What Ever It Takes


Feb 26, 2003
OKay.. i wrote so mcuh of this... i will and i promise to update my other fics more.. its jsut restoring them which will be hard since my last crash.. ugh DIE COMPUTER!!! and how i think i lost my floppy.. anywyz.. here si a little fortaste tell me whatcha think...

oo.. andthis might not be the finished title.. i jsut counlnt think of anything atthe moment...

Title: Okay u decide.. Either:

Whatever it takes
Innocent Eyes
how long can she last
or Once Darkeness Falls

Author!: ME!!!! Chanel, Coco, xoxilovevaughnxox

Rating: ummmm pg? i donno its oo confusing for 5 year old too mcuh action i donno.. not good at rating..

I DONT OWN Alias.. SADLY! if i did i woudl be on a beach somewhere staring into my computer monitor instead of on a clutterd desk.

I promised I wouldn’t be scared... I would be okay... I wonder if it was the truth... Or is my life a lie... Like that’s a change.

THERE YOU GO! Il update as soon as i type more!


Feb 26, 2003
sure!!! heres the first cahpter!!!

Chapter 1~*~ Colorless

“Open your eyes,” a voice spoke form somewhere in the darkness. It was monotonous and cold.
I wanted to open then. I truly did, but I was unable. I felt as if I had the world’s worst hangover. But I was sure I didn’t. All the strength had been sucked out of my body. I felt paralyzed.
I finally gathered the strength to open one eye using all my strength. It cracked open and the bright light shown in piercing my eye.
“Good, now if I can ask you just a few questions.”
The voice was demanding. I struggled to open the other eye. Once I got it open I realized I wasn't paralyzed. Quite the contrary, I was strapped down to a chair.
“Where...” my voice trailed off and was barely recognizable. Not to mention my throat was sticky.
“Where am I? “ I uttered.
“Yes, you will be disoriented for a little while. Don’t worry. We’ll get to exactly where you are later. First things first, state your name for the record.”
“Sydney Bristow,” my voice stammered.
“Okay, Miss Bristow.”
“Where am I? What happened?”
“Miss Bristow you just fainted. Everything will be fine.”

Will be? What did he mean by that? I knew things weren’t “all right” but he should have said they were. I wanted to get up and kill the guy. I was being held against my will, and had no clue where I was.

“Calm down please, Miss Bristow. I don’t want to make this any more difficult.”
By this sentence not only could I tell that he saw I was struggling to leap at him, but that I was also in a very bad situation.
“Make what ‘difficult’?”
“To be blunt, Ms. Bristow. The fact that you have been missing for two years is not your biggest problem.” He stopped for a second. Something very bad was going on here. It gave me chills just thinking about what he would say next. “You have been trained to be an assassin while you were missing.”
This completely shocked me, “What? That’s ridiculous.”
Suddenly the room began to spin. My vision went colorless. I realized why I was really here, to kill.


ohhh good very good start. but i'd use italic than bold because bold tend to attract the eye too much and makes people skip lines. but then that's just me.... very good though.
--Mandy :angelic:


Feb 26, 2003
okay new chapter.. and peple i will pm you.. so here it goes...

Chapter 2~ Trained
“Mr. Vaughn, you know very well that Sydney would never try or want, for that matter, to kill you, but due to our research, that was not Sydney.”
Dixon stopped walking down the hall and Vaughn also stopped.
“What do you mean Dixon?”
“They ran tests after she fainted. She has a form or Multiple Personality Disorder.”
“No... Sydney can’t.”
“I wouldn’t lie to you Vaughn.”
“But how?”
“While she was missing she was trained as an assassin. One of her personalities is the assassin; the other is regular good old Syd,” explained Dixon.
“So she made her own kind of resistance for the training.”
“Yes exactly. Like lying to herself.”
“Wow, she’s her own worst enemy right now.”
“She doesn’t seem aware of the other her, which is a good sign.”
“Good, exactly like lying to herself.”
“Speaking of lying how’s Lauren? (Or insert Vaughn’s wife’s name here.)”
“She’s okay; I’ve been telling her I was doing research for Jack. She was okay with it but I think she’s getting a little suspicious. She doesn’t like me here. She was so glad when I got out of the CIA. She likes me home. This place used to be my home.”
“I know what you mean, after Diane... well I basically live here.”
An alarm sounded and then Dixon’s (him being head honcho and all) cell phone rang.
He answered it, “Okay, we’ll be right there.”
Vaughn saw Dixon’s distressed look, “What’s wrong?”
“It’s Sydney. She’s after the guard.”


Feb 26, 2003
hehe i think i might ahve been going insane when i wrote this but anyway i hope u like it.. my computer is going ot slow to pm. .maybe ill sneak downstairs and use the other computer.
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