What is your guilty pleasure reading?


Code Monkey
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What is your guilty pleasure reading?

Lately for me I would have to say anything by Clive Cussler in his Dirk Pitt series of novels. They are just so over the top that sometimes I can't help but continue reading on just to see what fantastical turn of events will take place next. :eek:

It is a bit like channel surfing on TV and coming across something like Jersey Shore; you know how ridiculous it is but you continue watching it anyway.

So what is your reading guilty pleasure?


An Old Friend
I am addicted to a couple of books I keep rereading

War Against The Chtorr by David Gerrold (Yes I am angry with him)

Edgar Rice Burroughs anything but especially the Barsoom Series

I now have a massive e-library but I constantly keep picking up the dead wood.