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Weavers of War - David B. Coe

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    Weavers of War

    Book Five of Winds of the ForelandsSeries: Winds of the Forelands (Volume 5 of 5)David B. CoeWeavers of War brings Winds of the Forelands to a powerful climax.
    Mass Market Paperbound • (Also available: Hardcover)


    In the four previous books of his epic fantasy series Winds of the Forelands, David Coe has woven a complex tapestry of magic and politics, courage and betrayal, love and hate. Now, he brings the many strands of this enthralling series together in a climactic novel that will thrill readers of epic magical fantasy.

    For years the magical Qirsi people who live among the Eandi courts of the Forelands have conspired, weakening alliances among the realms. The renegades are led by a mysterious Weaver named Dusaan with powers that allow him to appear in the dreams of his followers and to bind the magic of many Qirsi into a single weapon more potent than any the Eandi have faced in a thousand years.

    Now, his planning begins to bear fruit. He reveals himself to friend and foe alike, knowing that none can stand against him. Dusaan takes control of the Empire and begins his march toward war, enlisting those who serve him in other realms to join the battle, as the ranks of his army swell.

    King Kearney's armies are forced to battle Eandi invaders from Braedon. However, this battle is a diversion contrived by Dusaan to weaken the Eandi armies. Grinsa, another Weaver, fights for the king. Knowing that the renegades are the true enemy, he struggles to make his people recognize this before it's too late. At last, the two Weavers do battle, Dusaan leading his army of Qirsi sorcerers, Grinsa standing with an alliance of Eandi nobles and warriors.

    Whichever side wins will bear a heavy cost for victory.
    Book Review

    "Full of magic and intrigue, Weavers of War: Book Five of Winds of the Forelands, the final volume in David B. Coe's epic fantasy series, will keep fans turning the pages to the exciting climax."
    --Publishers Weekly

    "War and politics, love and magic, all drawn in detail against a vividly imagined feudal background. A complex and excellent book."
    --David Drake, author of Lord of the Isles, on Rules of Ascension

    “Turmoil and deception propel Coe’s second entry in his Winds of the Forelands tetralogy, maintaining the momentum of its predecessor. The author deftly manages a multistrand plot full of political intrigue that never flags despite the wealth of engrossing detail. A large cast of characters both old and new enliven the sword and sorcery. Readers who go for good clean fantasy fun will eagerly await the next installment.”
    --Publishers Weekly on Seeds of Betrayal

    “Coe writes a wonderfully complex and engrossing tale, but what truly made this book for me was the richness and depth of the beautifully crafted characters. A good plot makes for a great read, but interweave that plot with rich, complex characters and you have a splendid book - and this is a splendid book. There is absolutely nothing superficial about Coe's writing - it is strong, complex, and emotionally very, very powerful.”
    --Sara Douglass, author of The Wayfarer Redemption, on Bonds of Vengeance

    "One of the things that delights me most when reading fantasy is being shown new worlds--vivid, fascinating new places to explore, and find new adventures. In Rules of Ascension, David Coe gives us a world to remember, a world one can't help but want to know more about. I eagerly await other tales of the Forelands!"
    --Ed Greenwood, author of The Band of Four saga

    About the Author

    Author bio: David B. Coe is the winner of the William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy or Fantasy Series, awarded at the International Conference on the Fantastic, for Children of Amarid and The Outlanders, the first two novels of his LonTobyn Chronicle trilogy. His series Winds of the Forelands began with Rules of Ascension, and continued with Seeds of Betrayal, Bonds of Vengeance and Shapers of Darkness. He lives in Sewanee, Tennessee.

    Rules of Ascension

    Book One of Winds of the Forelands Winds of the Forelands (Volume 1 of 5)
    David B. Coe
    For 900 years, since the Qirsi War, the Forelands have enjoyed relative peace. The Qirsi leaders, Weavers whose powerful magic could bend to their will not...
    More • Excerpt

    $7.99 Mass Market Paperbound Published: May 2003

    Seeds of Betrayal

    Book 2 of the Winds of the Forelands Tetralogy Winds of the Forelands (Volume 2 of 5)
    David B. Coe
    Powerful conspiracies, magical treachery, and secret alliances threaten to push the realms into war in this exciting sequel to Rules of Ascension. Sorcery,...
    More • Excerpt

    $7.99 Mass Market Paperbound Published: April 2004

    Bonds of Vengeance

    Book 3 of Winds of the Forelands Winds of the Forelands (Volume 3 of 5)
    David B. Coe
    This third epic fantasy of Winds of the Forelands brings the nations of this ancient land to a war that threatens to topple rulers and destroy the fabric of...

    $7.99 Mass Market Paperbound Published: June 2006

    Shapers of Darkness

    Book Four of Winds of the Forelands Winds of the Forelands (Volume 4 of 5)
    David B. Coe
    Robust, exciting epic fantasy: War trumps politics in the Winds of the Forelands series
    More • Excerpt

    $7.99 Mass Market Paperbound Published: February 2007

    Weavers of War

    Book Five of Winds of the Forelands Winds of the Forelands (Volume 5 of 5)
    David B. Coe
    Weavers of War brings Winds of the Forelands to a powerful climax.

    $7.99 Mass Market Paperbound Published: January 2008

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