what's your fave marshall quote?


Feb 19, 2006
Marshall quotes are the funniest! The best ones(other than the hilarious things he says to Syd when hes half asleep or drugged and the way he said "Hello" on a mission :D ) are when he writes a song or poem.

Song for Carrie: (lightly tapping the cymbol on a drumset) You're the micro in my chip. The giga in my byte. I think about you Carrie every morning noon and night. Morning, noon, and night. (Starts banging on all the drums basically at the same time... very loud) CARRIE! we had sushi!!! (back to the cymbol all quietly) i'll protect you while you sleep, Carrie marry me. I love you. I love you.
LOL! I LOVE this one. Its so Marshall to randomly drag out a drumset and attempt to woo some1. It gets me every time. :LOL:

Poem for Sydney: I lost my keys... where are they?
I dont know exactly what it is about this line... but its AMAZING! Maybe it's b/c its so Marshall. Whatever it is... its HILARIOUS!!!

I also love his song for Mitchell... I cant thin of the exact words, but I love how he tried to say it quietly so no1 would hear...2 bad they did. lol

Man! there are so many more... but ive already written a lot... and there's def not enough room to write them all. Marshall is def the funniest character on ALIAS... HANDS DOWN!!
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