Feedback What is your least busy hour of the day?


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I'll likely be setting up a scheduled task on the server to restart both the HTTP and MySQL services daily. These normally only take a few minutes to restart (normally seconds but sometimes minutes if something is going on) but I still want to try to schedule it at a time when the odds are nobody else is on.

What hours of the day are you least likely to be on? I'm a late night person so it is not unusual for me to be on at 3:00am in the morning. For me, the hours between 4:00-6:00am are the target hours of when I'm likely to be offline (both work & personal).

So... what time of the day would be the least interruptive to you? Include your timezone so I can figure out what time it equates to in the Eastern zone. ;)
Well, the site just went down for a bit here at 1645hrs gmt, displaying a database error. Was this the daily planned restart?