what graphic novel adapt. would you like to see?


so..we have seen the success of King's Dark Tower and the Stand in their comic book incanations, so we know that it can be pulled off without losing too much of the original story. I do concede that any adaptation of a work from its original form is a lossy compression, so to speak. But ive seen some pulled off artfully and with respect to the original material. The Watchmen film was totally decent. And A Scanner Darkly translated to film well too.
As a diehard comics fan, specifically of DC Comics, I often find myself at pondering what favorite books-- or series of books-- of mine would i like to see grpahic novelized.
Here's a list. I've included Dream Team pencillers/writers too.

DUNE(original series)- okay, this one's is tricky. The Lynch film was a tank, I concede this. But as someone who read these books as an adult, not as a teen as most people did, they resonated a lot more to me than to the average SF reader. I really enjoyed the Children of Dune miniseries. It did a good job of dispelling the bad costume and set design of the first SF Channel miniseries (THAT was bad) If an imaginative, versatile artist like ,say JH Williams III, could capture the earthy feel of the scenery (and come up with a non-horrible stillsuit design) than this one could work. Also, the success of The Dark Tower comic shows us that epic fiction can be executed well in this medium. I say 12 issues per novel. this should cover the series without omitting key scenes and retaining the feeling of the novels.
My Creative team for this would be Geoff Johns (JSA, Green Lantern) and JH Williams III (Seven Soldiers). Wade Von Grawbadger could ink this one, his dark shadowy style would lend itself to some of the scenes here.

IMAJICA by Clive BarkerOkay, another epic series; only two novels really. This is Barker's masterwork, a sweeping mature fantasy full of fascinating concepts and grand scale drama. Its hard to quantify this book, even calling it fantasy is ghettoizing it. Since Barker has done comics he can adapt this his own work
For art I pick Seth Fisher, who did the seminal Green Lantern: Willworldgraphic novel again his work is hard to qunatify and you should see Willworld for yourself, its amazing.

And lastly, I would love to see ian MacDonald's 'Cyberpunk' novel Terminal Cafe in a GN adaptation. This book was published as Necroville outside the US, and it deals with a world transformed by ressurection technology. The language and imagery of this book is unique and adaring. it sone of those books that is so original, so high-concept, that it teeters on being bad. To capture the imagery of the novel i'd pick either Mark Hempler or D'Israeli. They worked togetehr on Sandman: The Kindly Ones and D'Israeli did Lazarus Churchyard w/ Warren Ellis
Incidentally I'd choose Warren Ellis to adapt this one. His work w/ Transmetropolitan and City of Silence proves he is at home in this extreme sort of SF. I dont like the term cyberpunk. its Dated, maybe it worked in the 80's but it doesn't now. Terminal cafe transcends this label.
So what Novels would you like to see in a well executed graphic novel incarnation?
Sadly, i recently discovered yesterday that the artist Seth Fisher, whom i cited as penciller of Green Lantern: Willworld, passed away in January of 2006. i had named him as part of a fantsy creative team in the post above, but I did not note that he was passed.
I love the New Gods. if you like them you should have a look at DC's latest tie-in event, Final Crisis. Its all about the Apokolips gods taking over earth in human bodies. its written by Grant Morrison who is dead brilliant. it was a very fun read, but maybe not accessible to someone unfamiliar with the nuances of the DC universe. Or multiverse, as it is now, again.
Morrison is big on obscure references to old villains, JLA cases, etc. but thats what makes DC fun I think.
As to Alna Moore's work if you like 'League...' you should check out his Swamp Thing run on Vertigo, and Promethea, which was on Americas Best Comics along w/ league.
I like Alan Moore alot, but its to the point wher ehe can put anything out there and its eaten up. Like he did this one issue Lovecraft pastiche on avatar comics that was very mediocre. Any publisher will put out anything hes attached to now.
ALSO theres a collection called The DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore. worth looking at.