What Are You Reading Right Now?

oh boy.. i'm reading a lot right now... okay:

1. Go Ask Alice
2. Sloppy Firsts
3. poisonwood bible
4. knocked out by my nunga nungas
5. Pride and Prejudice!

arrrgghhh... and it's so hard to finish one at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VaughnFan13 said:
Ophelia said:
I'm reading "Living History" by Hillary Clinton.  :clover:
ohhh...i want to read that...is it good? how long is it?
It's 528 pages. That may seem long, but it's a fascinating book. Right now, I'm at the part where Hillary is talking about her years at Wellesley College. Give it a try! :clover:
i heard of that, but i just dont have any desire to read it, soo many ppl have told me its really good but i dont know...
im not reading anything right now..well i am..bean trees and mortals..but im putting everything on hold for HP #5!