What book are you reading?

Im in book hell at the mo.
My gf got me reading the twilight books, i was weary but
ended up liking the end of new moon..but now ive
made it so far thru eclipse its really dragging...im just stuck halfway.
Cant do it :(
I just want to read eragon.
But i hate abandoning a book. And alot of poeple say eclipse is really gud!
I think this must be the first time i will have to abandon fetal position!
(up creek without a paddle!) :D
Right this second, I am juggling a couple of biographies. One of Patton, Montgomery, and Rommell...the other of Oliver Cromwell. I have laid my hands on "The Greatest Show On Earth" by Richard Dawkins, but haven't started it yet.

I hate to admit this to you guys, and I hate to admit this to myself, but I did just finish "Paul of Dune" by K.J. Anderson and B Herbert. And I ask myself again, when am I gonna quit being sucked in by these guys......some people never learn!!
I hate to admit this to you guys, and I hate to admit this to myself, but I did just finish "Paul of Dune" by K.J. Anderson and B Herbert. And I ask myself again, when am I gonna quit being sucked in by these guys......some people never learn!!

Welcome to the club, Droog! :cool: :eek:

After I first read David Weber's "War of Honor" back in late 2007, that got me hooked on the Honorverse as a whole. With the exception of a few book spin-off novels, I think I've read just about every novel/anthology in the series....... :smiley: :cool:

And yet, like any good book, I always go back and re-read them, over and over and.....well, you get the idea. :cool:
The Mammoth Book of Werewolves, an anthology. I think it's a nice way to introduce oneself to the genre of werewolves and werewolfery. I'm quite fond of the whole idea really.
'Odessy' by Jack McDevitt; a follow up of sorts to 'Omega'. disappointed at the political tone; Christians are bad, southerners are stupid, why are we spending money on military, etc. sounds like he's stuck in the 1990s.
Maybe my problem is that i'm trying to read too much at once. Right now I am juggling:

"Scientists Discredit Intelligent Design and Creationism"
"Guide to the Antietam Battlefield"
"Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs"
"Chariots of the Gods" by Erich Von Daniken
"The Zapruder Film, a frame by frame analysis"

I must have the world's shortest attention span.......
I'm currently reading the saga of seven suns by kevin j anderson. I'm always looking for something good. Has anyone read any of the new dune books?
With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by Eugene B. Sledge. It's one of the books that was used as background for the HBO mini-series The Pacific. The book is a first-line memoir account of what fighting was like in the Pacific during World War II. in it, Sledge, who served in the 5th Marines during both of the above battles, writes about the brutality of the fighting btwn. the Americans and the Japanese.........in Sledge's own words,
.....this was a brutish, primitive hatred, as characteristic of the horror of war in the Pacific as the palm trees and the islands......
The Full Circle Six

Wow, is this a great book, I can't wait for the others. Lot's of action and some really good aliens and characters.:D by Edward T. Anthony
. Has anyone read any of the new dune books?

Yes, TGL...I just finished reading "Sandworms of Dune" by B.Herbert and K.J. Anderson within the last week.

I will be very happy to give you my opinion of this, complete with a ton of spoilers, but I would like to know first if you have had any experience with the original series and/or the prequels that Herberts son wrote.

Not that I'm trying to be nosy, it would just help as far what I can post. Certain things like, if you know who Daniel and Marty are from the last book that F. Herbert wrote in the original series, that kind of thing.

There are two books to end the series, Hunters of Dune and Sandworms, and I did not read Hunters, but after reading Sandworms I really don't think I need to.

I have read "The Butlerian Jihad", and "Paul of Dune", and f'ing despised them both.

Sandworms was better, but I do have a ton of questions in my mind about how much was F. Herberts notes and how much was Brian's imagination.

Let me know your experience with these novels and I'll be happy to let you know what I think.

Thanks in advance.......
As bad as I hate to admit it I have to agree, yes I'm a huge fan of frank herbert's 7 originals I even named my dog after duncan idaho I kind of enjoyed the "House" prequels but the hero books paul of dune,winds of dune etc. not so much. but I'm reading the Saga of Seven Suns and it's pretty good I really enjoy a long series.
I thaught both were pretty good but who knows where F H notes left off. Some times I think Kevin Anderson is writing them and brian just owns the rights, Kevin likes to write short chapters at least he does in his other books
How many spoilers do you want, TGL?...I'll be happy to give you my opinion of plot synopses, etc, what happens and who does what to whom, but I don't want to ruin it for you if you are planning on checking it out for yourself.

Lemme know and we'll take it from there.....
I'm not sure what spoilers you mean I've read hunters and sandworms of dune that's the conclusion and "paul of dune" and "winds of dune" and both were a disapointment, I hated all the flashbacks. I had never heard of jacarutu.com