Comedy Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

Title: Wet Hot American Summer

Tagline: High Times. Hard Bodies. Soft Rock.

Genre: Comedy

Director: David Wain

Cast: Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Michael Showalter, Marguerite Moreau, Paul Rudd, Zak Orth, Christopher Meloni, A.D. Miles, Molly Shannon, Gideon Jacobs, Ken Marino, Joe Lo Truglio, Michael Ian Black, Liam Norton, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Marisa Ryan, Elizabeth Banks, Gabriel Millman, Kevin Sussman, Kevin Thomas Conroy, Christopher Cusumano, Cassidy Ladden, Madeline Blue, Nina Hellman, Peter Salett, Judah Friedlander, Jacob Shoesmith Fox, Whitney Vance, Benjamin Coppola, H. Jon Benjamin, Jake Fogelnest, Ian Helfer, Jordan MacLean, Avi Setton, Kyle Gallner, Kathleen Pandolfo, Zachary Montgomery-Wicks, Danny Hopkins, Christopher Connors, Matt Carmeci, Stephen O'Brien, Timothy Gasiewski, Angel Berlane, Christi Berlane, Bob Walz, Joseph Kariuki, Donna Mitchell, Joe Bryan, Christine Loebsack, Sandra Kennedy, Keith Oney, Dan Klein

Release: 2001-07-27

Runtime: 97

Plot: The setting is Camp Firewood, the year 1981. It's the last day before everyone goes back to the real world, but there's still a summer's worth of unfinished business to resolve. At the center of the action is camp director Beth, who struggles to keep order while she falls in love with the local astrophysics professor. He is busy trying to save the camp from a deadly piece of NASA's Skylab which is hurtling toward earth. All that, plus: a dangerous waterfall rescue, love triangles, misfits, cool kids, and talking vegetable cans. The questions will all be resolved, of course, at the big talent show at the end of the day.
Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

This is a movie that Bradley Cooper is in. It's funny and silly and for the most part PG13. But there is Bradley scene that even I cringed at. Yikes. But the movie is all fun and reminiscent of the 80's camp movies, NOT what it sounds like. Has anyone seen it? or at least HEARD of it?
I've only seen parts of D&C, so I couldn't tell you. This movie is about summer camp and all those summer camp movies. It is mostly absurd humour...kind of like Conan O'Brien stuff. (y)

There are a lot of storylines happening at once and it's great.
Ya I've seen it! at least I think is it the one on the cover with that black haired girl and a guy in a bed (cough cough* smoking? lol I dunno I think I ahve

Is Janeane Garofalo in that movie? I love her! I think I remember hearing about it when it came out, but then I forgot about it. Is it out on video/DVD now?
It's out on DVD and video. Janeane is in there, her character was great. In one scene, all she had to do was run around breaking stuff! LOL

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