What Book Would You Like to See as a Movie

Many novels get made into movies it seems.

In fact, apparently every Stephen King idea gets a feature film nod.
Although sometimes, as in the case of my favorite book, Dune...the movie that finally gets made is somewhat lame.

However, sometimes novle-movies get the attention required to make an impact on the general non-scifi loving public...LOTR, Harry Potter, etc.

My question:

What favorite book of yours would you like to see made in to a "good" full length movie (Dune), several movies (The Hobbit), or television series (Wizards First Rule).

Let me know!
Thank You

Bear with me...


The story initially deals with the character of Jonathan Thomas Meriweather, referred to by the locals as, Jon-Tom, when he is unwillingly pulled into a fantasy world by the turtle wizard Clothahump. Having been, at the moment of his transportation, high on Cannabis, Jon-Tom initially thinks it is all a dream brought on by the drugs he has been using. He soon finds out differently and that he is in an unfamiliar world with little prospect of returning home anytime soon.
The world of Spellsinger is largely inhabited by animals that are similar to those found on Earth, but are anthropomorphic: generally bipedal, they are intelligent, able to wear clothing and handle tools, and are capable of speech. Humans, far from being the dominant species, here are equal to others.
The threat to the Western areas are from the Plated Folk, larger versions of Earth style insects who periodically mount assaults on the Western areas. Spiders are not included with insects like the centipedes and beetles. Spiders have their own society known as The Weavers, and are highly isolationist.

Main characters

Many of the primary characters in each of the books only appear for that volume; however, there are a number of characters who appear in the majority of the series.
Jonathan Thomas Meriweather, called 'Jon-Tom' is a student in law at UCLA who is pulled through to this world from Earth by the wizard Clothahump. Since Jon-Tom was high on hallucinogenic drugs at the time, he initially believes that he is dreaming. This belief is soon dispelled when Mudge the Otter stabs him. Mudge uses the name Jon-Tom, who regards his full name as too long-winded. Jon-Tom is an easy going person, a bit naive, and also someone who seems to look for the best in people. His social skills seem a bit awkward, especially in Mudge's world and he initially makes a few faux-pas.
His main advantage is that he discovers he is able to wield the power of a spellsinger, a mage who can use songs to cast spells. Unfortunately, he has considerable difficulty learning to control the magic and the results are somewhat unpredictable, but usually still useful. For instance, in a duel with another spellsinger, Jon-Tom sings "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," expecting a horde of minions to attack his opponent, but his opponent comments how he barely warded off getting his throat cut instead.
Mudge is an otter, a womanizer, a thief and a gambler. He also does not take life seriously at all. These traits seem to be common to the otter species in the Spellsinger world, but Mudge takes it to the extreme. He initially encounters Jon-Tom after more or less colliding with him. It is Mudge who convinces Jon-Tom that he is not dreaming by stabbing him with a sword.
Talea is an old acquaintance of Mudge, and also happens to have the same profession. She is a human with red hair. While she can tolerate Mudge, she finds his lechorous attitude disgusting. She is quick with sword and tongue. She often disagrees with Jon-Tom due to his naïve outlook; this leads to a number of fights between them. So naturally, they eventually get married.
The old turtle wizard Clothahump brings Jon-Tom to his world while casting a spell seeking an otherworldly wizard to help save his own world. His magic sought to bring an "Engineer" to his world, and he got what he was seeking in Jon-Tom: a part-time janitor or "Sanitation Engineer."
Falameezar is a Marxist dragon originally enlisted to aid Jon-Tom and the others get to Polastrindu after a close encounter where they were nearly eaten.
Roseroar the Tiger
Roseroar is a massive humanoid white Siberian Tiger who is very skilled at fighting with swords as well as her own claws. She seems to speak with a pronounced Southern drawl. There was a suggestion of a possible romance between her and Jon-Tom in the series but it was never explored.
Sorbl the Drunken Owl
Sorbl is Clothahump's second famulus. Unfortunately he is extremely unreliable due to his constant inebriation.
Caz the Rabbit
Caz is a savvy and gentlemanly gambler, somewhat more experienced in cheating in cards than in dice. Extremely polite, even to the point of apologizing to enemies during a fight, Caz is as adept at manipulating words as cards, and often serves as the group's diplomat during his appearances in Books One and Two.
Pog the Bat
Pog is Clothahump's first famulus. He has no respect for Clothahump's powers and often directs derisory remarks at him. He indentured himself into service with Clothahump as he wished to attract the attentions of a female peregrine falcon and wanted to make himself more attractive. Clothahump has the means to transform him into a more pleasing form, but ultimately it is his friendship with Jon-Tom that see's his dreams realised.. though not in a way anyone expected.

Thanks for the thought you have obviously put into this post. I can tell that you are truly a fan of this series because of the way you enthusiastically promote it. I will check these series out and let you know what I think.

the ringworld series

the well of souls series

the apprentice adept series

a better martian chronicles than the one already made


the foundation trilogy

the mote in gods eye

this is just to name a few
How about EON by Greg Bear you could lose 2/3 of it and still have a good movie, lots of room for effects or one of the Honor Harrington series by david webber but better as a mini series.
Stephen Kings' The Dark Tower series.

Done properly.
There is so much material there that it could likely be the basis for either a TV series spanning a few seasons or they would have to trim some stuff even if it was spanned out over a few different movies.
Actually I'd like to see a remake of Well's "Things to Come." It was done right in the1930's, a fine movie starring an exceptional actor Raymond Massey. The SFX were fine for the time, but today ... .

In some ways the movie resembles "Terminator" or rather, Terminator resembles "Things to Come."

Bradbury's "October Country" would be fun to see on the screen.

Heinlein's short story, "And He Built A Crooked House," could be interesting if done right.

Why haven't Ann McCaffrey's dragon stories come onto the screen? And Ursula LeGuinn, what of "The Wizard of Earthsea?"

Whatever happened to Tom Swift? Did they ever make movies around those books?

And then there's Niven's "Ringworld." I'd like to see that on film. Maybe in 3D if they can get the technology right, finally.

And so it goes . .
All excellent film ideas, Gronicus. Yeah, I think Hollywood has barely tapped into the wealth of content available in science-fiction.