Politics What if Greece does exit the EU?


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Hopefully some of our UK members can shed some insight on this one as they would likely have a deeper interest in the subject, but what would it really mean if Greece were to exit the EU?

For the US we are being warned that stock markets would likely be affected and, possibly, even political & military fallout as Greece looks to further relationships with states like Russia that are acting friendlier to them at the moment.
I'm not versed in the political scene so my response to this may not mean anything at all -

As far as I understand...

The European Union is an entity similar to the United Nations and the Communist Block. It is just another segregation of the peoples of the world. Nations move between these blocks because of national gains. Money, power, technology...what ever.

The turmoil of the people of our planet is perpetuated from the cultural isolation these ... Unions create.

With worldwide communication and industry affecting us all, I believe all nations from all blocks must eventually leave. Only when the segregations stop will we become a planet of people.

So I say, Go ahead, pull out of the EU. Pull out of all of them. Join the Earth Alliance.
Tom the EU is an attempt to unite Europe and present a bigger more powerful economic unit, unfortunately this has lead to Germany, France, and to a much less extent Britain bailing out weaker members - Greece, Spain.

From what I have gathered, could be flawed, a Greek withdrawal from the EU would allow that Country to drop the value of its currency, but it would negatively affect trade and tourism. If Greece goes I would imagine a number of other Countries would join them in due course.

Strangely the Greek government thinks they are in a stronger position by not accepting the austerity measures Germany and France sort to help right the sinking Greek economy!?! France is still looking for a solution Germany has started to talk tough, though ironically it was Greece that sort to wipe out Germany debt post WWII as they correctly noted reparations lead directly to that war in Europe.
If Greece goes I would imagine a number of other Countries would join them in due course.
I think that might be part of the underlying concern causing the EU to keep trying to save Greece. To date nobody has left the EU (that I know of :thinking:) but with England likely taking the issue to vote in the upcoming years then seeing other countries leaving the EU also leave would make that voting easier. The EU has been a boon to commerce for being able to easily cross borders but a shared economy with a shared currency could be the same that breaks the EU apart.
So Greece holds a public vote that rejects the EU referendum proposal with joyous celebrating in the streets but then a few days later they go ahead and sign an agreement that is basically the same thing as they just rejected and promise that their 3rd (3rd?! :wideeyed:) bailout will be different this time? :o_O: