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Sound Designers:

* Rosemary Marez
* Mike Horton
* Mike Robertson


* Grayson Stone

Assistant Writer:

* Katherine Botts

Series Artist:

* Ben Hosac

Set Photographers:

* Shannon Leith
* Bobby Brown
* Ron Gallagher


* Ron Gallagher


* Michael Swan

We're Not Dead Hosts:

* Brittney Brombacher
* Greg Miller


* Jim Gleason as Michael
* Shane Salk as Angel
* Nate Geez as Saul
* Elisa Eliot as Pegs
* Claire Dodin as Riley
* Scott Marvin as Burt
* Tammy Klein as Kelly
* Jay Olegario as Datu
* Blaire Byhower as Lizzy
* Kevin Flood as Kalani
* Manley Woods as Bill
* Nico Marvin as Tommy
* Michael Ray Clarke as Latch
* Jenna McCombie as Scratch
* Bob Bergen as Skittles
* Ben Jurand as Durai
* Mark Jeffrey Miller as Gatekeeper
* Shirley Jordan as Tanya
* Otto Sturcke as Victor
* Rebekah Roberts as Samantha
* Jane Lichacz as Hope
* Omar Leyva as Fernando
* Greg Miller as Pete

Season 1
Chapter 1 - "It Begins"

The series starts out with a narrative from Michael , explaining his life and rank in the military before the ?outbreak.? At school, Michael and his classmates hear an explosion in the distance before Michael is called away by his officer, Angel . Michael tries to rush to the Army Reserve Center , but is stuck in traffic. A man lays into his horn and Michael witnesses him being attacked by supposed rioters. Michael finally arrives at the base and asks Angel why they were called there.

When Saul arrives he and Michael explain the situation outside of the military base to Angel, who doesn't believe what they say. Michael acts fast as the rioters get closer and has Angel open up the armory to arm themselves should anything happen. The alarm attracts a large group of "rioters", including one that looks like the Commander, forcing the soldiers to barricade themselves within the reinforced vault.

After waiting for the alarm to turn off and the zombies to clear away, Michael, Saul and Angel open up the vault to step out into a world seemingly already overrun. They make their way to the motor pool and fight through zombies in order to escape the base. Saul purposely runs over the Commander?s body before deciding where to go. Saul suggests barricading within a nearby prison, but Angel has an idea to head to his girlfriend's, Cindy, apartment building that could be easily fortified and defended. As they?re driving through town, they notice Pegs and Riley on top of Pegs' flower shop, and they pull up to rescue them.

On the drive the soldiers find out a little bit more about them when Riley identifies herself as a professional archer, but also reveals that she knows how to shoot a gun. Pegs, however, reveals that she doesn?t agree with weapons, not wanting to have one even as a precautionary measure. Riley and Pegs recount the early moments of the outbreak to Michael, stating that the zombies turned within seconds and it was difficult to figure out who was infected and who was still human. Arriving at The Tower , they head into the parking garage where Saul uses a knife to kill one of the zombies before heading inside. They hear a noise from one of the elevators and open it to find Datu .

Datu claims that there was rumor of an evacuation site, but the soldiers claim that they drove by there without noticing anyone in the area. Datu worries about the situation, wanting to get out of the tower, but Riley steps in to convince him that they would need his help in securing the building. They take Datu along and investigate the other floors, trying to clear out the building of any zombies and get the power to the building back on.

They search through the building, not finding any survivors or zombies until the third floor. Angel doesn?t notify anybody until they reach his girlfriend?s room, finding her already infected and having to shoot her. Datu states that she was a nice lady, which causes Angel to break down, having lost his girlfriend. Michael and Riley step off to have a cigarette while everybody takes a break. Riley tells Michael that he can open up to her if he needs to talk about anything.

Michael accuses her of being flirtatious when she reveals that he isn?t her type. After the break, they continue to the fourth floor, where they sense a strong smell. Saul and Michael speak that it is a similar smell to a location known as suicide gate where suicide bombers would go off and leave a lingering smell.

After investigating, they identify the room with the odor to be the source of power interruption. As Saul and Datu go to get the power back on, the rest of our characters talk about plans for the future of the building, including where people will stay and how to get food. Pegs decides to room with Riley but states that she is hesitant on making long term plans, thinking they will be rescued in the matter of days. After Datu and Saul return, the whole crew returns to checking out the building.

Chapter 1 - It Begins - Part 1 of 3 ... begins.mp3

Chapter 1 - It Begins - Part 2 of 3 ... begins.mp3

Chapter 1 - It Begins - Part 3 of 3 ... begins.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 2 - "The Two Things"

The chapter begins as they finally search the top floor of the tower, not having had a chance to rest. They open up the door and hear a shotgun blast from the building manager, Bill . Michael uses a knife to look at the reflection, noticing that Bill had created a barricade with furniture outside of his penthouse and seems to have no intent of letting anyone near him. They decide to deal with that floor later, since Bill is the only one up there, and they head downstairs to get some rest.

Michael volunteers for the first night to watch the front door. Sometime during the watch, a couple pounds at the front door to be let into the building. Michael calls for help, but gets nervous as Angel is taking a while with the key, so he shoots open the lock. Unfortunately, Todd is taken before Michael can save them, but he is able to get Lizzy in before any more infected can attack.

Angel scolds Michael for making the decision, thinking of what could have happened if any of the zombies had gotten through the door. After the talk, Michael is helped upstairs and finally gets some sleep. After waking up the next day, Saul and Michael exchange words about Pegs , Riley and Lizzy. They talk about possible hookups as Saul states his fascination with Lizzy.

Riley and Pegs return shortly after with ideas of how to make things in the building run smoothly, which prompts Michael with another idea, calling for Datu. Michael begins talking with Datu and the others about shutting off power and water to the floor that Bill is on, in the hopes that it will draw him out or gain access to the roof. Angel interjects saying that the rooftop isn?t a primary concern at the moment and they begin to work on finding a way to secure the lobby.

After drilling a small hole through the floor above the lobby, they find four zombies that had gotten in after they rescued Lizzy. Angel and Michael go downstairs to clear them out, when the first appearance of a Smart One occurs as one hides behind the front desk. That night, everyone meets up for dinner, prepared by Pegs, when she notices something from the corner of her eye.

They investigate, believing that one of the infected had gotten in and past the doors. After looking around, they find a cat in one of the vacant apartments. Regardless of warnings by the rest of the cast, Pegs picks up the cat, only to be scratched. The soldiers draw their guns, worried that the cat may have turned her.

Pegs becomes nervous having weapons pointed at her, but it is discovered that she was still human after several moments of tension. Riley brings her nice side out and helps Pegs and the cat, now named Mr. Whiskers, to their room. In a turn of events, Riley decides to take the watch in place of the soldiers. Angel begins talking about making a supply run including generators to keep power to the building.

While Angel prepares to take Saul on the supply run, he orders Michael to stay behind with the others, telling him to teach them how to shoot a gun. The training goes well, but Pegs still refuses to even touch a gun. One of the infected is down on the ground as Lizzy takes a rifle and shoots it, claiming that it was the one who attacked Todd. After lessons are over, Michael stays outside to smoke and is joined by Pegs.

In the discussion, Michael tells her that she is of no use without a gun, since she can?t be put on guard duty. Michael gives Pegs the task of creating a sign to attract other survivors to the building and she begins to act like she?s interested in him romantically.

Angel and Saul prepare the HUM-V to go on the supply run the following day. Angel and Michael give Saul the news that he is now in charge of the motor pool for the Tower. Saul seems quite excited to have the chance to modify the vehicles and keep them ready to go for future supply runs. They leave in the morning and Riley cooks breakfast for the others.

Lizzy calls them from breakfast to show a new report that was on a TIVO from before the infection. The TIVO reveals information of a plea of insanity in a murder case against a man named Bill Roberts aka Ink. The reporter talks about riots all across the country before it cuts off with nothing else broadcasted after the report.

Chapter 2 - The Two Things - Part 1 of 3 ... things.mp3

Chapter 2 - The Two Things - Part 2 of 3 ... things.mp3

Chapter 2 - The Two Things - Part 3 of 3 ... things.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 3 - "The New Arrivals"

Supply Run:

With Michael left at the tower, Angel and Saul begin their supply run. They pull up to a store, finding that it has already been raided by other people, stating that it?s already their third stop and all had been raided. Noticing a group of bodies in the shop, some human and some infected, Angel questions how they decide which to turn and which to use as food. They find some items that can be used including tuna. Saul and Angel find seeds to be used in the garden and also find a small generator. A group of infected were outside the shop around the Hummer as they're preparing to leave. They attempt to head out back while the others are still distracted with the vehicle.

Saul comes up with a distraction that gets the zombies away from the Hummer and they manage to escape. Angel tells Saul that they are coming up to their last stop, Locked & Loaded, a gun store. The store had already been raided, including a safe, but they still manage to get a bit of ammo. Saul breaks down a door in the back and finds an injured man on the ground. Angel argues trying to say that he's too far gone but Saul sets up an IV to try and bring him back

He eventually gets him stabilized and they take him out to the Hummer. The soldiers say they need to fill up on gas and the man tells them there?s a tank in the back and also identifies himself as Burt. Before passing out, he tells them of another safe that hadn?t been raided. Going back for gas, Saul notices a huge generator that they end up hooking up to the trailer. Angel takes Saul inside and shows him a room filled with ammunition and explosives. Saul, Angel, and Burt are camped out on the roof of Locked & Loaded, waiting for the morning to continue back to the tower.

One of the infected gets up the wall and pulls on Saul. Angel can?t get a shot at first, but Burt wakes up in time to make a kill shot, looking at the zombie and referring to it as a ?smart one.? Burt points out a badge on the one he killed, revealing it to be a Level 3 member of Raydon Labs, revealing his theory that ?the smarter you are in life, the smarter you are in death too.? He reveals that the smarter ones seem to tell the others what to do. Burt reveals that he is a retired Gunnery Sergeant from the Marines who had served in Vietnam.

When they wake in the morning, Saul reveals to Angel and Burt that there are about 20 sleeping zombies around the building. Burt drops down first and Angel hands him his gun, before falling down and attracting the infected. Burt uses the element of surprise and manages to gun down all that were in the area. They get into the Hummer and begin to take off, with Burt staying in the turret with his silver Desert Eagle, ?Shirley.?


In the Tower, a large commotion is taking place, with orders to say their name and what they did for a living, noting that there have been 20 survivors that had arrived. A lawyer named Kelly and her nephew Tommy attract some attention while arguing with each other, listing that Tommy was left with her and needs to take care of him while they?re at the Tower. Pegs lists off the jobs of the other survivors to Michael that could be helpful in the future.

Tommy is revealed to have celiac disease, meaning he cannot digest gluten. Since this makes the rooftop a priority for the survivors, Michael and Lizzy go upstairs to talk to Bill. After some empty threats to the others, Lizzy finally talks Bill down and he gives them permission to get to the roof, asking for cucumbers once the garden is done.

With access to the rooftop, Pegs and Michael go to Riley?s supply store and get the potted plants to take upstairs with Pegs accidentally bumping one off the balcony. One of the infected notices them on the upper floor and screams out, attracting more infected to the tower. With a large group of infected surrounding the tower, Datu tells Michael that they were trying to get into the lobby. Everyone grabs what they can to brace the door to keep them from getting inside.

Datu uses all of the nails while Lizzy, Riley, and Michael shoot as many of the zombies as they can, but the lobby is overtaken anyways. They all get into the stairwell and brace the door. Michael begins to complain that he?s the only soldier, surrounded by a bunch of civilians. The others snap and give him a bit of a reality check, stating that they stand behind him no matter what he decides, trying their best to survive.

He eventually comes up with a plan, using vehicles in the motor pool to divert the zombies away from the tower. Hoping that Saul and Angel are at their final destination, they use the diversion to go and help them out, bringing them back to the tower.

Returning to the Tower:

As Angel, Saul, and Burt leave from Locked & Loaded, Saul notices a vehicle coming from the other direction as one of the cars from his Motor Pool. They meet up with Michael and Lizzy, getting told that there was trouble at the tower and drive back together. They get to the tower and find it surrounded, trying to find out how to get inside. Burt gives Michael a Claymore mine, drawing them forward and taking out a large number of them with the explosion.

Angel and Lizzy take the vehicles into the parking garage as Burt, Saul and Michael begin to storm the lobby, taking out all of the infected they can. Although the zombies got through the entrance to the stairwell, Michael says that none of them looked like a member of their survivor camp, heading into the higher levels to find out if their friends were still alive.

Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals - Part 1 of 3 ... rivals.mp3

Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals - Part 2 of 3 ... rivals.mp3

Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals - Part 3 of 3 ... rivals.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 4 - "Rules and Regulations"

Michael, Saul, Burt, and Lizzy continue to move through the tower, clearing out the building floor-by-floor. They hear shooting down the hall from as well as Riley shouting for help. They manage to clear down to their room as they were left with only five bullets remaining before everything was cleared out. Burt informs Datu and the others about the smart zombies. Saul and Burt head out to clear the remaining floors, aside from the top floor.

Bill yells at them for going back on their word, arguing with the others. Burt decides to take a shot, managing to shoot the gun out of Bill?s hand. Lizzy, Angel and others secure the lobby, including a security door with a keypad. During the securing of the lobby, Lizzy mans the welder and reveals that she had helped her boyfriend, Todd, when he worked on his motorcycles and managed to pick up a on a few things. Tommy comes down with a custom video camera, giving them a chance to mount it on the wall and watch the lobby from the floor above. Michael recognizes this as a good idea and sends Tommy to find more cameras. Kelly apologizes, saying that she was telling Tommy that they were too busy and saying that the idea wasn?t very good, which gets a response from Michael.

He orders her to help the others in cleaning the other floors, resulting in tension between the two. Angel reminds Michael that the others aren?t soldiers and says that he needs to go about orders with more tact. Michael?s mind is brewing on how to make sure people know who?s in charge, having issues with both Kelly and Burt. Michael helps Angel upstairs and checks on Kelly who throws a fit about tossing bodies off the balcony and Michael tells her to come back after a shower.

They come up with a large room that becomes their meeting room, needing to work things out. Michael posts a list of rules on the wall for everyone to follow:

::# Everyone pulls their own weight in the tower.

:# Everyone pulls guard duty when they are assigned.

::# Everyone must stay off the balconies at all times.

:# Failure to oblige by these rules will result in eviction from the tower.


The meeting results in some hard feelings by other survivors, but Angel and Saul say that nobody would be there if it wasn?t for them and Michael. Michael lists out the main crew?s departments. With Burt in charge of the Armory, Pegs in charge of the Garden, Datu in charge of power, Saul with his Motor Pool, and Lizzy in charge of water. Datu and Lizzy ask Michael why this is the first they heard of their departments, being told that things need to be set in place so dissention doesn?t occur following Kelly?s outbursts. They agree and take their departments to heart.

The department heads appointed by Michael met up with their crews to begin working out details of what is needed and how everyone can help. For power and water, Datu and Lizzy were trying to take up space on the roof, leaving Pegs garden with little room. This problem is easily solved as Michael goes out for a smoke, having the generator set up on a balcony and the water reserve being led by a pipe from the roof, leaving the full space for Pegs? garden. Michael clears the air with Pegs, citing a moment in the military where he had made a mistake.

Bill comes onto the roof, acting unusual until he collapses. Michael takes Bill downstairs and he and the others begin treating an infected wound. Michael goes into the meeting room, with Tommy reporting three more cameras have been hooked up. Burt gives Michael a silenced pistol from his vault while Michael begins writing in his Journal. Tommy continues talking with Michael, distracting him from his writing with different options of what to call the infected.

Michael comes up with an idea to have everyone begin keeping their own logs in order to get more of an idea of how fast it spread and how each individual?s encounters played out. Tommy recollects his and Kelly?s first encounter with the infected, with Michael noting what time and where the encounter happened. With all of the survivors writing in their Journals, the soldiers begin reading through to establish a trail and estimated starting point for the outbreak. Lizzy, as the therapist of the group, reinforces Michael?s idea by saying it?s a good way to calm their nerves in the stressful situations.

Based on some findings, they discover that skin contact with the blood doesn?t cause an infection, and another mention that the infected can sense where survivors are hiding. The power shuts down in the tower during a rain storm, making the generator a top priority. Datu mentions that he can get the generator hooked up soon, but they only have enough fuel to run for a maximum of two days, resulting in another supply run headed by Saul, who chooses Lizzy to go along. Michael gives Saul a journal to keep track of the events while out. Michael also sends Burt along with a bag of guns and ammunition, joining in the supply run as well.

With those three leaving to get fuel and supplies, Michael gets called back upstairs to be greeted by a mob, headed by Kelly. She questions Michael?s leadership ability and his honesty before saying that she?s leaving. Tommy protests and says that he?s staying, backed by Michael who states that Tommy can do what he wants. Michael opens the door and tells her that she is free to leave.

Kelly is the only one to head out into the rain, when one zombie shows up, killed just before she gets attacked. Riley and Angel stay with Michael for a while, wondering about his state of mind. They find out that he was just hoping Kelly would get cold feet from the rain and was unaware that there was any infected outside.

Chapter 4 - Rules and Regulations - Part 1 of 3 ... ations.mp3

Chapter 4 - Rules and Regulations - Part 2 of 3 ... ations.mp3

Chapter 4 - Rules and Regulations - Part 3 of 3 ... ations.mp3

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Season 1
Chapter 5 - "Lady and the Tink"

Saul, Lizzy and Burt tell the tale of their mission to the refueling station. Along the way they find remnants of a huge battle.

Chapter 5 - Lady and the Tink - Part 1 of 3 ... hetink.mp3

Chapter 5 - Lady and the Tink - Part 2 of 3 ... hetink.mp3

Chapter 5 - Lady and the Tink - Part 3 of 3 ... hetink.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 6 - "The Remains of Eastern Bay"

The fuel team heads back to the tower with the fuel truck. A couple of other suspicious survivors come in contact with Burt, Lizzy and Saul.

Chapter 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay - Part 1 of 3 ... ernbay.mp3

Chapter 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay - Part 2 of 3 ... ernbay.mp3

Chapter 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay - Part 3 of 3 ... ernbay.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 7 - "Blood Sweat and Fears"

A new plan encourages the group to start developing bait for the zombies. Lizzy devises a plan to go to another rooftop to test her theory.

Chapter 7 - Blood Sweat and Fears - Part 1 of 3 ... dfears.mp3

Chapter 7 - Blood Sweat and Fears - Part 2 of 3 ... dfears.mp3

Chapter 7 - Blood Sweat and Fears - Part 3 of 3 ... dfears.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 8 - "Where Do You Go When You Sleep?"

Uninvited visitors show up and stir up problems at the tower.

Chapter 8 - Where Do You Go When You Sleep? - Part 1 of 3 ... osleep.mp3

Chapter 8 - Where Do You Go When You Sleep? - Part 2 of 3 ... osleep.mp3

Chapter 8 - Where Do You Go When You Sleep? - Part 3 of 3 ... osleep.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 9 - "The Road to Living Death"

The mission is continued as planned. The path is littered with obstacles and zombies along the way, but someone or something very peculiar has survived.

Chapter 9 - The Road to Living Death - Part 1 of 3 ... gdeath.mp3

Chapter 9 - The Road to Living Death - Part 2 of 3 ... gdeath.mp3

Chapter 9 - The Road to Living Death - Part 3 of 3 ... gdeath.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 10 - "Purgatory"

Deep inside the arena our team gets a first hand look at what goes on inside the lair.

Chapter 10 - Purgatory - Part 1 of 3 ... gatory.mp3

Chapter 10 - Purgatory - Part 2 of 3 ... gatory.mp3

Chapter 10 - Purgatory - Part 3 of 3 ... gatory.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 11 - "R&R"

The rescue team returns to the tower.

Chapter 11 - R&R - Part 1 of 3 ... -randr.mp3

Chapter 11 - R&R - Part 2 of 3 ... -randr.mp3

Chapter 11 - R&R - Part 3 of 3 ... -randr.mp3

Season 1
Chapter 12 - "The War"

The Tower stands, alone and surrounded.

Chapter 12 - The War - Part 1 of 4 ... thewar.mp3

Chapter 12 - The War - Part 2 of 4 ... thewar.mp3

Chapter 12 - The War - Part 3 of 4 ... thewar.mp3

Chapter 12 - The War - Part 4 of 4 ... thewar.mp3

Season 1
Recap ... e=Season+1

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Season 2
Chapter 13 - Separate Dying Embers

Chapter 13 - Separate Dying Embers - Part 1 of 3 ... embers.mp3
Chapter 13 - Separate Dying Embers - Part 2 of 3 ... embers.mp3
Chapter 13 - Separate Dying Embers - Part 3 of 3 ... embers.mp3

Season 2
Chapter 14 - Out of the Ashes

Chapter 14 - Out of the Ashes - Part 1 of 3 ... eashes.mp3
Chapter 14 - Out of the Ashes - Part 2 of 3 ... eashes.mp3
Chapter 14 - Out of the Ashes - Part 3 of 3 ... eashes.mp3

Season 2
Chapter 15 - Desperate Times

Chapter 15 - Desperate Times - Part 1 of 3 ... etimes.mp3
Chapter 15 - Desperate Times - Part 2 of 3 ... etimes.mp3
Chapter 15 - Desperate Times - Part 3 of 3 ... etimes.mp3

Season 2
Chapter 16 - Over the Air-Waves

Chapter 16 - Over the Air-Waves - Part 1 of 3 ... rwaves.mp3
Chapter 16 - Over the Air-Waves - Part 2 of 3 ... rwaves.mp3
Chapter 16 - Over the Air-Waves - Part 3 of 3 ... rwaves.mp3

Season 2
Chapter 17 - There Might Be Others

Chapter 17 - There Might Be Others - Part 1 of 3 ... others.mp3
Chapter 17 - There Might Be Others - Part 2 of 3 ... others.mp3
Chapter 17 - There Might Be Others - Part 3 of 3 ... others.mp3

Season 2
Chapter 18 - No Place Like Home

Chapter 18 - No Place Like Home - Part 1 of 3 ... kehome.mp3
Chapter 18 - No Place Like Home - Part 2 of 3 ... kehome.mp3
Chapter 18 - No Place Like Home - Part 3 of 3 ... kehome.mp3

Season 2
Chapter 19 - The Catalyst

Chapter 19 - The Catalyst - Part 1 of 3 ... talyst.mp3
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Chapter 20 - 3/21/11
Chapter 21 - 4/18/11
Chapter 22 - 5/16/11
Chapter 23 - 6/13/11
Chapter 24 - 7/11/11

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