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December 21, 2012 Polar Shift

  • we gonna burn to a crisp

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  • is a false scare tactic

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  • we should move underground

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  • i think it will happen

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  • i think i should get out the spf 1000

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Avoid A Void
So tell us everyone. What do you think, response, opinions and views on the possible polar shift on December 21, 2012?

It apprears from all the hoopla, hype and scientific evidence that is abounding out there on the world wide web and through other forms of media that this is an exact timeline for this to happen.

Some call it doomsday, some call it the era of the second coming of christ and the anti-christ. Some speak of the earth stopping forever on its axis.

Still others believe that once the earth, sun and the center of our own milky way galaxy align perfectly that the pull from the massive black hole at the center will cause a backlash effect on our sun and (like a rubber band), whip a massive amount of radiation upon the earth and fry us to a crisp.

i personally do believe a lot of things and any of these cenarios seems to be likely.

Once in awhile you do have to wonder what is really going on with our universe, even our own lil corner of it.

What do you think?
I believe in the "Tech" wipe out aspect. It happened once before sometime in the "Wild West" when we only had telegraph lines.
Total destruction of that stuff.
As far as burning up? Sol system revolves around a "Red Dwarf" (dying star), and we are moving farther away from the sun. Slowly?
I don't believe the atmosphere/ozone layer will be removed, and if it is.....why worry.
It's nature's way of saying..."Time's up!"
We're out of our league here (same with meteors), what can we do ? Recycle ? he he he
sorry about the no other choice. i am still getting used to creating polls. i will try and remember next time to add one.

i agree with skwirlinator. every 25000 years or so it happens as it will again. the destruction that will ensue is unimaginable to us now but we do have the perseverence to make it through it even with loss of life for some.

the scenario that is played out is the when the polar shift happens the earths mantle will shift with the poles. with that will be massive destruction, continents reformed, new north and south poles, new equitorial zones and new life.

live in the fear and the fear will consume you. live in the hope of tomorrow and tomorrow will be yours to thrive in.
oh and by the way, we are overdue for one anyways. last figures stated that it should have happened a thousand or two years ago.

this will be a doosey
Dont have time to find it right now
IosoIgo = Work
It has been 700,000 years since the last time. The est frequency is appx 350,000 years so it is overdue.
The thing is, There is an article about this that suggests that aside from a few animals that navigate their way with magnetics, there will be nothing noticable during the change which is already occurring. There is a BBC or discovery, NGC special on it that I will lok for when I gat some time.
It is of sciences opinion that this is much ado about nothing.
Try searching for Magnetic pole reversal, Magnetic Storm or Science Video: Magnetics
It's ok - don't worry

In the same way that all those millions spent on the millenium bug saved us from armageddon on 1st Jan 2000 and...er... made a lot of money for a lot of 'consultants',

For only $5000 (terms and conditions apply) I can supply you with a small magnet on a necklace that you can wear to protect you on the fateful day that a polarity shift event happens....

If nothing happens... hey, it worked... you survived didn't you?

If the globe flips, oceans boil and we all fry, well... sue me???
NOVA | Magnetic Storm | See a Reversal | PBS

Human beings have been on the Earth for a number of million years, during which there have been many reversals, and there is no obvious correlation between human development and reversals. Similarly, reversal patterns do not match patterns in species extinction during geological history.
Some animals, such as pigeons and whales, may use the Earth's magnetic field for direction finding. Assuming that a reversal takes a number of thousand years, that is, over many generations of each species, each animal may well adapt to the changing magnetic environment, or develop different methods of navigation.
hey swirlinator i watched that episode of nova, it will be cool you'll have the northern lights over places like london and such. not the end of the world.