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Season 3 What did Sloane want with Jack?

Discussion in 'Alias' started by chiaze, May 12, 2003.

  1. chiaze

    chiaze Cadet

    May 5, 2003
    One thing I haven't heard much discussion about is what was really going on when Jack was captured by Sloane. What did Sloane plan to do with Jack? I don't think he was just keeping his 'friend' alive, because why wouldn't he have just thrown Jack into a cell instead of strapping him down in the room next to the Rambaldi device? Does anyone have good ideas how this scene could tie into Jack and Sloane's conversation from the cafe? Could it be a more important incident than has been made of so far?
  2. verdantheart

    verdantheart Guest

    I'm taking it you haven't read my "insane speculation" in my column for "The Telling," then?

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