What is your favorite theme park?

What is your favorite theme park?

  • Magic Mountain

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  • Knotts Berry Farm

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  • Raging Waters

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  • Disneyland

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  • Other

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SiriCerasi said:
a.k.a.Kate_Jones said:
:lol: I think you told me that once in the tc...

didn't your sister go, though? ^_^ I can't believe I remember this! :lol:
damn you're scaring me! :lol: yup she did, and she was the whole reason i could never go before :angry: my parents always said she was too young
I cannot believe I remember that! me, who sometimes forgets how to spell her own name! :lol:

I think she took a friend with her, it was her birthday or something, wasn't it? ^_^
a.k.a.Kate_Jones said:
six flags magic mountain. BEST roller coasters in southern california! ^_^
i dont really like six flags because there's too many roller coasters...those things go up too high and i dont really like heights. i dont really know which theme park is my favorite...i live about 30 mins from Disneyland and Knotts, 45 mins from Raging Waters...Six Flags is nearby too but I dont really go there...


Disneyland...I can't get enough of splash mountain, I went on 9 times...then my mother didn't let me n e more. pooey! and then a trip to disneyland always involves an extended stay in CA! :D
Well I live in Fl so none of those chocies apply to me. I think I been to almost ever theme park in Florida so I have a few that are my Favorite

Islands of Adventure
Adventure Island ( water park)
Universe Studios
Wild Adventures ( in georgia)
Cedar Point (ohio)

those are a few I do like disney, but its kinda kiddish

Disney World is awesome, especially Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. I also love the Great Escape in New York, its like Six Flags and it has one of the top ten wooden roller coasters in the world!
orlando disneyworld or islands of adventure(only for the incredible hulk rollercoaster!its awesome!) but other than that DISNEY!!! i love Disney! its just soo much fun and.....great!

CIA spy

I like Cedar Point, Six Flags Great America over IL, The Six Flags in San Antonio, Universal Studio Islands of adventure, and Disney world. Those are most of the places I've been.
Fantasy Island near Buffalo, New York. It's a small and I do mean small (not too many big rides) amusement park. I've gone 15 of the 16 years of my life....and I love it! My cousins and I have the absolute best time...and we get to go Wednesday!
i may go to this awesome park my friend was telling me bout in Finland (its in Europe just so ya know ^_^ ) i dunnoe the name well i do but i dunno how in thw world to spell it but i can only go if my mom will let me go to Finland with my friend