When Two world collide

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Vaughnster's Girl
Have you ever felt like you just never fit in. Everyone around you that are supposly
your friends act like they dont want you around. Well it happenes to me alot. M name
is Audrey and I want to tell you a little secret of mine. Please dont tell anyone.

About three years ago, I swear I was about to break down into tears of anger.
I was tired of always just being there when my friends needed me, all they did
was you me for rides. I drove home, had having all the conversations I had that
day in my head. I asked myself "Why is this happening to me, what did I do?"

It seemed like everywhere I went nobody wanted me around. So I thought "w
hy not drive a little bit more, they wont miss me at home". I drove to a small park.
It was almost 5:00, and know one was at the park this late. I was feeling better,
the park was so quiet and calm. Ihad so many thoughts in my head I just wish I
could rip them all out.

I looked off in a distance to someone walking aournd. They seemed to be a little
lost. But I didnt see them a second ago. I could almsot see them. They went behind
a bush, so I could only see the top of their heads. I only knew one was a girl and the
other was a guy. Not too much I could see.

Igot out of my car, now at this point Iwas really curious. As got I watched in
amazment as the two of them diappeared. I could barley see it , but there was s
ome sort of port hole leading somewhere. Ok by this time Iwas just a little freaked
out. I thought to myself, "should I go in?"

On the other side of the port hole everything looked so beautiful. Green grass
flowed all over the place, with lots of trees and flower. A small town was right
down the hill, everyone seemed so happy. The buildings were enormus with vines
crawling up them all. A the very end of the town was a palace that Icouldnt stop looking at.

I then saw the port hole was starting to get smaller, I didnt want to take any chances.
I walked in. It didnt take long until Iwas on there other side. I could now hear
music laying and people laughing. It was all just so perfect and in a way odd.

OK tell me what you all think and if you want me to write more because I have alot more