Where would you want to live?

Sep 3, 2003
If I could, I would like to live in a number of places throughout my younger years (i.e. 20's). I would like to live in London England, Paris France (Still working on those French tapes), Rome or Tuscany in Italy, Monte Carlo Monaco, Germany, Vienna Austria (I'm a Classical music fan), New York, Boston, Vancouver. Well, thats all I could think of. lol.

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May 28, 2003
anywhere and everywhere
i love my city, but i would also love to travel
mexico,us,canada,england,spain,france,ireland,new zealand,australia,


Jun 28, 2003
I don't want to live anywhere in particular, but it would be nice to live where there's a bookstore and stuff like dance would be offered year-round. I hate where I live. :mad:


Oct 1, 2003
Brittany said:
this is kinda weird, but I've always wanted to go to or live in Ireland...like in the country...I know it's like a war ridden country and all that(which is why my parents won't take me there) but ever since I was in kindergarten I've had this fascination with Irish stuff...
I agree! I am half Irish (My dad's entire family is 100% Irish) and I absolutely love their culture (and their accent!), and I would want to live there for at least a year.
SiriCerasi said:
I'd prefer to move off planet, but on earth id like to move to new zealand!
they've got no spiders or snakes there. come to australia where of 10 of the most poisonous snakes in the world we've got 9, or out of 9 of the most poisonous snakes in the world we've got all of them. i luv where i live: brisbane, queensland, australia: perfect climate, (actually we just had a beautiful thunderstorm.) it's just been two months after winter and while nearly the rest of aust. is frezzing i'm wearing a singlet top and boardshorts and there were people in the pool during the thunderstorm. i would have been there too but i've got a sore throat and don't feel like swimming right now. i think i'll go back to bed soon.
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