When dreams become reality


Jul 20, 2003
When dreams become reality

Summary: Syd&Vaughn are happy together, but then someone from Syd's past returns and the troubles begin...

Disclaimer: I don't own ALIAS, the only thing that belongs to me, is my brain

A/N: This is my very first fanfic. English is not my native language. If there are any mistakes, I'm sorry - just let me know it and I'll correct it!
This is the first chapter, it's called "thoughts". If you like it, please tell me and I'll post the next chapter.
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1. Thoughts

In the late afternoon Sydney lies on her couch. She has her eyes closed, but she isn’t sleeping. It’s her day off and she’s enjoying the peace and quiet. She does something, she wanted to do for a long time – nothing. SD-6 is gone and she’s now an offical agent of the CIA. Sure her mother, Sloane and not to forget Sark are somewhere out there, but she hasn’t heard from anyone of them for nearly two weeks. Of course, this doesn’t mean, that they are gone or that they stopped fighting against her and the agency. Maybe right now they are sitting together and are planning another crazy assasination attempt on someone she knows or loves.
Diane. When she thinks of her dead friend, she feels a deep sadness but also a slight feeling of rage comes to her mind, because of this senseless death. She called Dixon yesterday. He told her, that he was ok and she shouldn’t worry too much because of him. He said, he would call her, when he would be ready to go back to work.
Sydney knows from her own experience, that she can’t do much for Dixon right now. Sure, she told him, that when he needed someone to talk, he should call her at any time. But in the first few days or weeks, after such a big loss, you have to find your own way to live on, You have to find something, that gets you up in the morning and something that brings you through the day and something that helps you to find sleep. After Danny was murdered, the only thing that was really important to her, was to bring SD-6 down, but now she knows, that she would have gone crazy, if there hadn’t been one person, who had always been there for her. He had been the only light in the dark days of grief, blind rage and self-hate (because she thought it was all her fault; if she hadn’t told Danny, they wouldn’t have killed him). First he was her handler, a handler that had an instinct about her. And in time they became friends and now, well now they are lovers. A smile spreads across her face, when she thinks of him. Vaughn – her guardian angel. He brought her back to life. He showed her, that life is worth living and that real love sometimes happens two times in one life.
Her relationship with Vaughn is so different from that, what she had with Danny. Between Michael and her are no secrets, he has always known, how her real life looks like. Danny thought of her as a student, with a job at a bank, but Michael knew, that she was a spy from their first meeting on. Right from the start she was able to tell Vaughn everything that was on her mind, of course not everything, she grins, as she remembers, how often she resisted the urge to grab his tie and pull him to her to kiss him, till both of them have no breath left. When she had been with Danny, she had to be so cautious about what she told him and then, when she finally decided to tell him about her real life, she signed his death warrant. She loved him so much, but these feelings are part of her past. Now there’s a new man in her life and maybe she loves him more than Danny, but she knows one thing for sure, she won’t forget Danny and there will always be a special place in her heart, which is only reserved for him.
With these thoughts she drifts into sleep and with the sleep come dreams of a long gone lover, who gently kisses her. The kiss deepens and it seems to her, that this is a promise. A promise, that he will come back and demand back, what was once his.

Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
Oooooo... I like it. Very suspensful. Did I mention I hate Danny (n) . Eww.... why is Syd thinking about him at night. J/k I know Vaughn wont let Danny take Syd away. I can't wait, I want to see what happens next? I wonder what will. Great writing, and great start. I hope you will write more soon. Can I get a pm when you update? This is very good (y)

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Jul 20, 2003
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Jul 20, 2003
2. The dream

His hands are everywhere, they run up and down her body. After his hands are done, his lips begin to caress her body. It feels so good. She moans for more and he, well knowing what she wants, gives her more. He kisses her passionately. But before they reach their climax together, Sydney opens her eyes with a gasp. She sits up and stares in the darkness. She’s alone, but in a way, it feels as if he’s around. She still can feel his hands on her body, his lips touching hers. Sweat is runnig down between her breasts. She takes a deep breath. This dream felt so real. What does this mean? She hasn’t dreamt of Danny since months, but also when she dreamt of him, it has never been so intense and she has never dreamt of making love to him. Danny’s gone a long time ago, she’s now in love with Vaughn. Vaughn. Sydney gropes around for her cell phone, she knows it must be on the coffee table. There it is. She presses a button and the phone starts dialing. He answers as usual, “Vaughn.”
Her heart beats a little quicker, when she hears his voice.
“Hey, it’s me.”
“Hey. Is everything okay?” She can imagine, how he knit his brow in this moment.
“Yeah, everything’s allright. I just…” …just what? What is she going to tell him? Hey, you know what happened to me? I had an erotic dream. But you were not part of it, it was my dead fiancé, who made love to me…
“Syd? You just what…?”
“I just wanted to hear your voice.” She ends the sentence.
“You called, just to hear my voice?” She can hear him smile and starts to smile too.
“So, when are you coming home?”
“I’ll be there in about 45 minutes or so. Is that okay for you?”
“No, but I think I can handle it.” She grins.
“Good” he says, again with a smile in his voice. Before she could end the call, she hears him calling her name ”Syd!”
She puts the cell phone back to her ear. “Syd?”
“Uh, I forgot to tell you something.”
“What?” she asks curiously.
“I love you!”
The warm feeling of love runs through her body, when she answers ”I love you too!”
She puts the phone back on the coffee table and sits a few minutes in the dark. Has she lied to Vaughn for the first time since they knew each other? Maybe she should have told him about the dream. But it was only a dream, an intense dream, but still only a dream. Maybe she is going to tell him tonight, a phone call is not the best way for a confession like this. She can’t hardly wait, till he’s coming home, home to her. She likes it, when he’s around, because in these moments she thinks, that her life is perfect. He gives her what she needs, his love, his passion, his trust, his life. She knows, he would do anything for her and if his death would be the only way to save her, he would give his for her life. And she would do the same for him, without much thinking. Maybe she should go and cook him a special dinner, but she decides to sit on the couch for a few more minutes, alone with her thoughts. Her thoughts, that now are full of Michael Vaughn, the man she loves more than her life.

3. Welcome home, Vaughn

After about twenty minutes sitting in the dark, Sydney decides to light the candles, which are placed on the coffee table. She wants to create a special “welcome home, Vaughn!”- atmosphere, so she also makes fire in the fireplace and puts candles everywhere in the room. Now the whole room is bathed in a warm golden light. She knows, Vaughn will like this. She opens the glass fronted cabinet and takes two red wine glasses out and puts them on the coffee table. Then she walks in the kitchen and looks through the different bottles of wine. Most of them are red wine, Vaughn likes it better than white. She chooses his favourite type and places it near the glasses. Maybe she should open it right now. What did Vaughn say about the breath of wine? She laughs out loud, when she thinks of their conversation, or rather, conversations about wine.
“No, Syd! Not the breath of wine!” he laughs. “Listen. Imagine, you have been locked up in a bottle like this!” he ostentatiously swings the bottle back and fro. “Not only a few days, no years. And then somebody decides to open it and set you free. What would you do first?”
“Take a deep breath???” Sydney smiles and kisses him.
“No,no,no….no kissing…don’t change the subject Syd…this is really interesting…really…important…”
So Vaughn’s first try to teach Sydney how to handle a good wine, found an abrupt ending. But he didn’t give up so easily.
A few days later, Sydney had been fast asleep, when he softly whispered something into her ear. “What?” she asked drowsily.
“Well, what would you do first, after a long time in a bottle?” he repeated his question. “Vaughn?”
“Are you speaking in your sleep or do you think I’m Jeannie?” She felt his body shaking beside her. So, she slowly opened her eyes, only to see that he was laughing.
“Who’s Jeannie?” he asked her, after he had calmed down.
“You know, the girl, that lives in a bottle and who always makes wishes come true.”
Vaughn again began to laugh. “No, I don’t think, that you are living in a bottle, but the part with the wishes doesn’t sound so bad!” He grins.
“So, what are we talking about?”
“The breath of…” he began. “…wine.” Now it was Sydney’s turn to burst into laughter. “Okay, let me hear the secrets of how to treat a wine right!” Vaughn cleared his throat. “Well, to make it short. You should not open a wine and drink it immediately. Open it and wait a few minutes, so that he…” he gave her a sidealong glance before he continues “…can breath. So it can fully unfold its flavour.”
“Oh? That’s all? No applause? No compliments? No reward for such a great wine connoisseur?” he asks with a big grin. “As you wish, master!” Sydney said and kissed him passionately.

Sydney takes the wine back in the kitchen. There she opens the kitchen cupboard searching for a bottle opener. Suddenly she feels the soft touch of a hand, that slowly strokes down her back. The other is placed on her waist and pulls her near to his muscular chest. Wow, she thinks, he really must have exceeded a few speedlimits to be home so soon. He’s about half an hour earlier here, than she has expected. Now his lips begin to kiss the smooth skin of her neck and Syd stops thinking and snuggles closer to him. One of her hands find its way to his head and she gently strokes his hair and his cheek. She closes her eyes. She wants to concentrate only on the way he touches her. She doesn’t want to see or hear him, instead of that she only wants to feel him, smell him. It seems as if he’s using a new after shave. Later she will tell him, that she likes it, but now… he slowly turns her around, takes her face between his hands and gently places a kiss on her forehead. His lips softly brush against her closed eyes and her cheeks. After a short break, which seems like an eternity to Sydney, he brings his lips close to hers, they are nearly touching, but he stops again. She feels his fingers following the countours of her lips. Why doesn’t he kiss her? She wants him to kiss her right now… “Vaughn…” she moans. He suddenly pushes her hard on the ground. Her head knocks against one of the kitchen cupboards. Sydney could only wince in pain, before everything fades to black and she looses her consciousness.


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Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
That was great. The whole scene with Vaughn and the bottle cracked me up. Eww, Sydney had a sex dream with Danny. I would so love to see how Vaughn reacts to that. Really good job. You are an excellent writer, and this story gets better and better. Thanks for the pm, and please post more soon. I love your story. (y) :D

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Jul 20, 2003
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4. The intruder
Sydney slowly opens her eyes. She’s lying on the kitchen floor. It’s quite dark, somebody must have turned off the lights. But it is bright enough for her, to make out that she’s alone in the kitchen. When she tries to sit up, a sharp pain runs through her her head. She sinks back to the ground and touches the back of her head. There she finds the cause of her her terrible headache – a big swollen bump.
What has happened? Why is she lying on the floor? Her head feels as if it is a balloon and because of the throbbing pains it seems to her, that it is going to explode soon. She can’t hardly concentrate, but she tries to remember, what has brought her in this situation? Or rather, who has brought her in this situation? She knows, that she has been waiting for Vaughn to come home from work. Vaughn?! She remembers the feeling of strong arms wrapped round her… soft lips, kissing her forehead, her eyes…not her lips…but she wanted him to do it…Vaughn…she has been calling his name…and then?… a sharp pain and darkness. That’s it. But new pictures and emotions cross her mind…he came home much sooner than she expected…the smell…new aftershave…the kisses…the touches…but no words…no I love you…no I missed you, Syd…why hasn’t she recognized this earlier??? Now the confusing pieces of her memory begin to fit together. A feeling of sickness overwhelms her, when Sydney finally realizes that Vaughn didn’t come home earlier and it wasn’t him, who touched her that way. But somehow everthing seemed so familiar to her…
Sydney’s so lost in thought, that she doesn’t hear the footsteps coming towards her. She doesn’t see the person either, because of a kitchen cupboard, he’s out of sight. But she does see the barrel of a gun and all her spy-trained senses go in to action mode. Adrenaline is bumped through her veins, her pains are forgotten. She jumps up and attacks the intruder. She knocks the gun out of his hands, hits him in his stomach. He groans with pain, but can’t defend himself, because Sydney has already kicked him between his legs. He collapses on the floor and Sydney goes for the gun. She grabs it, kneels down to her enemy and points it to his head.
“One wrong move and you’re dead!” she says with a cold voice.
He inhales deeply and tries to catch some breath. Syd knows, that he has no bad, but very painful injuries. She also takes a deep breath and closes her eyes for a second, because now the adrenaline is gone and the pain slowly comes back. The air flows through her nose and mouth and beginns to fill her lungs, she smells his sweat, but mixed with his perspiration a familiar scent reaches her nose.
Vaughn! This time it is really his aftershave!
She jumps up and searches hastily for the light switch. She finds it. The first few seconds she doesn’t see anything, because her eyes have to get used to the light, but then her suspicion turns out to be right. There on the kitchen floor sits Michael Vaughn and he is pain, pain she has caused. Sydney feels, that her eyes begin to fill with tears. The last one and a half hours seem to become a never ending nightmare. She collapses next to Vaughn.
“Vaughn I’m so sorry! I…” she bursts into tears. Vaughn doesn’t move. Silence surrounds them.The only thing that could be heard are Sydney’s sobs.


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Jan 26, 2003
Florida (Now PA for college)
That was FANTASTIC!!! I can't believe Sydney hit Vaughn. You had me in suspense the whole time. This was really a exciting chapter. I can't wait for more. I just have one question. I see chapter 2, and then it goes to 4. Who was the intruder that hit Sydney? Or am I not suppose to know yet. Anyway really good job, and please post more. I can't wait!! :woot: (y) :) (y)

Love ya,

Lauren :angelic:
Mar 22, 2003
This just keeps on getting better and better and better and better.............
You've got me hooked!!! This is such a great story!!
Your a great writer!!!! Keep it up!!
Thanks for the PM!!!! Post more when you can!!!


Jul 20, 2003
I can't believe Sydney hit Vaughn.
well, she didn't know that it was him...and about the chapters...I've posted chapters one to four...1. Thoughts....2. The dream....3. Welcome home, Vaughn (I've posted two and 3 in one update)...and then there's chapter 4. The intruder...I hope everything's clear now :)
and the intruder...hm...you'll soon find out! :whistle:

Italian fan: oh yes...I just can agree with you...poor Vaughn! :)

You've got me hooked!!!
really? YEAH!!! I hope you'll also like the future chapters, because this is going to be a looooong journey! :D

Alias Fan Gillian:
I can't wait to find out who the intuder was
soon, my friend...soon! :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

okay, here's chapter 5!
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5. The suspicion

Suddenly Vaughn puts her hand into his, leads it to his lips and kisses it softly. “Shhh, Syd.” he whispers and pulls her into a hug.
They enjoy their embrace for a while, then Vaughn says in a slow voice “Well, I’ve always known, that you’re a good fighter. I mean, I’ve often seen you, giving someone a thrashing, but…ow…I wouldn’t have expected you to be that good! I think the only part of my body that doesn’t hurt, is my head.”
“I’m so sorry…” Sydney apologizes again, but Vaughn interrupts her.
“ Stop worrying about me, you should better start worrying about yourself!” Sydneys looks at him curiously.
“What do you mean by that? You really can’t compare my bump with that what I did to you!” she argues.
“Well, our little friend…” he points his finger at the sensitive place between his legs, before he continues “…feels as if a demoltion ball has hit him! So the next two maybe three weeks I will only be able to express my feelings for you with hugs and kisses!”
Silence. “You have a bump?”
Sydney starts to cry again, but her sobs are mixed with laughter. How can he still be joking in a situation like this?
Vaughn gives her a quick kiss on the lips and looks straight into her eyes.
“Now, what the hell has happened here? I mean, the first thing I recognized, was the wide opened front door. Because of that, I thought maybe you had an uninvited guest, so I sneaked in and the next thing I remember is you attacking me…”
Sydney sighs. She doesn’t know how to begin. She knows, that when she tells him about the intruder she also has to mention the dream she had. How will he react? If he had dreamt about Alice, she would be hurt. He’s already suffering from physical pain because of her. Telling him about Danny wouldn’t make things better, but there’s no other solution.
So she starts to tell him everything. The dream, the incident in the kitchen, that she thought, it was him, who had kissed her “…I thought it was you, because everthing was so familiar to me, the way he touches and caresses me. But when I called your name, he pushed me on the ground, I think my head hit a cupboard when I fell on the floor, so that’s where I got the bump from. I lost consciousness for a few minutes. And shortly after I woke up, I saw the barrel of a gun and the rest is history.”
“But could you identify him?” Vaughn asks, after he has listened to her speech silently. But she remembers the short flicker of pain and jealousy in his eyes, when she told him about the dream.
“Yes, I think I know who it was.” Syd says.
She takes a deep breath before she tells him her absolute crazy and absurd suspicion.
“I think it was Danny!”
After the words come out of her mouth, she wished that she had kept it to herself. It’s only a feeling, she has no proof.
Vaughn gives her a shocked look. “Syd, that’s impossible! Danny’s dead! You have found his dead body yourself!”
He must think that she’s gone mad. “I know! And I also know how absurd this may appear to you…”
“Absurd?! Syd…as I said before, that’s impossible!!!” he nearly shouts.
“Listen, I’m gonna call Weiss, he should build a team and come to your house. They should search for fingerprints, hairs or something like that. Maybe we’ll find something that helps us to identify the person. Okay?” he asks in a calmer voice.
Sydney nods and Vaughn gets up from the kitchen floor.
She sees that he’s still in pain, but nevertheless he helps her up. She suddenly feels dizzy, another aftereffect of her encounter with the kitchen cupboard. Maybe she has a minor concussion, she thinks. Vaughn puts his arm round her waist and leads her to the couch.
“I think, you should lay down! Maybe you’re suffering from concussion!” Ha, she thinks, my words.
He looks concerned. “I go and get you some ice, that will help to reduce the swelling. If you feel sick, I’ll have to take you to hospital.”
“I’m okay, really!”
He gives her another concerned look. “Okay, I’m going to call Eric. Maybe you should inform your father.”
“Yeah, I really should give him a call.”
Syd reaches for the cell phone, which still lies on the coffee table, where she put it down after she had spoken with Vaughn. It’s ridiculous how fast things can change, the last time she used this phone everything was allright and now it seems as if nothing’s gonna be the same again.
Her life has never been easy, but she always knew what to do. This time everything is different. She feels lost and helpless. And for the first time Sydney Bristow is afraid of what the future will bring.

Mar 22, 2003
That was AMAZING!!
you have gotten me forever hooked!! I don't think I could ever stop reading this story!!
Post more soon!!!
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