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> intergalactic bank!
After the first million second generation stars developed the rare
materials started gaining in value. The Empire set up the trade routes
with 'banks' of materials which could be traded for. Soon the 'banks'
were being pillaged and a policing system came into effect galaxy
wide. To assist control of the materials the 'Banks' developed into
great structures that housed the materials for trade under the owners
names. The 'InterGalactic Bank' Charged a small fee for the processing
and handling as well as the storage of "other" entities holdings. This
occurred around the beginning of the Galaxy's second generation star
collapse. Billions of years passed and now the Galactic holdings are
stored in planets and star systems throughout the galaxy. The BANK now
uses 'deeds and waivers' to control assets. There are more than a
tetrahelion worlds and systems registered and new ones being created
even today(last 10 billion years)

> the ultimate cencus taker
With the advent of photon determinator a cencus has been established
per quadrant-arc that can precisely measure photon disruption and
refraction to 1000nions. Effectively locating and tracking every
setient being in the field. All data is thought transfered into the
universal Moderation Complex at Quad zero center and processed for
> or universal mediator/moderator
The Universal Moderation Complex has created Sentient 001 Mediator to
disperse and quantitize all thought transfers. Ralphie The Button is
it's designation. All of this was established before it was thought of...
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