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We need your help to make a sci-fi movie

Discussion in 'Open Chat' started by papiermacheboulder, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. papiermacheboulder

    papiermacheboulder Cadet

    Nov 23, 2011
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Hi Sci-Fi fans,
    I'm from New Zealand where there is a competition running right now to give money to anyone to make their own movie.
    There were almost 800 entries and my team has just been selected to reach the top 12 finalists.

    Our movie is the only scifi related film in the top 12 and we would really like your support to allow us to get this movie made.

    Please go to here: http://www.makemymovie.co.nz/finalist/finalist-this-papier-mache-boulder-is-actually-really-heavy/ and 'like' it to vote.
    Public voting makes up 20% of the final mark, and the rest is decided by a panel of judges.

    The main concept of our film is that two friends find themselves teleported into the real world of a low budget sci fi movie.

    We want to draw on the best sci fi films of the past, and if we get through to the next round, we will be back here to ask for any input you can provide.

    On our team we have managed to get the help of some of the top skilled guys from Weta Digital (the guys behind LOTR, Avatar) so we really hope to make a film that the scifi community will get behind.

    This is the synopsis of the film:

    And God said unto Adam let there be life, now pass me that hot glue gun and sticky tape and I’ll fix the rest. And so the universe was made. At least this one. In this universe everything looks like its straight out of the BBC film archives. Where space ships could be made of cardboard and ray guns an old powertool with a light bulb on the end. The magical thing is that everything is real. Everything works.

    Then there are two unwilling heroes, Andrew and Roland. One minute they were watching the opening credits to an old 70s sci fi movie complaining about the shocking special effects. Then zapp, they were suddenly transported into the very screen they were watching and into the movie itself. They have now somehow become the lead characters of the film and the only way back is to get to the end of the story.

    You can read the full synopsis at the link below.

    Thank you, please go to here: http://www.makemymovie.co.nz/finalist/finalist-this-papier-mache-boulder-is-actually-really-heavy/ and 'like' it to vote.

    With your help, we hope to bring this movie to a cinema near you soon.

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