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We welcome the team to Alien Soup!

ScaryMinds is an Australian based site that talks anything & everything related to the horror genre. While they emphasis Australian and New Zealand based works they cover a bit of everything.

Alien Soup is hosting the ScaryMinds forum conversations only; the sites are not merging. ScaryMinds will still be publishing their articles at ScaryMinds - Horror's Last Colonial Outpost while also taking part in the forums here. In short, the ScaryMinds team needed a place to call 'home' for forum conversations and we get some input from horror fans who love the genre as much as Soup regulars love sci-fi & fantasy. :winner:

Soup regulars likely already know at least one of the team members, @Jethro. Jethro has been a long time participant here, going back to the "Cool Sci-Fi" days! As knowledgeable as some Soup members are about sci-fi & fantasy, Jethro is their horror counterpart. Jethro has Moderator permissions and while he'll be likely keeping busy in the ScaryMinds forum he does have full Moderator permissions across the entire site. Additional ScaryMinds team members may be joining us as we go.

The "Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy" talk forum has been renamed to "Sci-Fi and Fantasy Talk" and a new forum named "ScaryMinds (Horror)" has been created.

Some details need to be worked out yet. We've always been casual around here so details are something we will work out as we go. So stay tuned, we'll be looking for feedback as we tackle some items together as a community. In the interim, even if you already know him, give Jethro a hearty "Hello". :smiley:
Congratulations to Jethro on promotion to global moderator!

Welcome to all the ScaryMinds members as well.

I don't really read much of anything but the internet anymore but I do watch a lot of Horror Films.
Everyone here know that I'm a Monsters & Creatures kinda guy.
After that, I tend to like the intellectual horror films followed by isolation slashers.
I can also enjoy a well-made camper or campus horror/thriller.
Not much on gore porn but I have seen some that are well done.

The Changes at Alien Soup may "feel" strange sometimes but it is all in effort to make our membership unique.
Another special thanx goes out to our Founder, KEVIN. Without you, there is no place to call home base.