What are you?


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
What psychic animal are you?

Puma - Definitely cat of some kind. I can see myself as a tiger but now that I am getting older I'm not as agressive.

Squirrel - We are smart and agile, We can work thru obstacles fairly easily

Mole - Skirting under society

Black Mathias

Twisted Mentat
Jun 5, 2007
Under the Sea
Giant Squid - should be self-obvious.

Human - 'cause while many hairless apes claim the mantle, precious few live up to it.

Yeti (aka True Atlantean) - I am one hairy dude. I have long hair, and currently I am rocking a beard. I can see why people might get confused.


Sep 19, 2008
I would be a cat because I'm proud, independent and of course cute. I am lazy by nature but when required I'll go outdoors and hunt almost better than a tiger would at it's best. I purr for the most of the time but in case hectored, you will have scratches all over you. I'd have a black, delicate fur and a good appetite.


Jul 29, 2008
And yet, your user name references a dog. Weird.

I don't know that I identify with any one animal. I do know that I'd love to be reincarnated as a squirrel. Leaping from tree to tree, scrambling about for nuts, care free... yeah, that sounds nice.