What eBooks are you reading?


As the title says, what eBooks are your reading? And, while we're at it, what device do you prefer to read them on?

At the moment I've just finished reading my first SF eBook on my new Kindle and was so taken by it that I thought I'd like to share a review with everyone (like me) who may have just started exploring downloadable books.

The eBook is called Uth and it is by Keith Houghton - an author who appears to be taking advantage of the innovative eBook formats offered by the likes of Amazon, Barnes&Noble and iBooks.

Before I begin my review, here's the author's spiel regarding the story's outline:

Special Covert Operative Damon Grask is on the run from his ex-employers - Alien Interventions - a secret service, set up to control emerging civilisations throughout Glomerate Space. Believing them responsible for the death of his wife, Grask is coerced out of his unofficial retirement for one final mission: A vast alien artefact has been discovered on the galactic rim – believed to be the original birthplace of Mankind. A previous reconnaissance mission has resulted in failure. Another mission is now needed to rescue survivors and return the alien habitat's dark secrets back for analysis. And the lure to induce Grask's co-operation? ... The incredible news that his wife is actually still alive and is one of the stranded survivors. Now, together with an unlikely team of Operatives, Grask must embark upon a deadly mission fraught with danger, intrigue and personal discovery if he ever hopes to see his wife alive again ...

What I liked about Uth is that it delivers on several levels, inc. excitement and emotion. The story has a good balance between action and the emotional turmoils of the main protagonist. This see-saw storyline makes the novel appealing to both men and women. The action scenes are a rush of adrenaline, interspersed with emotional expeditions - which gives the whole story a rounded feel that many SF novels lack.

The author's characterizations aren't too stereotypical either (which is hard to find in a lot of SF novels of this ilk). Grask (the main protagonist) is a bit of a worrywort who seems disaffected by life and where it has led him. Rin (his Jiminy Cricket sidekick) is sarcasm on legs. This makes for lots of witty banter between them both, especially as Rin continually taunts Grask on his inferior mental abilities. Morda, the third main character, is like a blast of fresh air for all SF female characters. The author has made her strong, and self-willed without compromising on her better feminine qualities. All in all, these three characters work well together to pull the story along without causing too many hiccups.

The author's descriptions of the 'other worlds' are hypnotyic. He seems especially able to conjur up fantastic images without straining. I was often presented with the thought that some of his phrases are poetic. The story is well worked out, with a pace and plot that draws you from one page to the next, which is the skill of a good writer. The story has a definite course and doesn't stray too far from it. We know where we are going and are happy to ride piggyback.

Uth is a big novel (advertised as 137000+ words), covering grand panoramas and even grander ideas. On such a scale it is easy to get lost and lose track of story development and character fleshing. But the author works hard to keep your attention focused all the way. There are plenty of action sequences, separated by thought-provoking journeys. And the twist at the end was the icing on the cake for me.

In summary, I think anyone who wants a bit of sci-fi escapism in the traditions of Larry Niven and Iain M. Banks wouldn't be amiss downloading Uth to their eBook device of choice and then sitting back for the ride.

Mermaid97 :smiley:
Hi Mermaid,
I strongly recommend the Atlantean Chronicles by Kip Hartzell. It is available for the Kindle from Amazon.com. Be sure to read the author's note on the Amazon site. I also wrote reviews for it on Amazon and Cool Sci Fi. I think you would enjoy this book.
Hi all i've been reading fee ebooks on my kindle and just finished a follow on from Alien vs Predator films. The book is called AVP Retribution, can I post the link, its a free book from smashwords available in all ebook formats

AVP Retribution, an Ebook by Peter Stevens

copy and paste if its not a hyperlink. The author is new and the book needs polishing but its free and a fairly good story for a fan written book, try it and enjoy :smiley:
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