West Virginia shootings

woh! that's scary! i live in nova scotia (canada) and nothin like that ever happens down here! i hope it stops soon and i also say god bless the people who are living down there and wherever they strike next!
I live here in Charleston and it is very nice of you all to be thinking about the people here. Hopefully this will all be ever soon - before anyone else gets hurt.
I just hope they find this guy soon and i live in northern va which is where the snipper last oct was as in dc and maryland so this brings back lost of awful memories and i know what the people in wv are goin through although i didnt let them keep me from doin my every day activited and i use to live in charleston and find it so odd that this is happening there too and hope onone i know becomes a victim!
If I was Jennifer Garner (and I course I am not... it is just a thought) and had her money and large home I would bring my family out of West Virginia to where I am and out of harms way until these sick individuals were caught in WV!

I know the rest of West Virginians cannot do this and my prayers go out to you and your families that this maniac(s) is caught soon and that these senseless shooting stop!!! :(

Wish you all Well and hope things return to normal soon!!! :angelic:

as soon as i heard about the shootings i thought of her, bc shes the only one i know of from west virginia. i hope all in that area stay safe. god bless.