Webisode marathon!!


Well we will start watching The Walking Dead from the beginning starting after Christmas. Until that though we have something special planned... well not really special, but we were thinking we could watch Season 2 and Season 3's webisodes since they're not long at all! Then when they are over we can discuss them in separate threads. Now I'd like to start discussing Season 2's webisodes Thursday morning with a thread then discuss it until that night or until the next day.

Now you aren't required to participate but we'd appreciate if you would because we feel it could bring us closer together as a community.

Any questions feel free to ask me or Valentino in this topic.

Below is a link to the first webisode.

It's not exactly a marathon if we're watching just one episode. It'd be a marathon if we'd watch the entire 2nd season in one sitting (with 10-20min breaks between episodes to make sure we don't go insane).

Also, many countries will probably be blocked from watching the episode on the official website - Slovenia is one of them.
Travis said:
We will postpone it then let me know if you guys find site that lets you watch it.
No need to postpone it because of me. I wont be joining the marathon anyway. I just wanted to point out that that official website series usually don't offer EU residents to watch episodes online - that's why we watch on other websites or simply download the episodes.
Oh well alright guys we may have to figure something out for members that aren't from America this is still on though guys.