What's your favorite Irina quote?

Jun 25, 2005
i love everything she says coz it's always so relevant for the storyline...
But, maybe my favorite is "Jack, i undestand why u believed u had to kill me but the truth is, if the situation had been reverse, i would have found another way"

that implies that she never ever -not even thinking Jack wanted their daughter killed- would kill Jack, never ever. that means that she loves him. sweet sweet swett


May 1, 2005

"Sydney, I love you."
"You may not see me on your wedding day, but I'll see you."
"Trust me...because I'm your mother."
"You know technically....we may still be husband and wife.."
^ ii LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE when she smiles after she says that. It's soo adorable..

xO aRiaNNa



Nov 16, 2005
new york
my fav..you know when syd and irina are ojutside of her cell at the end of passages2 or something...and Irina talks to Syd then hugs her, but those guys break them up. All that stuff Irinia says to Syd, about why she did what she did.
Also, in season 3 when jack is contacting irina in his car, and she writes, "miss you." (y)
Jan 16, 2006
I like all irina's quotes but especially:

-"Trust me ....because I'm your mother." Then syd cried like a little bitch.lol
-"Trust takes time."
-"My love for you and your father was not a contrievance."
-"What did you tell my husband about the horizon." Love that quote because she called jack her husband, but it confuses me because some people didn't know they were stillmarried. Jack said they were technically still married in season 2, and I doubt jack had it annulled.
-"How do you thank the woman that killed your father." Love that because I love when she toys with vaughn, I don't think she killed his dad.


Dec 10, 2004
Germany, Munich
Oh my God! I like almost everything Irina says. She's great!

But I thought about my favs. So here they are:

"Truth takes time" - because it perfectly describs her character and what the show is about.

"You may not see me on your wedding day, but I'll see you." :love: 'nuff said

After she realizes who Nadia is: "Oh...Sweetheart!" - do I have to explain anything? Again: Awww! :love:
Dec 6, 2003
Irina's interaction with anyone on the show is great. Even the minor characters.

"I did cooperate, Mr. Kendall. YOU. Didn't. Listen."
"I said I'd find out IF there is an overlap."

"Your parents were brave to marry, knowing the prejudice they'd face."

"Let her go. Play with me instead."

"Marshall, listen to me very carefully..."


Sep 19, 2005
cold old england
i love the time when irina.....was on the plane with nadia,syd,jack and vaughngoing to sovolka, and she says to nadia "i had a picture of you in my head all my life" i thought that was cutie
Dec 6, 2003
To Nadia, it was: "I've seen you all my life. In my mind.

But to Jack: "I’ve had a picture of you in my mind for twenty years. I see a loving husband, generous man, patriot. I may have been - under orders - to fabricate a life with you... but there were times when the illusion of our marriage was as powerful for me, as it was for you - especially when Sydney was born. Looking at you now, I see that illusion is finally gone.
May 2, 2004
i love the one to nadia too. :) but it's hard to pick a number one quote. there are so many good!

"i knew you'd come." ... "truth takes time."... "i wonder who she got that from."



Dec 9, 2006
One favourite I have is in season 2, one of the last episodes (can't remember which of them..)
It's when she says that she's "working for a Scandinavian company". The quote itself is not that funny, it's more like the way she's saying it.
Cuz she speaks like a Swedish person who really sucks at English, and that accent sounds really funny for someone who's from Sweden, believe me :D
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