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Season 2 What did they say when...?

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Agent Syd, May 5, 2003.

  1. Agent Syd

    Agent Syd Rocket Ranger

    Mar 22, 2003
    Ok MAJOR QUESTIONS. In either the telling or 2nd Double there are 2 quotes that I want

    1. They go to the factory place and find the waffle iron and stereo adn then in Debriefing Kendall says something like:
    "Well, thanks to the intel goven by Irina Derevko the CIA now owns the largest colleection of rusty kitchen appliances"


    2. Syd and Vaughn go to the club to get Sark and Vaughn says something like"
    "See when I have a gun trailed on you, I don't shoot it, You're welcome :Bangs Sarks head on the table:
    Sark: Thank YOu


    The Weiss/Marshall "girl talk"

  2. Charming_Mel

    Charming_Mel Rocket Ranger

    Apr 30, 2003
    I got these all from: http://www.efanguide.com/~alias/
    1) KENDALL: Based on her intel we sent in some of our finest trained agents. We took contol of a storage facility and with the help of a bomb squad we are now in control of two dozen rusted kitchen appliances. Simultaneously, an enemy team ambushed our caravan, they killed two of our men. And along with the Di Regno heart, Jack Bristow is missing.
    2)VAUGHN: See? When I have a gun trained on you, I don't just pull the trigger!
    SARK: Thank you.
    (He grabs Sark's head again and bangs it against the table.)
    VAUGHN: You're welcome.
    3)MARSHALL: So, Carrie and I went out. It was great. We got sushi. When we got there, the guy behind the counter, like, little sushi, they were like, "Heeeeeeeeeeey!" You know, when we got there, like, they knew us.

    WEISS: They do that at a lot of sushi places.

    MARSHALL: Really? Oh. Anyway, it was great. We had a fantastic meal and...

    WEISS: So what's the problem?

    MARSHALL: Well, post-fish, when I went to drop her off, this is traditionally, clasically the time where I would -- or a man would -- kiss her. And, well, I just started sweating.

    WEISS: How bad?

    MARSHALL: Bad. Weird bad. Freak show bad.

    WEISS: Did she notice?

    MARSHALL: Did she notice? It was like I had just gotten out of a lap pool.

    WEISS: Okay, you need help.

    MARSHALL: Yeah, with the ladies.

    WEISS: The thing is, it's sort of a catch-22.

    (His computer beeps.)

    MARSHALL: Go ahead, keep going, I'm listening.

    (He starts typing as Weiss talks.)

    WEISS: Because, you see, to feel comfortable around a woman you have to have experience and to have experience it sounds like you have to not be you. I was almost killed last year and the doctors actually didn't think I was going to make it and the thing I did learn from that experience--

    (Marshall's eyes get wide and he takes off running.)

    WEISS: Thanks.
  3. Agent Syd

    Agent Syd Rocket Ranger

    Mar 22, 2003
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Like my new sig?

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