When Love Happens

Author's Note: Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, nor any of the songs that I may use throughout the story. This is for pure enjoyment only.

For the sake of my story Vaughn and Sydney, for now, have three children;
Isabelle: 7 years old
Jack: 4 years old
Aiden: 2 years old (this character however, I do own)

When Love Happens
Chapter 1: Love Happens​

The sun was long gone. It had disappeared behind the waves, setting itself somewhere on the other side of the world. The only thing that gives off light is the half moon reflecting off the ocean. She stands on the deck and lets the breeze wrap
around her like a thin blanket. The rolling waves are the only noise she can hear. She feels him, before she feels him. He
comes up behind her to rest his chin against her shoulder. “The kids are asleep . . . for now.”
“For now?” She buries her self deeper in his embrace.
“That storm will be coming in soon. You know how Jack isn’t fond of thunder and Isabelle just hates lightning.”
“And what about Aiden?”
“Ah, he could sleep through a dump truck sailing through a nitroglycerin plant.”
“Just like his father.” She feels his smile against her cheek. The temperature drops, the breeze picking up some speed.

The clouds seem to roll in without anyone noticing. The rain comes first. Slowly at first, a mere mist. Within
seconds, it forms puddles in the sand. The waves are rougher and more frequent. Vaughn pulls Sydney into the house
sliding the doors shut. Down the hall their three children stay sound asleep, unaware of the storm raging outside their
windows. Maybe it will be a calm storm. One that she and Vaughn can enjoy; one without someone’s foot in their side, or
another’s hand in their face. Sydney wanders into their bedroom to change while Vaughn stays behind to set the coffee pot
for the morning. He wipes down the counter before following in his wife’s footsteps.

Vaughn steps out of his jeans and pulls his t-shirt off to set them in the hamper nestled in the corner of their
room. Although the temperature outside is on the chilly side, due to the weather, the room is slightly on the muggy side so
he opens the doors to the balcony and lets the breeze sweep in. The light from their adjoining bathroom goes out and
Sydney steps into the room in something that was not meant to stay on. At least, if he had any say in the matter. The devil
that his wife is, already knew that. “Are you going to stand there and tease me, or are you come over here so I can tease
“Well, that depends Mr. Vaughn?”
“Are you feeling lucky tonight?”
“Aren’t I lucky every night?” He has her stumped there. She walks closer to him, but just far enough to be out of reach. He
would have to lean in if he wanted her. And he wanted her. The rain, the gentle breeze, his wife wearing nothing, all this
was like gasoline on an already burning fire. In his swift grace, he pulls her to him and places his mouth over her own. His
tongue begs for permission and sweeps her mouth clean while hers fights to gain the upper hand. They become a tangled
mess of limbs and tongues forgetting where she ends and he begins. They manage to find the bed in their fumbling and
Sydney’s nightie finds its place on the floor, somewhere next to his boxers he thinks.

He finds himself on his back with her legs hugging his hips. He feels the feather light touch of her fingertips
tracing the scars littering his chest. The round wounds are pink and slightly faded, jagged around the edges. Thirteen of
them are scattered about and her eyes never cease to water when thinking back on that day, but Vaughn never lets her
thoughts linger there for long. He pulls her down on top of his and rolls their entwined bodies until he’s the one on top. His
weight is comfortable and inviting. Sydney arches her body to mesh closer to Vaughn and his lips travel from her lips to
the taunt skin of her neck. The skin his teeth finds becomes shallow as she sucks in a quick breath, he moves on. His lips
travel the short distance from her neck to her breasts. Deciding which one to give attention too was slightly difficult so he
just went with the left one first. He lightly grips her nipple with his teeth, tugging ever so gently, but yet just hard enough to
elicit a moan from deep within her throat. Sydney’s hips thrust under his when he smugly continues to tug at her flesh,
hands roaming the length of her side and back up again to settle in her hair. His fingers tangle in her hair and his knuckles
turn a slight shade of white as Sydney’s hips tease his erection trapped between their bodies. With teasing, it only leads to
more and someone has to stop it. Before she can pull him away, his lips are already on hers and his knee pushes her leg
further away. Taking the invitation, she wraps her legs around his thighs and pushes into her in one fluid motion, burying
himself so that pelvis meets pelvis. They swallow one another’s moans and the dance begins. His thrusting is slow at first,
knowing the slow, teasing pace will piss her off slightly. When she’s fed up with the torturous pace, Sydney’s legs travel
further up his body to cling to his hips, forcing him deeper inside her. “Hmm, aren’t we the insistent one.” Ignoring his
comment she thrust her own hips roughly against him and he grunts from the pleasure coursing through his blood. Her lips
find his neck and she begins to suck, almost as if she were a vampire. Now, even he knows he can’t tease her forever;
that just wouldn’t be fair. The smell of the salt water sweeping in off the shore, mingled with the sweet smell of sex adds to
the burning fire and he pushes one knee towards her chest while he thrust more vigorously. She grabs fistfuls of hair
urging him to continue and his mouth seeks her own and the thrusting builds until her internal walls clamp down on him and
begin to quiver, her orgasm flushes her entire body with a pink tint and spent she collapses further into the mattress.
Moments later when his own release produces a sheen of sweat on his back, he nestles his head in the crook of her neck.
Vaughn plants a few kisses to her shoulder and rolls onto his back. She follows and put her head to his chest and an arm
around his waist. “I love you Vaughn.”
“Mhmm, I love you too, very much.” Together they fall asleep the storm still raging and the kids still sleeping. Tomorrow is
another day they get to spend together, but if tomorrow never comes, then love happened today.


These Words, From My Heart...
Wow...that was really good intro for your story and a great lead in to what else is coming. I really liked how you mentioned the scars on his back and the flash of pain the Syd feels. That was very JJ. ;)

Look forward to reading some more!
Chapter 2: Tomorrow Came and Turned into Today​

Occasionally there were nights like these. She would be curled against his side, a hand placed over his heart. Unlike the previous nights, tonight would be different. Tonight he would wake up too.

It started out the same as every other time; Sydney stood helplessly as the train barreled past the warehouse. The shots were already fired, she was forced to just wait, wait until that endless train passed through. It was endless and it just kept going and going. When she was able too, she ran to him, he was slumped against a train car wheezing and loosing too much blood, too fast. She couldn’t do anything, she just tried to cover as many of the wounds as possible. The cell phone came out of her pocket and the ambulance was on their way, she just had to wait, just sit and wait.

Her father was there when she left the room, but in her nightmare, there was no talk of how to save Vaughn, because in this nightmare, he was already dead, he hadn’t even made it past the emergency room door before they pronounced him dead. There was nothing she could do; but sit and wait. She held his hand as they removed the tube that was suppose to help him breathe. The pulled the white sheet over him and she let go of his hand, never to feel the warmth and the comfort there again. She would just have to sit and wait, wait for her own death to come so that she could be with him. For now she would just have to sit and wait.

His funeral was where the nightmare usually became unbearable. She becomes ridden with guilt, guilt of that day when she threw it in his face for moving on. She hadn’t known what it would be like to be told that the person you love is never coming back, because they are dead. In that moment, the moment when she looked up from her place at the front of the church to see his coffin, his final resting place, she knew then what he felt those few years ago when they told his she was never coming back. And the breath escapes past her lips and the blood runs cold underneath her skin, she is no longer the Sydney he knew and loved, she was a mess and she would forever be waiting for the day when she could just die and be with him so for now, she would just sit and wait. The time she usually woke up was right when the doors opened to let everyone out, to let everyone go back to their lives and forget. Not her.

Sydney wakes up right in that moment, her eyes burning and her skin cold and clammy.

This time her sobs weren’t kept at bay, she let them go because tonight was the anniversary of the day she was resurrected and old feelings were revisited. So she hugs her knees to her chest and jumps slightly when a pair of arms wrap around her body. “Honey, you ok?” She turns to face him and her sobs answer his question. So, Vaughn lets her cry and givers her time, knowing she will tell him when she’s ready. Only a few minutes pass before she turns to look at him. “I’ve been having this dream for a few years now, it’s not every night, just occasionally. It’s the day you were shot by Dean. It’s just the waiting and the not knowing that makes it so unbearable. But unlike how it really ended up, you die. You don’t even make it into the operating room before they pronounce you. And I can’t grasp the idea of it. You can’t be gone. You are the only one that’s ever been able to save me, so why couldn’t I have saved you. And then I’m at your funeral and your body is really in that coffin and in that moment I know was it was like for you. To find out that I wasn’t coming back, that I was dead and you were left to grieve and mourn me. All the life that was in me was now gone, you were gone and I was left to live without you and that wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair at all. And when I wake up I realize that you are alive, that I was able to save you and then the guilt hits. I threw it in your face that you moved on. That I would have waited if it were me. And the truth is, I was angry that you were gone, you were there, but you were gone. I love you so much and to see you with another woman was horrible, but I knew you were in love with me, that I had your heart but it didn’t make it any easier. I needed someone to be angry at, and you were the easiest target and I never said that I was sorry, or that I am so thankful for always saving me. You are my guardian angel, I just want you alive a while longer.” Her final words rush out in a sob and she curls against Vaughn’s chest, warmth and safety immediately comforting her.

“I love you to Sydney and you know it wasn’t easy for me to be with Lauren, even before we knew who she was. I wanted you to be the one that I called my wife; not her. But being the type of man I was back then, I made a promise to her and she just ended up feeling more like an obligation that a wife. I know I hurt you and I will never be sorry enough for that, but I love you now, and I loved you then and I will always love you and that is all we need.”

“You are absolutely right. That love gave us three children and maybe a few more.”

“It did give us that, and a life that we couldn’t have dreamed of. And you know we are already awake so, about those few more kids …”

*Thank you to those who are reading :D and Reviews are always welcome :shamefullyembarrased:


These Words, From My Heart...
Wow...again. I really liked the visual of Syd having to let Vaughn gone. I'm not a big Syd/Vaughn shipper (points to avi and siggy :LOL: ) but I really felt bad for her then...having that dream of having to hold his hand as they pulled him off support.

Really Good.
I finally have an update :love:

Disclaimer: I do not own Alias or the characters, except Aiden. Nor do I own the song listed below. This is for pure enjoyment only ! :shamefullyembarrased:

Chapter 3: Listen to Your Heart

“I know there's something in the wake of your smile
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yeah
you've built a love but that love falls apart
your little piece of heaven turns too dark
listen to your heart
when he's calling for you
listen to your heart
there's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
and I don't know why
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye
sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile
the precious moments are all lost in the tide, yeah
they're swept away and nothing is what is seems
the feeling of belonging to your dreams
listen to your heart
when he's calling for you
listen to your heart
there's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
and I don't know why
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye
and there are voices
that want to be heard
so much to mention
but you can't find the words
the scent of magic
the beauty that's been
when love was wilder than the wind
listen to your heart
when he's calling for you
listen to your heart
there's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
and I don't know why
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye
Listen to your heart....mm..mmm
I don't know where you're going
and I don't know why
but listen to your heart
before you tell him goodbye” DHT ‘Listen to Your Heart’

There was a time, long ago, before he showed up on your doorstep, that you contemplated giving up this life and running. There was no doubt that you loved him, but you were tired; tired of the pretending, tired of the lies and the secrets. Most of all you were tired of the pain. Every time he looked at you, you were reminded of what you did. He killed his wife for you. You were willing to say goodbye to the only man that would ever know you, love you and protect you. At this particular time, you reasoned it would be better for the both of you, if you left, taking the past with you. Your reasoning paled in comparison to the truth, but you were a spy, you were good at selling a lie as the truth. Well, to most people you could get away with it.
So, you sat in your empty apartment, with your knees to your chest listening to the radio and like a sharp slap to the face a song interrupted the boring newscast. You cried that night for what seemed like days. With each flicker of your heart, the tears fell. You were amazed you still had a heart to begin with. It was like the Grinch hearing his heart beat for the first time. It pounded against your breast bone wildly and rhythmically. You remembered the feeling, faintly, from a time when it was just you and him. The steady beat ever present in your ear. Why were you doing this? Why were you running? You were afraid of losing him. You were afraid that one day he would look at you and see darkness and despair. You were afraid that he would realize he killed his wife in order to save you. “If you love her you’ll put the gun down.” Even in death her words surrounded you. But he did put the gun down, he did love you.
You didn’t expect him to be standing at your door. You hadn’t expected him to say he missed you. You faltered for a split second and the words went spilling out before you could put a hand over to stop them. You hadn’t meant to say that you wanted to go slow and you were equally shocked that he went along with it; if only for a little while. If he had let you drag your feet you might not be where you are today.
You look down at your youngest son, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open. You catch the rise and fall of his tiny chest and you place the book that you were reading to him down on the bed; your hand coming to rest on his chest. Isabelle was at school and Vaughn had taken Jack to the park so it’s just you, Aiden and nap time. He is and always will be the carbon copy of Vaughn. The sandy colored hair, the mysterious green eyes and the cleft in his chin, all he needs is some scruff and the ‘balls of steel’ attitude and he’s set. For now he is your innocent two year old, un-jaded by the outside world. He still believes in Santa Claus and that all mommy and daddy have to do is kiss his boo-boos to make them all better. He doesn’t know about murder or death. He doesn’t feel guilt or anger. He’s happy when you give him a cardboard box and he and Jack build a fortress in the living room with Isabelle as the damsel stuck in the tower and Vaughn has to ride in on his imaginary white horse (sound effects included) and rescue her. He doesn’t have a palate suitable for sushi and French cuisine. Grilled cheese and ketchup will suit him just fine and as long as you cut up his hotdog he won’t complain.
Their children are all different, they had their own attitudes and personalities and it’s amazing that they have the same parents but each one was an individual. Funny how nature and genetics work out like that. Jack and Isabelle; Jack is her little carbon copy, just a different gender. His name seemed to fit well. He has her brunette head of hair and soulful brown eyes. Isabelle was a mix. Her hair is lighter than brunette, but darker than blonde and she has the mix of brown and green, the perfect shade of hazel eyes. Both followed suit and inherited her stubbornness and argumentative streak. Always ones to question their authority and always willing to test the waters and push the boundaries. It was comical at times what they thought they could get away with, never knowing how Sydney or Vaughn knew what they were up to. It had nothing to do with their spy skills, just a well placed mirror or a reflection in the window would allow their parents to see what scheme they were planning. Like the time Isabelle snuck into the nursery and tried to kidnap Aiden. It might have worked if Aiden hadn’t woken up and started flailing his tiny arms through the blanket he was swaddled in. He was only three months old then and while Sydney knew Isabelle probably wouldn’t have gotten very far with him, she still explained it was the wrong thing to do and Aiden could have been seriously hurt. Of course, at five years old, Isabelle hadn’t thought about the repercussions or the fact that she could have hurt her baby brother. From that day on she was very protective of both her younger brothers, usually giving Vaughn a run for his money. Then there is Aiden, Vaughn’s mini twin, right down to his calm demeanor and laid back attitude. He rarely finds himself in trouble, aside from putting his hand on the hot stove once or twice. He is more of the explorer type. Sydney and Vaughn are sure when he gets older they will be a lot of cuts and bruises to clean up. He gets into everything; the dryer, the dog house, the closets, bushes pretty soon they’ll probably find him swinging in the trees. For now, his tiny legs keep him at ground level. They have two schemers and an explorer. They have room for an artsy type, maybe a fashionista, the possibilities are endless and she can’t wait to find out what other types of personalities she could fit into this house. If she hadn’t listened to her heart back then, all this would have belonged to some other woman and that was unsettling.
Vaughn’s in the doorway, with Jack asleep on his hip, and Kelso at their feet (Donovan had died a few years back). The creaking noise of his weight against the wood pulls Sydney out of her daydream and Kelso jumps up on the bed. “What time is it?”
“Nap time.”