What Graphic / Print Novel (Sci-Fi) would you like to see movie-ized?


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Jan 30, 2009
what GN / print would anyone like to see movie-ized?

I would like to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen done, staying much more to the original source. instead of a lame weapons maker having his secret lair blown up (how often have we seen that?) we could have Fu Manchu's kite warriors attack an airship commanded by Professor Moriarty.
THAT would be entertainment!!!

also, a redo of Raise the Titanic. they did a movie but it was awful and almost nothing like the book. (kinda sorta Sci Fi)


Jun 6, 2018
Great question. I'm torn about my beloved novels getting movie-ized or serialized, because half the time they do a terrible job. I absolutely hated the Ender's Game movie, but I think they've done a really good job with The Expanse, and hopefully Amazon will take it up a notch. GoT has been done well, and though I have my complaints about this past season, it's kind of GRRM's fault for taking so dang long.

The Witcher series, and the series based on Iain M Banks Culture novels are both in development and I'm hopeful they turn out well.
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