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saw uriah heep at hollywood sportotorium in florida a long time ago, they opened for kiss believe it or not. memory is slightly cloudy now about those times, but pretty sure. it was one of my last concerts, by that time i was coming out of them with major headaches, and left it to the younger crowd. the wiki writeup on uh is extensive! i am glad all this history is getting written down....b


An Old Friend

Laura Cox live | Rockpalast | 2020​

The video has placemarks set for each song so you can click right to the song you want to hear.

Hard Blues Shot 00:00:00
Bad Luck Blues 00:05:00
Too Nice For Rock 'N' Roll 00:09:10
Take Me Back Home 00:13:24
Last Breakdown 00:17:35
Looking Upside Down 00:21:52
River 00:26:23
Barefoot In The Countryside 00:33:47
Fire Fire 00:40:19
Guitar Solo Mathieu 00:47:44
The Australian Way 00:52:33
As I Am 00:56:38
Dum Solo Antonin 01:01:24
Heartbreaker 01:04:38
If You Wanna Get Loud - Come To The Show 01:09:07
Freaking Out Loud 01:12:35

They ROCK Out!