What songs remind you of your fave celebrities?

Dark Avenger

Mar 22, 2005
This was a thread I first started over at the Internet Movie Database forums, so I thought I'd bring it here and get others' opinions on this.

They can be songs you heard while watching a favorite celebrity on TV or seeing their photos in magazines or on the Internet, for which you've since connected together, and it can be any song, from any decade and from any music genre, too; my list (which has since been added to from the original IMDb list) covers a pretty wide music range here, so I'll get things started.

David Boreanaz - "Brain Stew", Green Day
Seth Green - any of John Mayer's hits, including "No Such Thing" and "Clarity"
Will Smith - his hits from his DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince days (as well as his solo career)

Jennifer Garner - "Reveries", Dimitri from Paris; "Your Love", Laura Doyle (Canadian singer); "As Dreams Do", Quintana & Speer
Jennifer Love Hewitt - "How Deep Is Your Love", The Bee Gees; "La Belle Dame Sans Regrets", Chris Botti & Sting
Lacey Chabert - "Lollipops And Roses", Jack Jones; "Could It Be Magic", Barry Manilow
Ari Meyers - "Barefoot Ballet" and "Talking Hands", John Klemmer; "Take Me There", Grover Washington Jr.; "Touch Me When We're Dancing", The Carpenters
Alyson Hannigan - "Playing Your Game, Baby", Barry White (remixed by Groove Armada)
Charisma Carpenter - "Magic", Delerium featuring Julee Cruise; "Ocean Beach", Black Mighty Orchestra; "Turn Out The Lamplight", Laura Fygi (Dutch singer)
Eliza Dushku - "Breathe", Telepopmusik; "Rain", Night Traffic
Katie Holmes - "Hands", Jewel (featured in Katie's old show Dawson's Creek)
Denise Richards - "Surrender", Laura Pausini
Michelle Trachtenberg - "Cute", Bobby Darin
Jessica Alba - "Honey", Tosca
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - "Day By Day" and "Listen To The Night", Bet.E & Stef (Canadian group performing Bossa Nova)
Sarah Hagan - "Orbit Of Me", Delerium featuring Leigh Nash; "Intraspettro", Les Hommes; "Over", Alpha (for its idyllic sound and feel); "Touch", Seal; "Ordinary Day", Matt Bianco; "Ordinary People", John Legend; "Let's Waste Some Time", Marc Jordan & Molly Johnson (Canadian singers)


Apr 5, 2003
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hilary Swank-Hold Me Now-the polyphonic spree for some reason&Fighter-Christina Aguilara&Isn't She Lovely-dunno who sings it
Jennifer-Fighter-Christina Aguilara
Ross and Rachel-(i know they're a TV couple but you know)with or without you-U2
Michael Vartan-Too Good to be True-dunno who sings it &The Blowers Daughter-Damien Rice
Jan 15, 2005
Upland, CA
DA, I noticed you made a replica of this topic from the one you started on IMDB. Very clever, amigo :D :cool: . Anyhoo:

I'll make this post centered on just Jennifer and make another post on the rest of the actresses/actors later. Anyhoo, songs that remind me and/or describe my feelings for Jen:
Outkast:Prototype, Behold A Lady, Roses (she's definitely the 'real down-to-Mars girl' (y) )
Maroon 5:She Will Be Loved
Smashing Pumpkins-In the Arms of Sleep,By Starlight, Beautiful,Stand Inside Your Love,Luna
Van Morrison/Everclear-Brown Eyed Girl
The Smiths-Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Maps
Depeche Mode-Somebody,A Question of Time,Higher Love
The Cure-Love Song,Perfect Girl,High
Madonna-Crazy For You (due to 13 Going On 30 especially near the end)
Jennifer Garner-Since I Fell For You from 'Rendezvous'
Thompson Twins-Hold Me Now
Spandau Ballet-True
Semisonic-Secret Smile
Garbage-#1 Crush
Foreigner-Waiting For a Girl Like You
Foo Fighters-Everlong
John Lennon-Woman,Love
Beatles-All You Need Is Love, Oh! Darling,Something
Duran Duran-Save a Prayer,Ordinary World,Lonely In Your Nightmare
U2-All I Want Is You,With Or Without You
Morrissey-Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
Bruce Springsteen-Cover Me,Secret Garden
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