Weed Legalization!


I love weed but i aggre with what king said but then again i want to just like pull out a ****ing pipe on the street and blaze one up...
Because the US Government want's average people like us to be miserable and worry about what bad things will happen if you don't do this or don't do that.

Weed is good.
It calms you down.
Lowers blood pressure.
Makes you laugh.

Um what cant weed do?
ya but weed is a drug cuz to many ppl abuse it and then wen there relaxed or HIGH they do stupid stuff besides its just stupid maybe if u acctually have the disease is ok


xX DrunK said:
it would be a mistake to legalize it. too much liability

Too much liability? How many weed caused auto deaths? Then compare that total to alcohol related auto deaths and you see that alcohol is wayyy more dangerous. I have never heard of anyone dieing because of a high driver. Alcohol is wayyy more dangerous than weed. With alcohol you can actually OD. Have too much in your system and you'll die. Weed, not possible.

Plus, if you legalize it the police won't have to worry about marijuana users, saves billions of dollars a day, and saving the DEA for hard drugs like Acid etc. Once legalized the gov. can also tax it, bringing in billions of dollars.


Hmm id love it if weed would be legalized, prices would drop :D, really expensive where i live atm. Even though we actually just had a safe driving kinda talk in school, with some policemen/women. They actually said that people driving drugged is becomming a more common thing atm, but they didnt state exactly which drugs were used tho, I doubt it'd be weed, but ya never know.
God id love irish pubs and all the ppl smokin weed, best ever xD. Smoking may be banned, but using a bong? ^^