WGA Mentor Program

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An Old Friend
If you are an aspiring film, TV or new media writer and have questions about crafting a story, developing characters or dialogue--you've come to the right place.

Before contacting a mentor, you may want to check the information-rich Frequently Asked Questions submitted by our mentors. (See link below.)
Mentor Service Guidelines & Instructions

When using the online mentor service, please follow all the guidelines set forth below.

1. You'll be shown a list of potential mentors. Simply click on the mentor link of your choice. This opens an e-mail to the mentor, at which point you can send an introductory question to the mentor.
2. Any future communication will be directly between you and the mentor via personal e-mail (not through this Web site).
3. Do not abuse this valuable service by overwhelming your mentor with e-mail. Our mentors are all professional, working writers with limited time to volunteer. You'll receive a more useful response if your questions are selective and to the point.
4. The mentor may continue the process however he or she sees fit. If a mentor ends communication at any point, you must respect and accept this.
5. Do not send scripts, treatments or other documents to a mentor unless you receive prior consent to do so. (Remember, before you give your work to anyone, it's a good idea to register your material with the Writers Guild. For information, click the link for "Script Registration" in the navigation bar, left.)