. when you deny that you're obsessed

    213. when you actually wish that MV would be president

    214. you sit on the comp for hours just surfing alias sites

    215. When you get in a fight with someone and start screaming "MY FRIENDS AT SD-6 WOULD UNDERSTAND!"

    216. When all of a sudden it's not worth even talking to someone unless they know your true passion for Alias.

    217. This website has become your home. Without it, you realise, your sanity would be lost!

    218. hen all of a sudden what you write on here has become your personal life! (seriously, I yelled at my sister for reading over my shoulder while I typed because this was personal)

    219. When what you say only makes sense to the people on SD-6.com (my head hurts, sweater vest, drains, etc.)

    220. You know your obsessed when you've run out of things to put on this forum!

    221. You seriously think of dying your hair a bright BRIGHT red( then look at sids pictures of her then and think mabye not)

    222. When you're friends try to set you up with some guy, the first thing you do is compare him to MV...

    223. When you watch Figure skating competitions at the Olympics (Which is a combintation of 2 of your biggest addictions ever) and you check this board while watching!! (But when you watch Alias on tapes you press the stop button everytime you have to move a inch back or turn your head for 0.0004 second.)

    224. When ur parents says "We had enough of this country, Let's move to the US where all our family lives" and you think: "yeah! that's a great idea! I'll be able to watch Alias at the same time as my SD-6.com friends!" (NOW that is scary. But I'm not that insane most of the time. only when it comes to Alias. Really.)

    225. When you stay up really late at night so you could be on the MB when people are actually writing something on this boards. it's really exhausting waking up in the morning and catching up on the night - this time difference between US and Israel really doens't work for me.

    226. -When you actually have nothing to write but you still type something so you could feel a true part of this big sd-6.com family.

    227. OK, I'm off now to watch some Alias. I only got to ep 10 in my tapes. had to stop for the Figure skating competitions.

    228. You know your obsessed when you don't find anything you want to watch on T.V. Nothing else could possibly compare to Alias.

    229. When you promise yourself that when you get back from the basketball match you will work and won't touch the MB til tomorrow morning, but all you did in the last couple of hours, since you got back from the game was posting here.

    230. -When you realize that the reason you have a crush on a basketballer from the team you cover is not because he's hot, sweet, rich, and one of your country's biggest basketball stars, it's because he's hot, sweet, rich, star and reminds you of a younger MV.

    231. When one of the main reasons you are considering a job is because you will be in the same state as MV, or any other Alias cast member.

    232. When you want to follow the person who moved to another state because her reason seems pretty damn good!

    233. in addition to hosting sunday night alias parties in your dorm, everyone knows you as "sydney, the alias girl" and asks you to explain what's going on.

    234. and when you get a thrill out of educating people (like in the above) about the complex world of alias.

    235. when a guy you just hooked up with comes up to you and congratulates you on your golden globe victory. and when you don't run away, blushing.

    236. when your roommate threatens to move out because you won't delete the alias eps from forever ago on your tivo.

    237. when you consider getting back together with your extremely emotionally unavailable ex just because he looks like MV. (i'm more than thinking about it!

    238. When you realize your name appears way too much times at this page of the thread.

    239. When it takes you some time to remember that you don't REALLY look like Jenny.

    240. When you have to go on a trip for a week, and you don't want to leave your MB family, and you're pretty sure you'll go into withdrawl from the MB.

    241. When you start having conversations with people through this thread and PM at the same time.

    242. Shi, I have wonderful mental health. I just happen to be both Sydney and Vaughn and I'm dancing all the time. Actually, I am kinda of tired.

    243. you are worrying that you will miss Alias because it starts in 1.5 min!

    244. you are about to faint because of the above

    245. you have to go because of the above

    246. When speaking is forbidden by anyone in your house when Alias is on.

    247. When the only man in your life is MV, and you prefer it that way.

    248. when you go to sleep at 4am because you were here all night while you were also working, just to make a good use out of your time.

    249. -when you get up in 7am (after going to bed in 4am) because you have more work to do, and you still have to go to the MB to catch up with everything from the last episode - cause you can't see it yourself.

    250. When you need Alias so much, especially after reading about the last ep, that you just watch some of your fav alias parts (MV ) while getting ready to go to work.

    251. When at work you go here every single free second to finish catching up on the last episode.

    252. When you sit and post messages, though the TV show you're working at and that is broadcasted live is starting in 10 min.

    253. When you realize you can answer "I do that" to all the things said in this forum!

    254. when your friends stop talking to you because the KNOW that all you'll say is "Alias this, Alias that..."

    255. when you start spending 2/3 hours on SD-6...

    256. ...every day

    257. for the rest of your life ( or until Alias finishes, which will hopefully be after i die or i will die when it happens)

    258. when Alias can make you more hyper than sugar

    259. After a harrowing Friday and Saturday, you finally get to sleep on Saturday night and can't wait for Alias the next day. You have a dream that you started watching Alias (the Box II) but your little siblings turn the channel and you forget to turn it back! You realize Alias ended 30 minutes ago! You start crying, not just tears but wailing and sobbing and you wake up in a panic breathing deep, keening, and just about hyperventilating. Then you realize you're sleeping over at your cousins and they're asleep, but you're embarrassed anyway.

    260. when the guy you've been after since you saw him asks you out for sunday- and you say no. not because it conflicts directly with alias at all, but because being with you guys on the board, talking up the ep is much better than a makeout session with the hot guy. (did i just say that?- this show is really doing things to me)

    261. when you start having dreams about Alias!

    262. When you post in your other addictions' MBs and chats Alias stuff.

    263. -When you have the worst day of your life, and the people from this MB are the ones to cheer you up.

    264. you find yourself counting the common letters in your name and Micheal Vaughn's name to see how high you can score in the L.O.V.E test that you used to play in grade two.

    265. no matter what the conversation the topic transfers to a recap of the last episode of Alias

    266. When you play any love type game and use MV instead of someone you actualy have a chance with

    267. When you feel that you really do have a chance with MV!!!

    268. ummm...guys...it's possible though...right? We are going to meet MV?? When you ask questions like that above and mean it

    269. When you start to study for a french test and ur train of thought goes something like this "ce, ces, ce matin, M, Michael can speak french, Vartan, Vaughn, I gotta go on SD-6.com, I didn't study for the test, I'm gonna fail, I should get a toutor, MV could toutor me, I should go to SD-6.com"

    270. When u watch ur alias tapes - and write down all the not-english parts, cause u can understand the hebrew (Dixon speaks hebrew in Ep1) and arabic very good, and some of the other languages too, and you don't want to miss any word they say.

    271. When u ask ur dad to translate the German, Greek and Russian parts for you, cause urs isn't that strong.

    272. you start comparing the initials of your classmates to Alias stars

    273. You become jelaous of people who have certian initials (MV, SD, JG, SB, etc.) [One of my friends is JG! I am so mad!]

    274. You start asking your parents why they named you what they did

    275. you start doin Syd's love test comparing classmates and certian Alias characters/stars

    276. you constantly have your email on so you can be immediately notified of any new posts at sd-6.com

    277. you program you're VCR at least one hour ahead of alias time and two hours after alias time...just in case you haven't heard and they are showing it earlier...or later...or it's a two hour episode (I know hasn't happened...but I get paranoid)

    278. you join all of the mv, or vaughn/syd threads...and love to keep posting...even though in reality...they all are talking about the same thing...

    279. you can totally identify with what the character's are going through and you truly feel their pain, love, etc.

    280. you whine because there are no Alias dvd's out yet...even though it hasn't been out for even one season...but if you only had them, then you could get to the exact parts you want to see immediately and watch and rewatch

    281. you spend you're spare time coming up with scenarios in your head that you feel would make the perfect Alias storyline (like you know better than the writers)

    282. you look for anything/everything in the news that is Alias related

    283. you start forming threads related to Alias that are extremely like other threads...but you know they'll catch on...because we're all obsessed

    284. you feel like you knowexactly what is going on in the real CIA and all covert operations like sd-6...because you've seen the show...and that must be how it is

    285. you constantly dream of MV, with Syd, without Syd, with you , in other roles, in future roles...starring you as the leading lady, etc.etc.etc...you picture him n.a.k.e.d....

    286. When you read for a 1000 times other people's comments about "everything in your life some how connects to Alias" and begin to realize it happens to you too.

    287. -When you don't really watch the TV, it's just there, but you still play ur alias tapes, for the atmosphere.

    288. in your spare time you are writing fan fic instead ou ur big english assignment due soon...

    289. you know you're devoted when you're worry that you're not going to be able to post about the show while you're out of state on vacation

    290. you know you're devoted when you take the time to keep talking about how devoted you are...although you've already stated it 10,000,000,000 times

    291. when going on SD-6.com is more important than school...

    292. when ANYTHING Alias related is more important than school...( except mabye will)

    293. When in school in the morning u look at pictures of MV at Vartan ect on the library computers

    294. When you are doing a French family tree project, it just so happens that all of your relatives looks like an Alias character - esp. your spouse...

    295. When you just compiled 200+ reasons why you are an Alias fan and are working to compile many more

    296. You have a day off. What do you do? Visit SD-6.com, of course!

    297.You have a big Geography text next period (it’s currently lunch). What do you do? Visit SD-6.com, of course!

    You got away with #294 because your French teacher is a big Alias fan too.

    You have printed out this list

    You just read 299 ways you know you’re an Alias fan, and this is you 300th.

    When you just compiled 300+ reasons why you know you are an Alias fan.

    Although you have compiled a list of over 300 ways to know you are an alias fan, you are still WAY over 300 posts at SD-6.com forums (me).

    You check into your hotel room and check to see if the Bible has anything left for you by MV

    You are in an elevator and look up, just in case you need to escape quickly.

    when you start thinking about the show (not to mention MV) so much that it starts to distract you from schoolwork

    You are looking for MV everytime you leave your house even though you know that there's no way he would come to your small town...

    You want to move out of your small town because living there knocks down your chances of meeting MV from 12% to 2%!

    Your big Friday night out is actually spent at home in front of the computer chatting with your sd-6 friends

    You are about to spend $70/year for better hosting and another domain for you Alias site (not counting other sites you already have)

    When you are going through withdrawl from the MB so you find the closest library and check in with everybody. Then when you have to leave you want to cry.

    When the French judge is under suspicion in the Olympics, you start defending the French for MV's sake.

    When your friends and family are concerned about your Alias "addiction"

    When you start wondering if the dress you bought for an upcoming wedding your going to be in would allow the room to move and do some serious butt kicking should Anna or any of the k-directorate gang show up

    You go through withdrawel when not watching Alias or on the MB

    When you get upset over a movie cause one of the characters from Alias died in it. (um, ya, Mists of Avalon)

    Alias Fan Part 2

    316. You are going to go broke this fall buying all the Alias stuff
    317. You live talking to Weiss.. the bot in the Alias Online Adventure
    318. when you look up names like m. vaughn, j bristow, sydney vaughn....ect...in the phone book instead of calling your boyfriend back.
    319. when you buy red sunglasses just because they may belong to sd-6
    320. you close your window at night even if it's 40 degrees C outside, because someone may try to kidnap you.
    321. when you miss an eppy because of your sister *achem*, you stay up til 1 in the morning just so you can tape it. Even if it's a repeat.
    322. When you know more about your 'friends' on Alias message boards than you do about your friends at home.
    323. When you get upset when your boyfriend doesn't buy you a picture frame for christmas.
    324. When you start asking ppls if they will be your handler.
    325. When you get excited when a new pizza place comes to town.
    326. when you search the phonebook for a joey's pizza
    327. You have rambaldi signs on all of your binders, which by the way are filled with alias drawings and fics.
    328. when you get nervous when the clock turns to 4:47 or andhing woith the numbers 47 in it
    329. When you start telling you're friends to call you Jacoline Fraser so that they can't identify you.
    330. when you refuse to go to the beach, cause your sd-1 friends may update chaps
    331. when you refuse to go to the beach, cause your message board friends may update chaps
    332. when you dread going on vacation cause that would mean no alias and no Alias message boards
    333. When you like you r"online Alias friends" better than your "offline friends"
    334. When you get Alias sick. Its not fun to go a week w/o Alias
    335. when you begin to stalk every one that has any resemblance to mv
    336. When you spend more time playing the Alias Online Adventure than a physical game like soccer
    337. When thinking of Alias makes you happier when you are sad
    338. When you ask out the Weissbot.
    338. when you can't wait til you grandmother has to hang up the phone so that you can talk to ur alais pals on irc
    339. when the computer chair becomes ur new bed
    340. When you get carpol tunnel syndrom (spelling?) from spending too much time typing at the computer about Alias
    341. When you put in "Hate To Say I Told You So" by the Hives in your CD player when you're about to do something BAD.
    342. When you buy a prom dress that resembles something that Sydney once wore...
    343. ...When a friend not only recognizes the dress, but can name the episode in which Sydney wore it.
    344. When you're watching daytime television and find yourself wishing that Alias was a soap opera so you could see it EVERY DAY ALL YEAR ROUND!
    345. When you find yourself signing up for kickboxing classes, just so you can punch out a thug, grab his clothing and scream, "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR??" with utter calmness and clarity, like Sydney can.
    346. when you begin to talk into an imaginary earpiece during science
    347. when your imaginary earpiece talks back(it was scary)
    348. when your math teacher asks you what circummference means you start to talk about rambaldi
    349. when you refuse to read books that have the FBI in it.
    350. when you get freaked out when you read a book that has agencies like the KGB in it(this happened to my sister)
    351. When you begin to sneak around your house
    352. when you start to tell your friends lies about where you went.
    353. when you tell your boyfriend to ask for 'Jimmy's car lot' when he calls you.
    354. when you start to picture everyone as a kidnapper and approach them in a bar and tell them that you know that they were the one.
    355. when you go out with someone because their last name is vaughn, vartan(bristow, garner...for u guys) because they may be related to mv(jg/sb).
    356. Your calendar is marked to remind you of interviews with the cast
    357. You spend more than 3 hours on sd-1
    358. You've memorized Jennifer Garner's Biography
    359. Nobody says the "o" word around you
    360. Your friends know NOT to call you on Sundays
    361. You didn't want to go to school/work after the Season finale
    362. You rushed to the MB after "ATY"
    363. You steal your friend's little brother's yo-yo and name it Duncan
    364. You start calling your pet "Donovan"
    365. Your home is the "Other Stuff" thread
    366. You see the characters of Alias as real people
    367. You act like a two-year old during S/V moments
    368. Your principal had warned you about putting up photos of men (DA..MV)
    369. You've looked up 'Alias' in the dictionary
    370. You only talk to your "Alias friends" on Msn, yahoo, and AOL
    371. You go babysitting and ask the kids if they want to play "spies" just so you can act out scenes from alias
    372. Your family doesn't have to ask you what you're watching at any time of the day. They already know.
    373. You see a pair of red sunglasses and immediately grab them and put them on and start talking about how superswank they are
    373. When you can post 13 of these at once ;)
    374. When the One Hour Photo signs at CVS send you into a fit.
    375. When you watch movies you hate just because stars from Alias are in them
    376. You're play list consist of only Alias music (and DMB)
    377. when you answer to the name Sydney
    378. when this weirdo guy asks you your name you reply Sydney
    379. when you use phrases from Alias in everyday coversation
    380. a guy says something really vulgar to you and you reply "speak to me again and I'll break your knee caps"
    381. when your english teacher says the word "swank" and you freak out
    382. when your sister looks over ur shoulder and asks who you are chatting to on the MB's, you answer "my friends"
    383. When you go through atleast three boxes of pencil each week from throwing them at Will.
    384. when you are familiar with terms such as lmao, rofl...
    385. when you know what MG stands for
    386. When you know what a tranq is
    387. when Blake becomes your new godfather ::snickers goofily:: lol
    388. when you don't need the mouse anymore cause you've learned to go faster on the site using te keybard.
    389. When u flip out when your dad needs to get on to check the weather
    390. When 'the sim's' become your enemy cause, your sister is always playing it, when u could be doing something 'educational' lmao, like reading fics.
    391. when you tell ur mom that the boards are educational cause you learn how to type fast.
    392. When your fanfic is another excuse to go on....cause it is 'supposed' to improve ur writing(my excuse...lol)
    393. When you can pull allnighters threee nights in a row, while on this site, but can only stay up til 3 at ur friends house.
    394. When sleep becomes unimportant.
    395. When alias once a week is like oxygen
    396. when you start telling ppl to write down emetib and reverse it.
    397. When your boyfriend becomes worried that u are cheating on him
    398. when u think that ur cheating on ur boyfriend...*coughmvcough*
    399. when u gain 30 kg in a month cause u still haven't gotten off ur a-
    400. when u go to a public washroom, you tell the person next to you 'im in'
    401. when you ask the cashier at the convienience store what ur counter mission is
    402. When you have to have all the alias eps on tape and on CD
    403. When you know all the shortcuts for all the smileyfaces and can type them instead of pushing them
    404. When you're on your honeymoon in Rome, and you look up Tratoria Di Nardi.. and harrass the concierge in broken Italian
    405. The first thing you do when you get up is either watch Alias or get on the MB
    406. You LIVE for Spoilers
    407. You'd rather live in L.A. then Hawaii, because there's more of a chance to see Jennifer Garner
    408. You've written to Jennifer Garner more than 20 times
    409. Your browser is set to go directly to sd-1 so you dont have to type the URL
    410-When you stop trusting your friends, cuz you really DONT know if they work for the KGB.
    411-Your teachers think your depressed every Monday because of the major cliffhanger on ALIAS the night before.
    412-=Your teachers tell your parents that your school work is slacking but her knowledge of the CIA is growing.
    413. When the obnoxious hellans run up and down your street with guns playing "cowboys and indians" and you correct them by saying: that's not PC or IN this year. It's CIA verse SD6; get it straight.
    414. You look forward to your trip to NYC only so you can discover a video store that sells MV French films
    415. You're posting right now, instead of during your assigned summer reading, which is due tomorrow.
    421. You start to talk into your braclet, hoping someone will think you are with the intellegence department
    422. You start to play Sydney Bristow in school, think all your teachers are part of the KGB.
    416. When the only thing that you like about school is the fact that you can annoy your friends by repeating s/v scenes when they're trying to study
    417. You leave messages on your friend's answering machine saying "Joey's Pizza? I know this is Joey's pizza..hello??
    418. When your mom seriously thought of putting you in re-hab after the season finale
    419. You start walking like Sydney Bristow
    420. You pretend to fix your ear-phone when you walk into a building and then say "Damn that's loud!"
    423. You burn dinner while in the computer room looking at Alias screen caps, losing all track of time......LOL!
    424. When you walk by a door when you're at home, you pretend it's a bad guy and kick box it.
    425. You practice the "Sydney walk"
    426. You look up the name Sydney Bristow (while at work at CVS/Pharmacy)on the computer to see if there is anyone with that name has a profile--wow I'm nerdy
    427. Wear Sydney outfits (not the ho-ish ones)
    428. when you stay up till 4:30..5:00..6:00....and the only people on your buddy list that are online are your sd-1 friends who live in different time zones...
    429. When you're lurking the SD-6 Board, [ meaning you're an anonymous member so your username doesn't appear in the users online list and you post nothing at all ] you feel like a spy.
    430. When you walk out back (in my yard, i got a big yard!) just to pretend you have a countermission with Vaughn
    431. You start taking apart calculators, walki talkys, floppy disks, etc, just so you feel like you are Marshall! hehe!
    432. when you and your friends sit in a cafe act like agents undercover and discuss in a voice thats quiet but loud enough to be heard by those around, your mission and say things like "there's the suspect"
    433. The first thing you do after supper is jump on the mb, and it is the last website you are on at night! eheh!
    434. The last thing you watched on TV was ALIAS...
    435. You realize most of the songs you have downloaded are from ALIAS
    436. You waste a whole ink cartaridge just for fanfic and pictures! (THAT ONE IS FOR YOU KATIE!!) eheh!
    437. You dont have pictures of family memebers in picture frames, but ones of Sydney and Vaughn together!
    438. You have to write a love poem for English and you base it on Sydney and Vaughn's relationship without knowing.
    439. Your biology teacher takes away your notebook which is full of 'Sydney 4 Vaughn', 'I Love Alias' and 'Kill Will!'
    440. Your dad has banned you from saying the word ALIAS and all things related to it in the house, forcing you to talk in code with your sister.
    441. When you spot a wig store while shopping and ask if they can make you a blue one like Sydney's in ATY.
    442. You have a picture of Sydney and Vaughn in your wallet so when you tell anyone about the show, you can show them the picture.
    443. You spend more time talking to the people at SD-1 than your own friends.
    444. You passed up the chance to go to the beach with your friends just so you can find more spoilers.
    445. When your parents ask you what colour room you want, you say black with glow-in-the-dark ALIAS written across the walls.
    446. You have an overwhelming interest in the CIA and KGB and stay up all night to record 'Secret Paranormal Files From The KGB'.
    447. When you see a magazine cover with Alias on the front and start pointing at it, hyperventialting and screaming. (This happened the other day -- i had to be gagged by my sister and leave the store after buying the magazine)
    448. You're so engrossed by the article in the aforementioned magazine (they had the complete guide to Season 1), you trip over this little kid in a furniture store.
    449. Your aunt who came to stay for the weekend now knows all the characters of Alias and wants you to keep her updated on it.
    450. Your friends know that the only way to get your attention is to mention Alias
    451. Your parents actually mention getting you a shrink for your birthday and you request Dr Barnett.
    452. You notice a creepy looking guy following you and wonder whether you should confront him before you realise he was going to the train station.
    453. You write down JG, MV and all the Alias episodes on your calender before your own birthday.
    454. You look up all the places Sydney has been to in an atlas so you know exactly where it is.
    455. When you're joining a new site, and they ask you for your real name, you use an alias, like Kate Jones or Victoria King.
    456. When you use the Alias font (topsecret – the name of the font) in your message board posts.
    456.It's the second day of school and you introduce yourself as "Sydney Bristow"
    457.You get REALLY excited because your mom buys a new computer and gives you the old one and that means more ALIAS time!
    458-Every Sunday night you're about 3 inches away from the t.v. screen
    459-You get really hyper when the Alias trailer comes on
    460-You hate school because you won't be able to get on sd-1 as much
    461-Your binder has "Alias, Joey's Pizza, Michael Vaughn, sd-6, C.I.A." all over it
    462-You have a keychain that says "Bite me"
    463-When handing back test papers your teacher asks who "Sydney Bristow" is
    464-In the first few minutes that school starts everyone in your homeroom knows what Alias is
    465-You have/are getting the Allure magazine that has Jennifer Garner on the cover
    466-The first thing you do to your locker is put Alias pictures up
    467.You've asked your mom for a dog so you can name it "Donovan"
    468. You got so bored in math one day, you wrote JOEY'S PIZZA on your arm in permanent marker pen as well as writing it on the person sitting next to you.
    469. Your welcome note on your phone is something to do with Alias. (Mine is currently the Rambaldi sign)
    470. Your textiles coursework has a Alias theme going on. Eg, write in the font, have the Rambaldi sign as your logo and you leave the 47th page blank.
    471. You fall in love with anyone who has slight Vaughn traits.
    472. You go shopping for clothes and start wondering if Sydney would ever wear it before buying it.
    473. You spend your whole lunch break at school surfing for pictures, fanfictions and spoilers. When your teacher asks you about it you reply that it's educational and go into a long speech about the show.
    474. You rent out movies in which Alias stars are in even if its only a small part.
    475. You've marked September 29th on your calendar
    476. Sydney Bristow is your hero
    477. You cry every time "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant plays, because it reminds you of Sloane and Emily
    478. When you drop your film off and you immediately think of Michael Vartan (One Hour Photo)
    479. You have over fifty Alias websites bookmarked
    480. No one is allowed to touch your Alias tapes
    481.You make sure there aren't any "bugs" under your car
    482. When the new boy in school wonders why you stare at him all day......his name is Michael
    483. You blast your Alias music so that your neighbors know that you're going through Alias withdrawal
    484. "47" as become your favorite number
    485. The parents of the boy you babysat call asking who the hell Vaughn and Sydney are (Was it my fault that they don't have a computer at their house??? I obviously had to bring my Alias tapes along)
    485. Your listening to an Alias song right now
    486. When someone asks you where you live, you say, "The Other Stuff thread"
    487. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING relates to Alias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    488. Your fav. books are spy-related
    489. You ask your friend if you can call her "Francie"
    490. Your teacher gets mad at you, because you wrote "Alias rocks!" on the desk
    491. You got bored waiting for your food at a restaurant so you wrote, "Alias is the best t.v. show ever.....It comes on Sundays @ 8:00 p.m...WATCH IT!!!" on your napkin (I left it there....)
    492. You have a list of ppl you've "converted"
    493. The list has more than 15
    494. Your teacher has set up an interview w/ur mom to talk about, "Why your daughter disrupts the class with her soap opera charaters Sydney and Vaughn".....it's the third day of school
    495. You've printed out your fav. fanfic
    496. You disconnect the phone on Sundays
    497. You've read everything on this list so far
    498. The first thing you do in the morning is get on sd-1
    499. You've walked like Sydney Bristow today
    501. You cry when you realise that you live in England and you won't see S2 until JANUARY!!!!!!!!!
    502. You feel a bit better when Channel 4 announce they are going to show the first season next month! (YAY!)
    503. You are going to go to the Bear Factory and make a Sydney bear. It'll have the opening speech recorded into it (I'm going to do that!)
    504. You've started taking your Alias tapes to school just in case you're allowed to watch a video.
    505. When you were watching The Simpsons with your cousin, you saw an Alias trailer and started jumping about.
    506. Your Christmas list is full of Alias stuff (Trading cards, posters etc)
    507. When you turn on you Nokia, it says "Alias Rocks!"
    508. When you turn on your computer, you immediately go to SD.6.com and vartanho.com before doing anything else.
    509. You go onto the CIA website looking for jobs within the CIA even if its a Starbucks waitress.
    510. You seem to write ALIAS everywhere -- eg, the car, the wall, the desks, your brother....
    511. When you've read so much fanfic, the line between the fanfics and the actual show story line is blurred, so you are expecting Syd and Vaughn to be well past their first kiss and secretly meeting at each other's homes in the first ep of season 2!
    512. You see MV on tv one day and you shout out "How the hell did he get out?"
    513. You re-watch all the taped episodes and scream out loud "Will, do something about your hair"
    514. You talk non-stop for half an hour about Alias. Your friend asks you "So, it was a good episode?" to which you reply "No, it was the trailer"
    515. You have now realized Alias is a health hazard. Your friends and parents have all got headaches because you talk about it too much.
    516.You're watching "Mouse Hunt" because the Alias trailer might come on
    517. It was your church's anniversary today, and all you could think of was Alias
    518.While taking communion you thought of Sydney's wine glasses
    519. You called your Aunt to see if she could come to Hawaii on Monday, because you don't want to pick her up from the airport and miss the Alias premiere
    520. You find out when the first series of Alias is airing in the UK and post a HUGE message on your School Communties, so when you go into school the next day, they all think you're crazy.
    521. You don't need a reason to talk about Alias or advertise it. It just comes naturally.
    522. You actually admit that ur obsessed over the show.
    523. You know ur supposed to be writing a 3-6 page report on prohibition, but instead ur at the SD-6 Boards. That's me right now, lol.
    524. You actually push back your homework so you can go onto the MB and find spoilers.
    524. You know that you have Homework and you should study for SAT or something because next year you *should* go to college but instead you are here and writing and laughing and thinking just about ALIAS!!
    525. You know that this is crazy but you are counting the hours and days until 29!
    526. You go today and buy some high heel shoes to feel better!!))ye... that's me.. I'm going right now!
    527. You tell your science teacher that no, the world does not revolve around the sun. You are convinced that it revolves around Alias.
    528. You don't go to lunch... just buy some candies or something and go to a nice teacher who will let you for 5 minutes to stay on the internet!!! But those 5 minutes are all about ALIAS!!!
    529. You are compiling this list and realize there is a 10 reason gap, and now you need to fill it
    530. You actually go and tell your science teacher that the world revolves around Alias after reading #527
    531. You watch ABC just in case there will be an Alias promo
    532. Your parents are concerned about your internet usage… relating to Alias sites
    533. Your grades are falling because you aren’t doing your homework – you’re going to Alias fan sites.
    534. You can recite each episode
    535. You spend more time during the summer thinking of Alias than you do sleeping
    536. You spend more time in school thinking about Alias than you do about school itself.
    537. You actually do #536
    538. You are proud to do #536
    539. You think about Alias everytime, anywhere!!
    540. You don't know how you survived without Alias in the first place.
    541. You're playing a video game that involves timed problem solving, and you think of it as a test from the CIA to test your abilities to work and solve problems under pressure. Yes, I am a total dork now.
    542. You're wearing black today
    543. When you got up this morning the first thing you thought of was Alias
    544. Your school rules say "No public display of affection" and you think of Vaughn and Sydney
    545. You grin like an idiot when someone mentions the "C.I.A."
    546. You call your crush "Vaughn"
    547. You get freaked out when you see "47"
    548. You recognize Senator Hodgekiss from the movie Triple X as the fake Max Schuller in the ep Doppelganger. The actor played the character Paul something or other with the CIA. That freaked me out, seeing that I could pick him out from a full few minutes at the beginning of the movie. Then you remember long enough to tell other alias fanatics about it.
    549. You wished you were here two posts ago so you could post number 547.
    550. You laugh when anyone says "Lamp shade"
    551. I see, numbers. Um, you wear lampshades and take pictures.
    552. You feel the need to throw lampshades at DA fans making fun of Alias
    553. You take over the DA forum and say how great Jen is and bash stupid people who don't even know her.
    [continued next post]
  2. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    554. You start grinning at random places all day whenever you think about Alias. Then people ask why you're smiling and you say, "oh, no reason."
    555. Your friends ask what major things happened over the summer and you launch into a BIG conversation about Alias and spoilers. (oops....)
    556. Your life is categorized in two sections. BA and AA. Figure it out.
    557. Your teacher tells you to turn to page 47...there's a picture of a man with a gun!!!, and you freak out and have to go to the bathroom to recover
    558- You make sure no one mentions the O-word around you, but they do it just to annoy you.
    559. You get angry at your *stupid friends BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HEAR ABOUT ALIAS!!!!!!
    560. You don't go to lunch because some nice teacher(BTW I have a crush on him..... hmmmmm) lets you to stay on the Internet.. and of course Alias!
    561. INTERNET=ALIAS BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    562. You discussed Alias throughout the whole lunch period
    563. Some of the boys in your class are making a movie...it's called "Arvin's ghost" (That scared me like heck!!)
    564. Instead of doing your homework you're talking to Alias fans, on the MB, listening to Alias music, and watching Alias... all at the same time!
    565. As you walk down the hall, you imagine what it would be like to be tailed, and then you check if you actually are.
    566. you actually freak yourself out pretending that there is someone following you and you start running and then you trip and then hope to God that the "person " following you does not see you then you realise that you were just a little crazy and then you get up and start walking then someone actually does start to follow you and you freak out running and screaming
    567. You know all the ep names by heart, can describe the plot in each one, and can explain it to people in detail so that they will understand Alias even without seeing it. Oh, and they didn't ask you to divulge this information.
    568. For your Birthday you want as a gift some high heel shoes(yap, that's me)!!
    569. You stay on boards all day and night, and then you remember that maybe you have homework or something else to do.
    570.When you are driving, and see a car that is following you for more than 10 blocks, you freak out and step on the gas!!!(lool.. today in the morning !!!)
    571. Your history teacher mentioned the KGB and asked what they do. Like a good student you answer "They try and ruin Sydney's life, like the time when they shot Dixon,"
    572. You try and play a game linking Alias to everyday things and you succeed! (Like me!)
    572- You start referring 'going postal' as "Going Bristow"
    573-You freak out when your english teacher wants you to memorize "no man is an island"
    574- without thinking, you start writing the number 47 all over a piece of paper-and then realize it's homework that's about to be collected
    575. You can relate Alias to grass
    576. You RUN(yes.. RUN LIKE HELL) to a store to buy the magazine with the new pics of JG and MV
    577. You don't eat and stay up all night thinking about Alias and spoilers and JG and MV!!!
    578. You are trying to figure out what stores may still be open right now....
    579- You have an irrepressible need to say "super swank"
    580. Your best friend is at these boards!!
    581. You don't think 580 is sad
    582. You're not surprised these have almost reached 600
    583.You don't care if you haven't eaten all day, because you'd rather chat on the boards
    584. you try to walk with that determined look Syd always has when she goes on missions
    585. You think less of people if they don't like Alias
    586. You tell everybody you meet to watch Alias -- even the workmen at your house.
    587. You turn the tv up loud when Alias comes on, even if it is the traile.
    588. You want to learn german and russian so you can talk to the KGB and K-Directorite when you become a spy.
    589. You're always looking for hidden bugs in your clothes, room, etc.
    590. you have dreams involving Alias
    591. You're disappointed when you have dreams that don't involve Alias
    592. You know when a person is Alias fan becuz of how it looks or how is walking. You can tell.....
    593. You tell your exboyfriend that the hottest guy is vaughn from Alias!!:PPPP
    594. You're more focused than the teacher during Amanda G's persuasive paper on C-4.
    595. You were dissapointed when you found out she was only talking about a brand of Ski's
    596. You seem to quote Alias wherever you go
    597. You're in another room when you hear something on the tv in the living room that sounds like it could possibly be Alias related. This causes you to run like hell while screaming like a banshee back to the living room so you don't miss what ends up being the last three seconds of an Alias trailer.

    [as mentioned above, you cannot add to this list. sorry!]
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