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When you come to watch episodes 12 through 20 you might just notice a difference. Not so much in writers style, since the same writers were used, but in quality and clarity of storyline.

It appears that 11 episodes were filmed before the strike and after the strike, the crew had time to rewrite episodes 12 through 20. Usually a tight schedule means mistakes can easily go through and the crew and the viewer have to put up with them. As there will be two blocks of airing, of 10 episodes each, it will be a while before we come across this subtle change, but it is worth remembering for when we get there.

UK (Sky One) air date 8th April.

'Battlestar' boss hails writers' strike

Wednesday, March 26 2008, 16:18 GMT
By Ben Rawson-Jones, Cult Editor

Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore has claimed that the writers' strike has helped to improve the show's quality, despite halting production midway through the fourth and final season.

Moore told Underground Online: "The writers had worked out what the arc in the back half [of the season] was already... [but] I think [the writers' strike] actually benefited the show in some ways in that... we started to think about things that we could change, things we could make better. And when the strike was over... we wrote the second half of the season all over again."

The strike, which has now concluded, meant that only 11 out of 20 episodes were filmed before production was put on hold. However, filming is currently underway on the remaining episodes and the final season will be screened in two blocks of ten episodes. The first block will be shown on Sky One from Tuesday, April 8.
I don't know. It felt rushed at times, not very fluid. Like they were trying to squeeze too many disassociated stories together and failed. Maybe a sign of that too tight scheduling for writing the episodes that they feel resolve themselves shortly after the mid term.