Which book character would you most like to meet?


Mrs. Depp
if the character were real, I'd love to meet Dr. Kay Scarpetta from Patricia Cornwell's novels.....so much I could learn from her! I wanna be a forensic scientist so, yea...


I would love to meet liadan and bran from juliet marillier's son of the shadows that would be so cool i think that would be awesome


Mrs. Depp
alias_fan said:
what about anyone from hp britt?

i would also meet jack from lord of the flies.
of course! but I thought I could only choose one! :P lol. I would wanna meet all of them really.....Sirius, Remus, Tonks, the weasleys, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny....
Bahh......Everyone from LOTR....everyone from the Wrinkle In Time + Narnia series :rolleyes:....hmm..OOO..and Artemis Fowl...I wanna learn from that evil genius :sly:
Eek! How could I decide? Um...maybe Sirius from HP (of all the characters...though really hard) or Legolas from LotR or even Nanny from the Nanny Diaries. But really, very very hard to decide!
Holden, def Holden, he's a timeless character that has represented the feelings and emotions of oh so many people. Plus J.D. Salinger writes the most intriguing characters so, Franny and Zoey would be up on my list too.
This is tough. Maybe Kunta Kinte from "Roots". He was very brave. Jane Eyre, Ebeneizer Scrooge, the poor workhorse from "Animal Farm", Lady Macbeth, and Anne of Green Gables would also be interesting to meet, and the vampires from Anne Rice's books, though you'd probably end up sucked dry. Kunte I think though, would be the most interesting. (Macbeth counts because when I read it it was in book form)
personally I'd hate to have Holden come to life, I swear, I have to deal with enough cynial young men to want to meet another one, even though he is way more eliquint than most of the "men" I have to deal with. I'd love to meet Kris Bjornson from McCaffrey's Freedom series or Sydney Carton form Tale of Two Cities, Yes I do know that he too is a cynial man, but he is cynial about different things than Holden.
* F'nor/Canth (McCaffrey)
* Remus "Moony" Lupin (Rowling)
* Sirius Black (Rowling)
* Hollus (Robert J Sawyer -- Calculating God)
* Afsan & Toroca (RJS -- Quintaglio Ascension trilogy)
* Ruth (McCaffrey)
* Vincent Rubio :))) (Eric Garcia -- Rex Trilogy, esp. #1)
* Roy (Eric Garcia -- Matchstick Men)


harry potter from harry potter of course :P
mia thermopolus (sp?) from the princess diaries
Elphaba from Wicked
The two ppl from the Notebook whos names are escaping me :unsure: :(


Sydney Bristow (yeah real surprise there)
Robert Langdon (Dan Brown's novels)
Mark Anthony (from Julius Caesar)
Don Quixote
Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)