Welcome to the party!

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
First of all, welcome to what is becoming an AllAlias.com tradition: Our annual New Years Party.

It’s a time to make new friends on AllAlias.com – as well as a chance to have fun with those you already know well.

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Other points of interest for the party:NOTES: Only team members can start topics in this forum, but all members can upload anything related to the party in any topic (such as a “gift”). If you have any suggestions, feel free to reply to this topic with them.

Have fun!


Jul 18, 2003
can we have a countdown/ball drop thread LOL and some be the host and we have "guest singers" LOL? ok sry just an idea
Dec 23, 2003
Finland (but I'm American!)
I'm in Finland & we had our countdown almost 6 hours ago! I was watching a finnish band called HIM tonight, and there were people who travelled all over the world to be there. It was cool! Bam Magera from Jack Ass was there too :cheers:
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