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Iron Man
Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard (Full Cast)
Studio: Paramount Pictures
The Plot: While in captivity, industralist Tony Stark (Downey) creates a high-tech suit of armor which he first uses to fight his way to freedom, and then to prevent a dark-minded scientific genius from carrying out his nefarious plot against humankind.
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THE BUZZ: After 15+ years in development, the comic hero first based on Howard Hughes is refashioned as a contemporary industrialist whose technology is being used in the Middle Eastern war effort. (Funny, we can't compare him to any present-day eccentrics, just a list of bad guys come to mind.) Director Jon Favreau was the first name talent associated with project, and any doubt as to his ability to bring in a polished, smart-looking film should have been erased by not only the principal cast he got to sign on, but also his plan for the first film of a proposed trilogy (we hear Downey, Paltrow, and Howard signed 3-picture deals). Here's what we know: Stark is taken prisoner is Afghanistan, and that's where he builds the suit; both the grey suit and the red and gold suit will appear; Stark's alcoholism won't be addressed during the first go-round. And a note to old-school comics fans: It's kind of cool that Stark's old split book counterpart, Steve Rogers (a.k.a Captain America) was greenlighted soon after IM began pre-production. While that project seems to be languishing in development-heck, we imagine IM's initial returns might help get the red, white, and blue balls rolling.

I watched Iron Man. Allthough the movie followed the traditional comicbook movie plan, I thought it was entertaining and fun.

If they come out with IronMan 2, I want to see it (hopefully at the theater) and I will probably buy the DVD when it comes out.
I went to IGN and read about the game of the movie and grabbed some wallpapers and a website kit. I wish there was a demo of the game I could try.


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The film did have some interesting character points in it. The traditional and the not so traditional. Those waiting till after the credits in the theatre also caught an interesting scene.

The game is supposed to be appalling though. Some reviews being kind and giving it 3/5 but it is more described as 1.5-2/5 most other places.