What cd are you looking forward to the most?

Double Agent said:
ok so i already posted this, but i didn't know the actual title or date. and now i do...
BLEED LIKE ME- garbage. April 2005!
lol yeah i'm a bit excited
I almost forgot about Garbage in my last post in this thread! I hope their upcoming album sells better than the last one.
Coldplay should be interesting as well as what was mentioned in my previous post in this thread, Weezer.
I almost forgot to add Foo Fighters. I hear they have a two CD set coming out. One is hard-rocking :Punkrock: like Monkey Wrench or All My Life and the other is mellow/acoustic 🎸 like Learn To Fly or Big Me (the one with the Mentos parody video). It's sort of similar to how Everclear, my favorite band in last half of high school, had those two hard and mellow albums a few years back. I just listened to their self-titled debut before and after work today, coincidentally.
I suppose I'm looking forward to Mr. A-Z the most but I have a feeling its going to be just as bad as Waiting For My Rocket To Come.
I am really looking forward to the new coldplay CD which was supposed to be released this month. i'm just hoping the gwenyth paltrow has not destroyed the vibe that they had surrounding their music.
I also hear Audioslave has an album coming out this year. Besides Bono, Chris Cornell has the best and most powerful singing voice in rock music right now and Tom Morello is one of the best and most innovative guitarists ever 🎸 .