What On Earth (Science Channel)


Jan 1, 2005
I noticed this show for the first time just a few weeks ago and set my DVR, there seems to only be a handful of episodes.

As someone who watches History, H2, Science Channel, Discovery, and the others for years now I feel like they keep making new shows about the same old stuff. The Phoenix lights, Oak Island, Roswell, Bigfoot, Aurora Texas, Rendlesham Forest, Lock Ness, etc... all stories I've heard over and over from tons of different shows over the years.

But this show- I was shocked- new mysteries I had never heard about- and some pretty good ones too.

Recommend taking a look/setting a DVR if you can. All weird stuff caught on satellites.

Most interesting so far was hundreds of square miles of ocean that were glowing off the coast of Africa for several days, backed up by ships who reported milking glowing water at night.

Also night time pictures of the Australian Outback with lights that looks like major cities where there are no cities. :o_O:


Code Monkey
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Mar 20, 2004
I just set the DVR to record upcoming episodes; thanks for the heads-up, I didn't catch this one while channel surfing.
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