What's you PC Gaming Story?


Dec 24, 2010
Everyone of us has a story behind starting gaming on the PC.Share it with us here :)

Here's mine ->

I am not much of a PC gamer after the graphic cards came out and no new game worked on my old pc, but I did use to play PC games in my younger days.

So, Anyone used to play Age of Empires then?It was such an awesome game for me, a person who loves strategy games connected with the Roman Empire.I used to play it like 7 hours a day on every holiday(Literally)!!!.

I just love remembering those days, sadly with the closure of Ensemble studios, no New AOE game has come out :( .I hence play some 'Sid Meier's Civilization now.

So, What's your Story?


Dec 23, 2010
I used to play Cossacks, but now I don't, thats when I had a Pentium II, but it worked fine :)

Now I play all the latest steam games if my GPU can work with them :)


Jan 6, 2011
Age of empires and I learned that with some skills you can adapt any game to your likings.
Got the PS2 afterwards and when the next gens were coming out, the 360 was plain pathetic, the Wii was alright but is just something for fun, not a challanging progressive game and the Playstation felt like getting the same thing over again.
So I went back to PC and never changed.
Don't need to buy a new console every year, greatest choice of games and the ability to customize and mods beat a console version anytime.
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