What's with all the science?

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An Old Friend
Understanding SciFi requires some understanding of Science. I would break this down like this to explain what SciFi and Fantasy means to me.
I have an undying curiosity for the world around me. Any 'science' fascinates me to some point. I like to understand the 'hows' of a story.
My creativity and imagination craves the 'fiction' in a story.
My need for 'wonder' and 'awe' pushes me into 'fantasy' storylines.

We all know what 'Science' is...or do we?
I asked once what the difference was between Science Theory and Science Fiction. The answers I recieved led me to believe the main differences are Who, How Long, and HowDeep. In other words, Some of your known theoretical scientists are actually only writing educated SciFi. Some of your SciFi Writers have actually written science fact before "someone" could prove it. See...Blurry lines!

Ponder these:
ScienceFiction & Fantasy

It is mindboggling! It is Honorable!
So when my kids ask why I link in so many science sites to ScienceFiction topics I can say without one there would be no other!

Now My head needs to restabilize!:confused: