What the future holds...


Feb 26, 2003
hehe..okay alias elle....i changed the name!! ^_^ ...well...heres the first chap...and the second one....

~Chapter 1~

I looked down at his face. He looked at me with a stare that made me feel as if he was looking straight through my soul. I had to look away. Those perfect green eyes made me want to cry.
“Syd?” he asked me softly.
I couldn’t even look at him when I talked. I tried to focus on my shoes. “Wow,” I said simply.
He now stood up and put his hand under my chin and raised my face so that I could look directly at him. “Syd?” he asked again.
I started to cry gently. “Oh Michael,” I said softly as tears of joy streamed down my cheek.
“Yes?” he said hopefully. He reached over and wiped a tear.
My face broke out into a smile. “Of course I will marry you, Michael. Of course.”

I sat up in bed, and sighed deeply. A dream. It was a dream. No. Wait. It wasn’t a dream. I only wished it had been a dream. Only, I knew it was a memory. A very old memory...
I glanced sleepily at my alarm clock. It read 5:23. It was still dark outside. I turned off the clock’s alarm and walked into the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of yesterday’s, now-cold coffee. I sat at the table and drank in silence.

~Chapter 2~

I must have fallen asleep at the kitchen table, since when I woke up again, sun was filtering through the windows. I got up and poured the leftover coffee into the sink, and sat back down at the table. There was no work today. It was a Sunday.
I thought for a moment of all the possibilities a day off could bring – a jog in the park, a day at the beach, a shopping spree. None of these options appealed to me. I sat back in my chair. Why had things turned out the way they did. What if things had worked out between Michael and I. What happened between us?
I started to remember…

(flashback to about four years ago)

I sat in the chair in my office at the CIA. Michael approached me nervously.
“Hey Syd,” he said, smiling sheepishly.
“Hey,” I said, returning the smile. He kissed me on the cheek.
“I need to tell you something,” Michael said, holding my hands tight. I could feel his palms getting sweaty.
“What is it?” I asked with a worried expression on my face.
“We’ve been married for almost a year now. Right, Sydney?” Michael started.
“Right,” I replied.
“You must understand that I love you,” Michael said.
“I love you too, Michael. What is it?” I asked. Now I was concerned.
“The CIA offered me a job in New York. I have a choice if I want to go or not, of course, but Sydney, I really want to go. I really want you to come with me,” Michael said.
I was speechless. Nothing could prepare me for what he had just said.
“Syd?” he asked.
“Um, come with you?” I asked.
“Yes, Sydney. Come with me. To New York. We’ll spend the rest of our lives there together,” Michael said. He looked sincerely at me.
“Do I have time to think about this?” I asked.
“I leave tomorrow. Early in the morning, actually. You’ll come with me won’t you?” Michael asked. He looked at me with his deep, green eyes.
I couldn’t speak. Instead, I just shook my head.
“What? Syd? You have to come. We’re married, Syd,” Michael pleaded.
“No, Michael,” I said forcefully, “If you have a choice, then stay here. I’m not going. And if you go, then I don’t want to be married to you anymore.”
Michael looked hurt. “You don’t mean that, Sydney. You don’t.”
“I do mean it Michael. I would be giving up so much to leave here,” I replied selfishly.
“Don’t you think I would miss everyone and everything too?” Michael said.
“I won’t leave Michael. I’m not coming with you,” I said.
“Okay,” Michael said. He frowned but took off his wedding ring and laid it on my desk. “Good bye, Sydney.” He walked slowly away from my office. I didn’t follow him. I was so sure he would come back to me.
(end flash back)

Tears were rolling down my cheeks. “But he didn’t come back, did he?” I said to myself. I wiped my tears, but the pain of remembrance didn’t go away. ( :( )

Hope you all like it!!!! plz tell me what you think!!


Feb 26, 2003
:( tear....tear.....tear ..........this story better have a happy ending. i like it and all but it just has to have a happy ending


Jan 12, 2003
How stupid is he!?!?!?!? Must be really stupid!!! He just left!?!?! What was he thinking?? Serious duh, Vaughn: Geez the love of my life won't good so I guess I'll just leave...

he he sorry just expressing some angry on the stupidity of Vaughn..but I do have to SYd was pretty stupid too.

Please Write More..this better have a good endong ( plus you never there a some ppl with major FanFic rage..like me ;) )

he he...shhhhh

~KM :angelic:
awww!! That's so cute!! (eep!! did I use cute again?! *smack smack*) I don't know who was being selfish, Vaughn because he was going and wanted Sydney to come with him even though he said he had a choice, or Sydney for not going with him because she was afraid to leave what she had behind...Wait a minute, neither were selfish! This is a great story, keep it up and post some more soon!


Feb 26, 2003
awww...dont cry...well here's a very VERY short chapter....

~Chapter 3~

(a year later)

The sound of my doorbell ringing rang throughout my house. I was already late for work. I ran quickly down the stairs as the doorbell rang again. Who could that be? I ran to the front door and opened it. The mug of coffee I was holding in my hand dropped to the ground and shattered.
“Hello Sydney,” Michael Vaughn said from the doorway.


Jan 12, 2003
I'm sticking to the preview theory he he ;)

Love the fic! I like furistic fic (hints I wrote one) you can do anything and it will be your own!

~KM :angelic:


Feb 26, 2003
hehe...okay...here's a longer chap....

~Chapter 4~

I stood there without saying a word. It was as if I had just seen a ghost.
“May I come in?” Michael asked. I didn’t move. I just walked to the living and took a seat on the couch, completely forgetting that I was late for work. My hands were shaking. Michael followed me and sat down next to me. There was a very long silence.
Michael was the one who broke the silence. “How are you?” he asked quietly.
I wanted to shout, “HOW AM I?!?!? HOW AM I, YOU ASK? YOU LEAVE ME FIVE YEARS AGO AND ALL OF A SUDDEN APPEAR AT MY DOOR AND ASK ME HOW AM I!” Instead I softly replied, “Fine.”
“Good,” Michael said. Another awkward silence followed.
“So, um, I need to get to work. I’m already late. You can stay here if you want to until I come back. I get home at around five,” I said. I got up slowly.
Michael stayed seated on the couch. “Thanks. I guess I will stay here,” he said. I looked into his eyes, like I had done so many times before.
“Okay,” I said simply and headed for the front door, “Where are you staying?”
“Fairmont Hotel,” Michael said. I turned to leave. “Hey, Sydney?” Michael said suddenly.
I stopped and turned around. “What?”
“Do you still work at the CIA?” he asked me.
“No. Quit a while back. I’m an English teacher at the local high school,” I replied. I walked out the door and closed it, feeling frustrated, sad, angry, and, yet, hopeful all at the same time.