What's up Cool Scifi!!


PPDC Strike Group CO
Im very happy to be here and im looking forward to share with all you guys, the forum looks great, works great and im excited about chatting up with new people talk about movies and shoot' some casual talk to get to know everyone!.

thank you for this forum!
Broncoi, welcome aboard! :cool:

Can I ask what your "PPDC Strike Group CO" title means?

its from a new movie from del toro called "pacific rim", its like evangelion/ultraman/robot jox/mazinger vs the kaiju (giant beasts from another dimension)

the monsters come from the bottom of the pacific ocean that has a portal to another dimension, PPDC means pan pacific defense corps (the new human organization charged with the erradication of the monsters), a strike group is a "squad" of jeagers (robots) from different nations tasked to defend an specific quadrant of the pacific
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