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Mar 29, 2004
Ontario, Canada

Part 1

“Mom would let me wear it” Cathy, or Cait as she now preferred to be called looked at her father.

“It’s funny…your mom isn’t here right now and you are coming to the Emmy’s as my guest – so you can go ask that they show you a dress that covers a little more” Vaughn looked at his now 17 year old daughter, “Please”

“Ug, fine…but I will not dress like a nun” Cait retorted sarcastically.

“Good, I’m not asking you to”


“I don’t get why friggin Hilary got to go to France with mom while we’re stuck here” Erica sighed as she twisted the spaghetti around her fork, “Seriously”

“Because you guys got to travel with your mother last year, and I fail to understand why God hated me so much that he couldn’t just give me a son” Vaughn looked at them as he took a sip of his wine.

“Shut up” Cait rolled her eyes, “Can I have Morgan over tonight?”

“And I wanna have Steven over” Erica nodded.

“Sure, as long as everyone is gone by 1:30, do as you please” Vaughn nodded.

“Thanks Daddy” Cait kissed his cheek, “I’ve gotta go make a call” she told him as she stood up.

“No way, cleanup first then phonecalls and makeup” Vaughn shook his head.

“Ug…you totally, totally suck” Erica groaned.

“Deal with it”


“Well this is a site, we haven’t seen you at one of these things with your daughters for a long time” reported Celeste Dupuis looked at Michael and Cait.

“Well, I was flying solo because Sydney is out of town and we all know that you need to bring someone to these things so Cait took one for the team and hung out with her boring dad for a night” Vaughn laughed.

“He’s not that lame” Cait laughed, “Besides, if my mom or one of my sisters goes with him, who will?”

“Thanks Cait” Vaughn kissed his daughter’s cheek, “I love you too”

“Uh huh” Cait laughed.

“Oh well if it isn’t Jason Enders” Celeste smiled in reference to one of Michael’s costars in his most recent movie, “He played your son in From the Break of Dawn, didn’t he?”

“Yes he did” Vaughn nodded as Jason made his way over, “How’s it going buddy?”

“Great, and you?” Jason smiled.

“Fantastic, this is my daughter Cait” Vaughn introduced the two. “Cait this is Jason”

“Hi there” Cait smiled, “It’s…it’s uhh great to finally meet you” she grinned, obviously nervous to be meeting him.

“You too” Jason smiled, his blue eyes sparkling slightly.

“Well, you three enjoy the night” Celeste smiled and gracefully left the group.

“Thank you” Vaughn smiled.

“So…” Cait looked at Jason, smiling “Are you uh…going in?”

“Yeah, are you?” Jason smiled back at her.

“Dad?” Cait looked at her father.

“If you want to, go for it…I can handle the red carpet all by myself” Vaughn nodded.

“Thanks Daddy” Cait kissed his cheek.

“Take care of her” Vaughn threw a glance to Jason.

“See you inside Mike” Jason smiled.


“Daddy” Cait pulled away from Jason as they both bolted upright on the living room couch.

“Catherine” Vaughn did his best to conceal laughter, “Uh…you two…”

“Mike…I uhh…sorry?” Jason looked at him.

“It’s fine” Vaughn shrugged, “She is … she’s allowed to make her own decisions on who she dates” he told him, “I’ll go upstairs now”

“Bye dad” Cait looked at him, her face the shade of a tomato.

“That was…awkward” Jason looked at her.

“Sorry” Cait cringed.

“It’s okay” Jason brushed her cheek gently.

“I have a question for you” Cait looked at her hands.

“What is it?” Jason smiled.

“Will you…will you go to prom with me?”

“Seriously?” Jason couldn’t help but laugh slightly.

“You don’t get to make fun of me” Cait hit his chest.

“I’m not making fun of you…its cute” Jason kissed her forehead, “And yes, I would love to go to prom with you”

“I’ll be right back” Cait grinned.

“Where are you going?” Jason smiled.

“To call my mom”


“Honey that’s good” Sydney smiled into the phone, “We can go dress shopping when I get home”

“He is so cute” Cait giggled, “You come home on Wednesday, right?”

“Yep, two more days” Sydney smiled, “Can I speak to your father?”

“Sure” Cait smiled and ran to Vaughn’s office to give him the phone, “Its mom”

“Thanks Cait” Vaughn took the phone, “Hey baby”

“Hi” Sydney smiled into the phone, “I miss you”

“I miss you too…I cannot wait until Wednesday” Vaughn sighed.

“Two more days” Sydney laughed, “How are the girls?”

“They are great” Vaughn assured her, “Cait and Jason…caught them making out”

“Oooo scandalous” Syndey laughed, “She’s growing up”

“Way too fast” Vaughn smiled, “I will let you go though, I love you”

“I love you too”


Oct 30, 2003
I know it's not really a review it's just me having a heat attack :LOL:
I will try to leave a better one, but I have to go shopping now


Jul 17, 2005
Sequel!!! :excited: Yay!!!!

Awww. The girls are all grown up. :) Was Sydney filming another movie? Was that why she wasn't there?

Oh! Cathy's going out with Jason... wonder how this relationship is going to turn out. How old is Jason anyway?

Great start. I can't wait to see where this story goes. If you're doing pms, can I be added to the list? Thanks.


Oct 30, 2003
Okay, I have bought most of the things I need for college so now that I have also east dinner, I can tell you how much I've loved this first chapter. But you must know that since I had left a review about it some time ago :LOL: , I was starting to wonder if you had decided to stop writing but it's really good to have you back and have this fic back ^_^

I was surprised by Vaughn's reaction, I would have excepted him to hit Jason for making out with his daughter and taking her to the prom. As for Sydney, good thing she is still an actor ;) and can trust Vaughn to not let their daughters run away like he did with Cathy :LOL:
Jan 6, 2006
New York
congrats on starting another story... this is interesting with the girls all grown up now. i'm going to have to go back and remind myself how the other one ended.

i really hope you continue to work on your other fics though.. there are so many i love that i'd like to see where theygo.

this was cute... thanks for putting it up.
Oct 26, 2003
OMG finally!!!! i thought you posted this already and i missed it... are you going to give out pms? i hope you will, i don't wanna miss any updates... foolish ways have been one of my fave... if you decided to give out pms please add me on your list.. please.... thanks! great start!!! can't wait for more!
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