What were your favorite books when you were a kid?

i learned how to read when i was 3 years old and i started reading a lot on that very day. my favorite books were definitely the books by astrid lindgren, and i still love them all. she's a wonderful wonderful author, who wrote the best children's books in the world and her books opened the whole world of book to me. i still love all of her books, the best thing is that i can still read them, some of them are meant for adults as well. i deeply recommend: the brothers lionheart, mio my mio, and ronja, the rubber's daughter. they're all really great novels that can be read by both kids, teenagers and adults, though kids may not see them in the exact same way as adults do. but that's the beauty of it. -_-


I loved the Hardy Boys
Scooby Doo Series
Still love Harry Potter
There's some more, I just can't think today, its a weekend.
Give a mouse a cookie :P

I loved the Bernstien bears and Arthur too.

I also read the two of a kind series (marykate and ashley) and Full house, Sabrina. I really liked Rodal Dahl too.
my favourite books wen i was a kid.....(and still one of my favourites hehe) was called Rosie's babies. I still have it. its a relly really cute book with good pictures too :LOL:
ROsies's babies :woot: I LOVED THAT!!!! my sister is called rosemary and she got given it but i always used to take it and read it and the mud pies always looked so muuch fun and we always used to make them but it's a bit weird how she had a nest :blink:

am i the only person who read Amber Brown? I totaly love those books... they're the best :D

and obviously i read all the famous five, secret seven etc...

Oh did anyone have Arthur and Annie rose? they were so great- we had so many of those books...

oh and the Happy Families series? With all the differrent families in different traids... Like mrs Wobble the Watiress or Mr Jolly's Joke shop or ummm Miss Jump the Jocky... wow so great

ANd what about Puddle Lane :LOL: that has to be the longest reading series in history... or the magic keys! Biff and Chip :ROFLMAO: and the magic key began to glow....

and with that i'll be off on my own magical journey to the land of revision :yawn: