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What Went Wrong.....

Discussion in 'Open Chat' started by Vaughn_Lovah, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Vaughn_Lovah

    Vaughn_Lovah Vaughn's Chin Fondler

    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    I dont know if this aticle has been posted yet but I guess Ill do it anyway.

    From In Touch Weekly
    (This is me talking first)
    Since I cant show you the pictures Ill tell you what they say...
    These pictures are describing a kiss...
    1) Jennifer and Scott's kiss at the Catch Me If You Can Premiere in December was "passionless" according to body lauguage expert Dr. Barry Lubetkin. "Scott is not fully engaged, and Jennifer is leaning away from him. This shows reluctance."
    2) "Now, Scott is looking past his wife, indicating he's not feeling connected to her."
    3) "Jennifer's heart isn't in this kiss. She's glancing away, indifferent. She is not a happy lady."

    Now the In Touch Weekly article:
    Jennifer's Marriage Heartache
    The jealousy that tore her and Scott apart
    Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley seemed like any other couple in love until the moment they kissed for the cameras at the premiere of Jennifer's film Catch Me If You Can in December. He looked annoyed and she seemed uninterested. It was the moment that apparently marked the beginning of the end of their two-year marriage.
    Now their slpit is official. The pair have been seen carrying bags of possessions out of their home, and both are said to be devastated. "Jennifer is an extremely disciplined and committed person," says one friend.
    This should be one of the happiest times in 31-year-old Jennifer's life. Her smart, secy roles in Alias and in Daredevil have made her a hot property, but her new Hollywood success has also caused heartache.
    Scott 30, whose TV show A.U.S.A. has been axed, has had to endure the jealousy and worry caused by constant whispers about his wife's close on-set friendships with Ben Affleck(Daredevil) and Michael Vartan (Alias).
    "It was all pre-J. Lo," Says a friend of Ben Affleck's about the rumors on the Daredevil set. "But the word among the crew was that they were very close."
    Scott also hated watching his wife kissing other men onscreen. "It sucks," he said. "I won't meet the guys. It freaks me out." He was particularly upset when Colin Farrell bit Jennifer's lip, making it swell, during a kiss in Daredevil.(hey can ya blame him though? ;) ) "My husband was far from happy." she said.

    Newlywed nightmare
    Jennifer's superbusy schedule also damaged her marriage. "I get up while you're still sleeping. I come home and you've gone to bed," she complained in February. "That's not the ideal schedule for a newlywed.."
    She and Scott --- who fell in love on the set of Felicity --- couldn't even plan a family together because of her physical role as Sydney Bristow on Alias. "She can't play an international double-agent when she's pregnant," Scott said. "It's not like working on a sitcom where you can hide behind potted plants or hold a shopping bag infront of your stomach for nine months." (So true Scott...so true... :( )
    Despite the stress and jealousy, Jennifer an Scott tried everything from romantic dates to second honeymoon plans to keep their marriage together. In the end, though, their best attempts failed. It has been a difficult lesson for high-achiever like Jennifer to take, but if anyone can get though it, the world's most stylish TV tough-girl can.

    Me talking now....
    All I have to say is that atleast they tried....maybe its not over yet....who knows. As for the last line I really dont know what that is suppose to mean, just because she is a "stylish tough girl" she is invisible? I mean I love her to death but she is only human....

    They have a few more pictures and Ill tell you what they say...
    One of Jen and Ben with their noses together...
    "He's a great guy, Jennifer says of her Daredevil co-star Ben Affleck. "There's a reason why women all over the world are in love with him."

    One of Jen and Michael....
    "Jennifer clings to her Alias co-star Michael Vartan at an ABC party."

    One of Jen and Scott....I dont know about this one....they are walking and she is looking down and she has her jaw clinched...
    "Scott and Jennifer appear tense outside of a gym in March."

    Heres what it says at the very bottom of the article....
    Jennifer and Scott: The Struggle to save their marriage
    December 2002
    Jennifer and Scott look uncomfortable at the premiere of Catch Me if You Can. At Christmas, they fly to the Bahamas together to spend the holidays with her family and get some much-needed rest.

    January 2003
    At the Daredevil premiere, Jennifer looks happier posing with her co-stars Colin Farrel and Ben Affleck than she does with Scott.

    February 2003
    Jennifer reveals she and Scott have discussed plans for a second honeymoon later in the year.

    March 2003
    At ABC's 50th anniversary party, Jennifer arrives without Scott and posses for photos with Michael Vartan. A week later, she goes to the Oscars with her friend Katie Gage, leaving Scott at home. He says, "I'll get to go another year but the couple part within days.

    And thats all......
  2. IluvVaughn13

    IluvVaughn13 Vaughnster's Girl

    Dec 16, 2002
    Where ever Michael Vartan is (-:
    omg omg sooo much new information!! thanks vaughn lovah
  3. Vaughn_Lovah

    Vaughn_Lovah Vaughn's Chin Fondler

    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    np, at someone has responded to this....whew it took me forever to type :P
  4. VaughnFan13

    VaughnFan13 Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    didn't scott kiss other women onscreen too?
  5. Vaughn_Lovah

    Vaughn_Lovah Vaughn's Chin Fondler

    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    I dont know....I never watched AUSA....

    Anyway right now I am looking at one of the pictures of Jen with a friend and there is no wedding ring on her hand.....Dont take my word for it, Im just telling you what I see....
  6. Ames47

    Ames47 Amy Strikes Back

    Mar 31, 2003
    the outskirts of HELL
    yeah i got that mag last week and was reading the article. it was really interesting how they analized the pics. hmm but whats up with scott being all tick about who she kisses. i mean he does it too. i dont know i just think you need to get over it and its not real but oh well. i would be jealous but hey he was married to her and she came home to him. i just think he was over reacting just a little but still am sadden by the break up! :(
  7. AliasHombre

    AliasHombre Rocket Ranger

    Mar 2, 2003
    How can 1 guy say this from a damn kiss???
  8. Betha Bristow

    Betha Bristow Rocket Ranger

    Mar 18, 2003
    United States
    Oh my God, this is so sad.....I don't know why though. :brokenheart:I can't belive it. I CRIED in front of my computer!!!!!!! Jennifer, if you read this, I think you are making a BIG mistake........Oh God this is sad...
  9. Vaughn_Lovah

    Vaughn_Lovah Vaughn's Chin Fondler

    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    I get what your saying ames but I think it might have more to do with her not having any time for them. Of course there is gonna be that little tiny bit of jealousy, who wouldnt be jealous if their spouses job involved kissing people all the time.
  10. Vaughn_Lovah

    Vaughn_Lovah Vaughn's Chin Fondler

    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    it was 3 different shots talking about it as it went on
  11. Freelancer598

    Freelancer598 Rocket Ranger

    Mar 8, 2003
    I think they should get back together, they were perfect!!
  12. liliana

    liliana Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    South Africa
    we don't know what went on behind the scenes guys they might have been really unhappy.you can put on a front you may look happy doesn't necessarily mean you are.but i think they should try to work it out i think they are perfect.but if they are unhappy then maybe not
  13. SydnVaughn4ever

    SydnVaughn4ever Rocket Ranger

    Mar 4, 2003
    Wow!!! I just read this..... thought it was pretty interesting!!

    JG and MV

    I don't know if this will work,if not just go to imdb.com.
  14. nance

    nance TUMS

    Apr 18, 2003
    i just read the article (from imdb) - you never know if those sources are right though :rolleyes: i guess i'm just sad jen and scott split. isn't it early for jen to be dating? oh well- i don't care, it's her life, not mine.
  15. SiriCerasi

    SiriCerasi Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    why would someone waste their time anylizing a kiss??
  16. Kara

    Kara eternally nostalgic

    Apr 26, 2003
    under your bed
    What magazine is this from??
  17. Vaughn_Lovah

    Vaughn_Lovah Vaughn's Chin Fondler

    Feb 27, 2003
    my mama
    In Touch Weekly

    lol Siri, I dont know but I guess its their job(?) ^_^
  18. Sophie

    Sophie in love

    Mar 5, 2003
    because he is payed for it !!
  19. Milferd

    Milferd Sydney/Nadia shipper

    Mar 12, 2003
    Clearwater FL
    Interpriting how people are interacting is a inexact science but there is truth to it. I would never want to take one experts opinion on it but if several experts read the same thing on more than one incident there usually right.

    All this speculation on cause. The more I read on this the more it sounds like the break up instinct kicking in. They just found themselves not liking each other so the mind tries to find reasons to back up how it is feeling when the real cause is instinct. So if it was not the kiss or the being busy Jen and Scot would have found different reasons for why they were not liking each other.
  20. Caro

    Caro Rocket Ranger

    Apr 5, 2003
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    i think they both ( Jen & Scott ) have their reasons for splitting up. Experts are just trying to explain what went wrong, because we were all shocked when we found out, i mean, I even cried!

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